Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Monday, October 19, 2009


Little known fact: on off days the rangers in Jellystone play hockey.

Today's bout kicks off at 4pm Sharks time on Versus, or the radio for those of you not currently receiving VS due to arguments over your money. Arguments in which you're not really allowed to take part. Fun, huh?

Anyway, the Rangers are starting out super hot, having won 7 games on on their longest win streak in several seasons. Must help when you can get hockey advice from a smarter than average bear. (I am really stretching for these this morning, aren't I?) Not that I'm comparing Tortorella to a bear. I think I might actually have a chance against a bear in a fight. Torts, not so much.

I have no idea where I am going with this so I'll stop here. Go Sharks!

News and Notes: We have a surprise for you all! This will (likely) be our last post here at blogger. We're moving! While we haven't officially flipped the switch just yet, BUT, we'll be your new Bloguin Sharks bloggers!Yay!
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

GAMEDAY on Earthquake Day (or, in which Gray pontificates and quotes a funny passage)

Today is several things:

Today is GAMEDAY! against the Isles at 4pm Sharks time. (Whoo hockey!)

Today is also Oktoberfest in Campbell. (whoo beer!)

And today is the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta quake. For those who weren't alive or were too young to remember it, the quake was a defining moment in the lives of all those who lived through it. The bridge in shambles, the Cypress Structure pancaked with people inside, the Marina on fire, all things seen when power was returned. That huge aftershock in the middle of the night that scared the crap out of those with already frayed nerves.

I have a t shirt somewhere that commemorates what the rest of the county must have seen as an inconvenient interruption to a World Series they didn't really care to much about but we're watching because it's the World Series. (the A's won that series btw, in case you aren't one of the people still stewing about that)

Other roads collapsed, State Route 1, 17 was a mess for at least a month, and numerous other streets with collapsed buildings or buckled pavement. In short, the quake was a disaster of epic proportions.

Why am I mentioning this? Because today, whether or not the Sharks are playing well come game time, whether or not the D shows up, whether or not Nabby has to try to single-handedly keep his team in the game, no matter what the final score is, remember, it could always be worse.

I've been reading The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell and she has this passage about using historical references to remind herself that it (whatever it happens to be at time) could be worse.

“Though, ever since I went to Salem, I've been keen on 'Gallows Hill.' As in, Being stuck in the Boise airport for ten hours while getting hit on by a divorced man with 'major financial problems' on his way to his twentieth high school reunion is irksome, but not as dire as swinging by the neck on Salem's Gallows Hill.”

I'm going to suggest that if and when the game starts to go south, Sharks fans say “Loma Prieta.” As in, losing a game to the [Insert team name here] is irksome, but not as dire as being in a huge earthquake.

(and I thank Ms. Vowell in advance for not suing me. Assassination Vacation was fantastic btw)

Post Game Recap:

I was at Oktoberfest trying not to spill either or both of my two beers all over my feet during the first period, so, as far as I am concerned, nothing happened until I got into the passenger seat, turned on the car radio and heard this "...and the Islanders go up 1-0." As far as I know, the game didn't start until the 15:12 minute mark of the 1st. This is a theory I have chosen to stick with.

There was some talking about it being a disappointing first on the radio. I can only assume this was because it was so short. This may also explain why Drew was so angry.

Second Period:

Everyone must have been relieved when this period started on time and not with about 5 minutes to go, like the first had.

In all honesty, the first half of the second period is fuzzy. I had been at Oktoberfest and while I wasn't in bad shape by any means, some of the game is a bit foggy. It was weirdly warm and humid out, which didn't help. I'm also a small lass. You do the math. This also tells me that the Sharks weren't skating poorly enough to catch my attention in a negative way. Always a plus.

Anyway, what I do remember are goals clearly are the Sharks' goals. 2 of them.

The first came on the PP from Patrick "Magic" Marleau. (I just gave him that name right now)

The second came from Vesce, his first NHL goal. Whoo!

