Friday, June 22, 2007

Hockey Headlines

Allow me to express my extreme dismay over the trading of Sharks goalie Vesa Toskala to the Maple Leafs. (Scroll down past the Vokoun trade) In my opinion Vesa was the better goalie. He was always far more consistent than Nabokov, and far more focused. He played well no matter how bad things got, and generally, if he was on the ice, things didn't get bad for the Sharks. The Sharks seemed better able to rally around Vesa and win, or at least score, when they often came up short on run support for Nabby. It seemed that, at least until the post season. even the Sharks themselves felt more secure with Vesa on the ice.

I'm not surprised Vesa got traded, I think most Sharks fans saw that coming a mile away. And I don't entirely believe that Nabby is horrible either. He IS good, he was amazing this past post season and he stepped his game up a lot from the previous year. I just feel that in the long run Vesa will be the more solid performer of the two. And now he'll be guarding the net of a different team. And that annoys me.

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