Monday, August 25, 2008

Game Time Cuisine

August is winding down but for hockey fans, it's been a long month. There's just not much to talk about and it shows. So let's try something new, shall we?

What do you eat at games? Are you a beer and popcorn type or do you prefer anything fried? Is pizza your thing or do you prefer a good old fashioned hamburger? Hot dogs the standby or do you survive only on the mix of misery and happiness hockey brings?

I myself am a nachos fan, but not just any nachos, Una Mas nachos. Better than those salty disks and rubbery cheese any day. Real cheese, beans, guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo. Num.
I wash these down with a refreshing bottle of water. Just water. No sodas or beer for me. The sodas are way too huge and the beer is way too expensive.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I got that going for me, which is nice

JR TV star.

I can't think of anyone better suited to making the leap from hockey player to actor. Plus, it's always nice to see folks thinking ahead to the post professional athlete careers. Sure, a lot of these guys have enough money, (assuming they spent and saved wisely), to never have to work again but hey, why not try out a new career you may enjoy? Can't sip drinks by the pool all day, you know. That gets boring.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

8 Is The New Lucky Number

Phelps stuns world, wins 8 gold medals.
The man is a machine.
Nothing else can be said other than whoooooooooooo!

In other swimming news: Go Dara Torres! 2 silver medals and fantastic sportsmanship. She was all class and narrowly missed her chance at individual gold. Great games for her, nonetheless.

Natalie Coughlin won 6 medals, the most ever for a female US swimmer at a single games.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Better Than A 30 Foot Smurf

We've been very busy watching the Olympics this week but not so busy that we didn't notice that our main man Clowe was honored by his hometown this summer. It may seem a bit cheesy but getting your mug on a huge teal sign that welcomes everyone coming town does say something about how awesome you are. Go Clowe.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hide Your Children From "The 'Stache"

As a proud member of USA Hockey, I receive USA Hockey Magazine. It is mostly useless for me because I don't play youth hockey in a cold weather area. Every once in a while it proves to be useful with some heartwarming story of the little hockey player who could or something equally sickeningly sweet. But today I opened my mail box to find something that I can never unsee.

Somewhere a huge mistake has been made. George Parros has been allowed to be near small children. It's even scarier closeup.

There is a whole story which you can read here. I truly think the pictures speak from themselves.

can't sleep........'stache will try to punch me

(PS. My favorite part of this fight is the part where Parros throws his glove at Parker and Parker throws it into the crowd like "WTF?" Plus I loved being able to have this photo as the wallpaper on my computer and having my students ask about it.)

Monday, August 4, 2008

At Last


I like how it has Nabby's picture instead of Clowe's. Nice.

I had been planning this whole bit on what would happen first, the resigning of Clowe or my finishing the next dungeon in Wind Waker. I even had art for it. Since Clowe's been signed, (only for a year *sniffle*), I won't be able to use it. Ah well.

The Equitable Fan's Guide to Fashion

Do you find yourself staring at your closet and realizing that you arsenal of Sharks clothing is lacking? Do you feel that a jersey, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweat pants, shorts, socks, turtleneck, hoodie, zip up hoodie car flags, scarf, gloves, seasonal santa hat, beanie, ballcap, backpack, sharkie key chain and purse are not enough? Does your head feel improperly adorned despite the many and varied head ware options you possess? Have those glittery bobble antenna you dyed teal lost their appeal? Then allow me to introduce you to two objects which may complete your chomp ridden collection:

This little beauty is a must for those who want to mix their hockey experience with one part horror, one part hilariousness, and three parts awesome. In this hat it's obvious that you take your fandom seriously.

This hat is for those who would like to mix a warm head with supreme cuteness. Rock this hat and you'll be sure to get a few squees of joy from your fellow fans. Wear it skiing or snowboarding and you'll be bound to attract a snow bound Sharks fan or two.

Either of this two fashionable numbers will add variety and spice to your team themed wardrobe and make you the envy of all your friends.