Apparently, those who were paying more attention than I noted that the play leading his goal started about a half a stride offside. It wasn't called at the time, and I don't think the Islanders challenged anyone about it (going off the SJ feed), so it stands as his first tally.

Anyway, more stuff happens: Nabby makes good saves, Huskins loses the puck to someone, several Sharks end up in the box, Randy and Drew flirt, the period comes to a close.

Third Period:

At this point I realized that the Sharks weren't skating fast circles around the Isles and I was puzzled. Either they Islanders got faster, the Sharks got slower, or it was some combination of the two.

I didn't have much time to ponder this as just 37 seconds in Joe shots the puck into the net.

Let me say that again: Joe Thornton shot the puck. At the net.

Goal 3. Yay! Holy crap! It was also on the Power Play! 2 PPGs! Awesome!

Joe also hit 400 assists tonight. Because when you don't shoot the puck, the least you can do is pass to a guy who will.

Seto scored later in the period, with help from Clowe, putting the Sharks up 4-1.

Clowe later tried to go for the Gordie Howe hat Trick, but miscalculated and fought with less than 5 minutes remaining. Kinda makes getting a goal hard. As far as I could tell, the fight between Clowe and Jackman was developing BEFORE Seto was boarded by Witt. It was just off camera, so it's hard to say for sure, but that was the way Randy Hahn saw it, and he's been watching games longer than I have, so I'll trust him on that one.

Your three stars of the game: 1st Joe Thornton, 2nd Nabby, 3rd, Kyle Okposo who has one of the coolest last names ever, I might add.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


This party gets started early, with a nice East coast friendly kick of time of 4pm. Set your tivos, ladies and gentlemen, so you don't miss this one.

Looks like the NHL network will be carrying this as well as CSNCA and the always amazing radio coverage by Jamie and Dan.

In somewhat related news:

First there was Goc Blog. Then came the short lived Mitchell Blog. Now comes SHELLEY BLOG!
Personally, I am hoping he'll throw up a clip of his bar of soap can of beans moment, but I'm not going to hold my breath.


Hey look, in the same post for once this season! Whoo!

Well, ok, that didn't go like we wanted it to, but I love watching the Caps. I'm sorry. I just do. I root for the Pens in the post season so I shouldn't like the Caps, but I do. In fact last post season it was hard choosing between them.

Spending half the first on the PK? Not good. In fact it's a recipe for wearing out your dudes. Shirtless Joe said as much in the post game coverage.

But, on the plus side, Nabby was AMAZING and kept it a 1 goal game despite all the PK time.

And then Benn Ferriero SCORES! Whoo! Go kid, go!

Tie game heading into the second.

After that, as the say, the wheels fell off.

Ovie scored two goals in less than 30 seconds. I'm wondering what he said to Nabby in the first. Can anyone lip read in Russian?

In all honesty I sort of half paid attention after that. I've been pretty busy and I was working on wrapping some things up, and the part of my brain that watches hockey was otherwise engaged. Usually I can listen/watch/write fairly well without missing much, but not tonight. I'm tired. What can I say?

However, I did notice that our D was kinda falling apart.

Ok, maybe no kinda.

Nabby was still great, but he's first period performance was repaid with less than stellar work from his D. Not a constant march to the penalty box like the first had been, but they weren't doing him many favors.

A lot of the Sharks looks SLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW. Joe said, in his shirtless interview, they were all gassed after the PK filled first. I'd believe it.

Patrick Marleau doesn't know tired though, and continued to press and fight and nearly score later in the game. He wasn't worthy of the C because...? If nothing else, he's been playing better and faster having had the C taken away from him. Showing everyone what we already knew: he's GOOD.

The Caps pretty much dominated the 2nd and 3rd. Thing is, I kept reminded myself I was a)happy to have hockey back and b)I'm not a Leafs fan. These things lead to things tweet:

I am not going to worry. I'm just going to watch and blog and see where this season takes me

I stand by that. See you all for the next game on Saturday! Go Sharks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post Goose Egg Game Recap

Well, that was weird.

I think whoever described it as a chess match during the post game coverage was right. The 'Yotes weren't there to win so much as they were there to shut down the Sharks. They played for a stalemate, essentially. And rather successfully too, I might add.