Disclaimer: The above listed hats, while cool, may cause mocking, laughing, pointing, cat calling, name calling and flash photography when worn amongst the general populace.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Minako's Linkapalooza

I know you're saying to yourself "Three post? In less than an hour? What is she? Crazy?" (At least I know Gray is) Yes, I am crazy. But that is beside the point. The internet has been full of interesting things over the last few days and I feel it is my duty to share them with you. Without further ado, here is the best of the internet: (or at least what I have been reading)

* After a scare a few days ago, pensblog is back and on their game with a genius post about rejected features from NHL 2009. The One-And-Done mode one hurts my heart, but only because it's true.

* The boys at BoC (OK really only Rudy Kelly, but I like calling them the boys at BoC) have created a series of letters from fans of Pacific Division teams. It's hard for me to decide which one is my favorite because each one brings something very special. The Stars one has the best pictures for sure and the Kings one made me use Babblefish for the first time in a long time. And he totally nailed the Sharks fan complete with the insistent need to prove themselves (and their reliance on parenthesis). But there is something amazing about the Ducks letter that gives it a special place in my heart. Mostly because these are most of the Ducks fans that I have met. Well done gentlemen, well done.

* Make sure to check out Puck Daddy's Gary Bettman: Portraits in Heroism submissions (here, here, here, and here). While there are some more questionable entries, there is certainly some genius here. I am biased towards Gray's entry, but she does have some tough competition. I do not envy the judges at all.

Enjoy the best of what the internet has to offer my friends. Or at least some ways to make you less productive at work. And really, isn't that what the internet is all about?

The Best Idea in the History of Hockey

Growing up in the middle class paradise of Pleasanton, CA, soccer and little league baseball are a way of life. It is essentially a requirement for children to play soccer at some point in their life. Hell, there is even a parade to celebrate the first day of soccer season. (To be fair, the soccer parade is awesome until the age of 8 or so cause you get to dress in a costume and walk down main street. The year I was on the Animals was an awesome year. After 8 years old, the costumes are kind of dumb and you have to be up super early which kind of ruins the effect.) God forbid you don't play soccer (or at least little league). You might get to sleep in on Saturday, but whatever will you have to talk about at school on Monday?

And yet, my hometown has made a step in the positive direction by finally approving the proposal for a Sharks Ice facility in Pleasanton. Less than 5 minutes from where I grew up. Joy! Rapture! It's like Christmas came early, except that Santa gave me an IOU until summer of 2010.

And while I think that the facility will be awesome for the area and help to strengthen the hockey community in the Bay Area, I am more excited for selfish reasons. I play hockey in a Bay Area women's league and, while I totally love it, I usually have to drive more than 30 minutes to get to games. And I had to give up taking hockey classes in San Jose cause a) they were far away b) gas got super expensive and c) it was too damn early to go to San Jose. In a few short years, hockey will be close enough to not make me not sound crazy for how far I drive to play. I might even be forced to try to get a job teaching in the district and facing the crazy parents for the opportunity to have school hockey teams.

I've been super excited about this ever since my mom found an article in the local paper and I'm relieved that the idiots in town who wanted to keep this land undeveloped didn't win this time. Plus, they might have an outdoor skating rink. I think I'm starting to love my hometown all over again. Weird.

I'm writing like I promised...

2 weeks ago:
Gray: You really need to post something to the site.
Mina: I totally will soon. I have a few good things planned.
Gray: OK. Great!

1 week ago:
Gray: Seriously. Post something to the site.
Mina: I'm totally on it. Something before the end of the day I promise.
Gray: *looks suspicious*

A few days ago:
Gray: Is there something wrong with you? Why aren't you posting?
Mina: I am. I swear. Pinkie promise.
Gray: I'm sure people are getting tired of me. Stop being a slacker.


I'm a bad blog mommy. I really am. I get into such a slacker mode over summer vacation. But alas, starting tomorrow I actually have something to do that will force me to be awake during normal business hours for the next 2 weeks. *sigh* So it's only fitting that I actually write something now. In the next post. I promise.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Our Readers Are Awesome

original image credit The Hockey News. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As I was painting my front room, Mina alerted to me to the fact that word had come in to us from a reader that lists Clowe's salary for next year...and he's being paid by the Sharks.


Chompboard and The Feeder have posted about this as well. While we have no official word yet, all signs point to awesome.