Obviously both sides got lucky and the goalies were both en fuego last night. It was crazy. Goaltenders' duel. Like a pitchers' one but with less baseball.

Last night's game felt like 2. It was odd. It wasn't as if players weren't moving, it just felt slow.

We spent a lot of time in our own zone. The 'Yotes were also more aggressive then I have seen them be in awhile.

So uhm, next time can we play on a night that Tippet has off? Thanks.

On the amazing side of the game was Nabby. Both goalies were, of course, brilliant, but Nabby plays for the team I was rooting for. Sorry Bryz! He was like super save city. And that behind the back, behind the net catch? Someone give that man a MLB contract. If you were waiting for the return of unbeatable robot Nabby, he was on the ice last night.

At some point in the third, I confessed to Odin (our kind host over at Five for Howling), that not only was I dead tired (implying that I was also quite ready to hit the hay rather than watch the rest of the game. That rarely ever happens) I also had a sense that the night would end with me being disappointed, e.g. a Sharks loss either in OT or the SO. I don't think he believed me until his Coyotes won in the shootout, though.

It just felt like the type of night where the puck wasn't going in, and wouldn't. Not in regulation, anyway. Perhaps in OT but I saw that being far more likely for the 'Yotes given their extended periods of pressure in the Sharks zone for most of the game.

I didn't actually think the game was that bad, just a tad slow paced, and obviously with a different ending than I'd have preferred. It was certainly a good challenge for the Sharks to face early on, and Nabby shined. My hope is when we next see the Coyotes, we'll be able to turn the chess match into a game of Battleship, where only the 'Yotes team boat sinks.

Two great tastes together

I love hockey. I love Mad Men. I would love this commercial more if it weren't for the Blue, but we can't have everything.

Monday, October 12, 2009


After a summer like the Yotes had, my respect for this team and its fan base has deepened. (not that that stopped me from referencing a potential move when deciding what to draw for them, however.) The 'Yotes always play very well against the Sharks, spurned on by some magical ability to defeat the team in teal handily on many and sadly memorable occasion. ("Coyote Ugly" is still ugly, a few seasons later) And to come back and play after the uncertain summer the team had is not only commendable but a testament to their desire to stay in AZ. Players didn't run from the team. Keep that in mind.

The game kicks off tonight @ 7:30 on your TV and radio. CSNCA and KFOX have you (mostly)covered. Last game in this early three game home stand for the Sharks. Break out your teal and head downtown. Party is just getting started.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post Game Recappage

Again we had a slow start. Period one wasn't as sloppy as it was on Thursday, which is an improvement, but it was still sssssssssllllllooooooowwwwwwwww.

Owen Nolan is always like "oh hey guys, nice to be backBOOYAPUCKINYOURNET!"

Nabby was awesome last night. Just fantastic.

Not in relation to the Sharks game last night, but in relation to several others truculent was last night's twitter word of the evening. For example, Leafs fans became very truculent after Toskala let in yet another goal."

Jamie McGinn had a HUGE hit. Fantastic

Sykora and Clutterbuck (best last name ever? He's certainly in the running) were taken out by hits from Murray and Marleau and did not return.

Whatever keeps being said between the 1st and the second seems to be doing the trick. The Sharks came out much more energized and together. Someone should start saying whatever that is that's getting them going BEFORE the game too. 40 minutes is a good start, but it ain't 60. And we need 60 full minutes from the Sharks. (hmm, this sounds familiar)

I stand by my nonsensical Brody Brazil comment. If you've seen Brazil, it probably made more sense to you. Or at the very least, as much sense as that movie made. (which imo was none)

It was power play city on the ice from the Wild last night. As soon as the Sharks would get out of the box, they'd be back in it! I'm glad to see the PK was largely successful, but maybe a little less time on the PK next game, eh boys?

Wild went into the second up by 1 and proceeded to score again in the second. Down 2-0 again Shark fans were starting to wonder how this game was going to go. Thankfully Ortmeyer decide to score his first goal as a Shark (and I think I heard first goal in a year?) and brought the Sharks within one.

A few minutes later Patty Marleau tied the game and reminded everyone, once again, why his doubters are perennially wrong.

Dany Heatley brought the Sharks into the lead late in the 2nd on the PP.

9 seconds into the 3rd Patty Marleau struck again and took off and scored, leaving everyone in his dust. yes folks, he IS fast. You've just been too busy pooping all over him the past few seasons to notice. Bret Hedican,( one of several new CSN sports guys), said he thought Patty was in mid season form. I agree. Heart, anyone? Anyone? or are will still going with that tired line about him not having any?

Still getting used to the new commentators on the CSN side. It's great to have more coverage of the Sharks, but much like the team on the ice, the new TV team is still trying to gel. Of course, Bakes, Randy and Drew are doing just fine, but there's a little more time needed to breed familiarity with the rest of the folks. The guy working with Bret, for example, gets really excited and likes to point out when things are a hockey term. Sir, I appreciate your efforts in all honesty, but those of us watching the post game coverage probably either a) already know that or b) will be able to discover meaning via context. That's how I learned, anyway, and it's how a lot of sports fans learn. He is super into it though. Gotta love his enthusiasm!

Teh Todd is no nonsense this year. Wouldn't say he seems meaner, just harder and more determined to succeed.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm not too sure if trap jokes are still valid with a new man at the helm for the Wild, but why waste the chance for a good joke, eh? It will be interesting to see where Todd Richards has taken the Wild so far.

Game kicks off tonight at 7:30pm (Pacific)on CSNCA and the radio. I think we really do have a half hour preview leading up to broadcast but I'm not sure if that's on CSN or CSNCA. Still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the channel switch.

In related news, it came out yesterday that Joe Ike, long time in house voice of the Sharks, was let go due to a crappy economy. He's been replaced by Danny Miller, the in game/ intermission activities guy. You may voice your (polite and well written)disagreement with this move by using the contact info on this page. Best bets is likely business/other, but broadcast might work too. If your a season ticket holder and are upset by this move, please contact your account representative and (politely) let them know. We understand this was an economical motivated decision, but many of us are upset by the move to consolidate jobs by removing a man who many of us feel is synonymous with Sharks home games. I appreciate that this is a boon for Danny Miller, but he's no Joe Ike.

By rights, if you like Danny Miller in this position, by all means, also let the Sharks know. But I, for one, much prefer Ike's calls. I was looking forward to them this season.

Post Game Recap!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Recapping the Home Opener, part 2

I covered a lot of it last night, but I had a few additional thoughts about it that I said I would share.

The penalty shot was cool only because we don't get to see those too often. I think it took about 2 seconds for it to sink in for most of the crowd that that goal was also Heatley's third of the night. Then the hats started to fly.

There was a spontaneous chant of "DANY HEATLEY" sometime between the goal and when the hats were finally all removed from the ice.

A paper airplane is not a hat.

Despite assurances to the contrary, Mina was quite certain that if Heatley hadn't been pulled down on the play, his shot would have missed. That would have left Joe with the team record tying four assists he had on the night.

While I both understand a respect the decision to not have any fan fare what so ever for the unfurling of the new banners, I wish they said something before doing it because I nearly missed it. And again, while I see where they're coming from, I did still want to see them drop.

I'll say it again, "Where is Joe Ike!?" UPDATE: NOOO! They frakking fired him!

At some point Drew stuck his head out of one of the upper boxes behind and to the left of us. The crowd went wild.

I was wondering if JR was sitting in his seat wondering why we were booing Seto during the introductions. We don't boo him, we say "Gooooooooocchhhhh", but it seemed to confuse JR a lot last year. To be fair, it does have a pretty similar sound to it.

Conversations you kinda want to see the end of, but you also want to get back to your seats before intermission ends: "It's not like I was sitting like this!"

Just add a Mike's Hard lemonade and give that deer a surly drunken look and you'll get the idea. The usher wasn't buying it but I give her points for not cracking up as the drunken party in question nearly toppled over during her demonstration. (for those who don't know, leaning forward is verboten. The seat placement makes it so leaning obstructs the view of the people behind you.They even announce this sometime in the first, and yet, people still lean.)

Afro and I discussed how similar Dany Heatley's arrival here has been the JR's. Everyone knows I love JR, but even I was worried when I heard we'd acquired him. Sure, he's great, but will he be more of a liability than a boon? I've had the same reservations about Heatley, though I said before he came, If he's a Shark, I will happily cheer for him. I'm still formulating my own opinion of him, but scoring goals is a quick way to win over fans in nearly any city.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Pregame rally starts at 5pm right next to the Tank. Game starts at 7:30. Be there, or at least be watching on TV. CSN's various incarnations have all kinds of talking head chatter leading up to game time.

Post Game Recap:


Always nice to win the home opener, especially against a team that's been spoiling those for folks.

It wasn't a sure fire thing in the first though. The Jackets were swarming and the Sharks looked pretty bad. Slow, lost, not communicating, sloppy...it was a bad scene.

We all went into the first intermission down 1-0 to the Blue Jackets and it was looking like perhaps, this night might be spoiled for Sharks fans. There was even booing when the team screwed up.The natives? They were extraordinarily restless.

Nabby was Nabby. Some great saves and then some moments that stopped your heart for other reasons entirely. Like when he PASSED THE PUCK IN FRONT OF HIS OWN EMPTY NET OMG aldjlajfklsajjg;ogergjldg

yeah, yeah that was an intense moment.

I want to type more to recap this but my brain is like;jadjalfsj;afa;skflshattricklskjdksajfhattrickkkdjakdksajoehad4assistskdjsakdskakjfbrokenassistrecordfortheteamjdksjdsklkf. Allow me to try and compose my thoughts....*ahem*

For the Jackets, Nash (of course, dude is dangerously good and totally pwned poor Demers), Chimera (it was a nice shot too. Tied the game up at 2 a piece) and...Raffi Torres.

We don't like Raffi Torres.

Second period saw a couple good fights. Clowe went nuts on Blunden, and Blunden left the ice with a nasty looking cut on the head. Clowe left for a bit for some hand repairs, but both returned later in the game. (At least I THINK Blunden did. I know Clowe did)

A few minutes later Frazier (Not Kyle) McLaren had an odd bout with Dorsett in which his arm got caught in his jersey and he couldn't get it out. For some reason the refs didn't stop the fight, so it continued as a weird grabbing battle which eventually ended with Not Kyle managed to free his bound arm and started hitting Dorsett.

I believe after the 4th Sharks goal (4 of the 6 came in the second) the pulled Mason and put in Giron. Did you know he was with the Pens last year? We apparently missed that.

what happened to Joe Ike?! Why is Danny Miller doing the in game announcing? And why can't he read!? Look, I'll be the first to admit I can't type (or apparent edit), but I'm just a random Jill schmo with a computer and opinions. He was epic fail ladies and gentlemen, epic fail. I'm sure he'll improve but we want Joe Ike back!

Mike Cvik did not call any phantom headbutts. JoePa wasn't playing.

JR was in attendance in the lower bowl in a nice fancy box seats. He got an ovation from us fans when showed on the jumbo tron. <3 U JR. Love the shirt JR. Loved it.

At some point poor Demers, already horribly out skated and played by Rick Nash, was shoved by Nabby in order to clear up space. I am of the opinion that he shoved him and shouted "Dis MAI Crease!" (little known fact, Nabokov speaks interwebs)

Ok, I'm going to leave it there for the night and add some more tomorrow, with any luck. My throat is sore from cheering, but I love it.

Go Sharks!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Kicking off tonight @ 7:30pm on CSN-CA with your lovely hosts, Randy and Drew! Jaime and Dan have the radio, as always. I believe Nabby will be in net tonight, but don't quote me on that. Joe Pa is out with an injury, which sucks, so expect to see Patty when JoePa would normally be when the second line rolls out tonight.

I haven't had a chance to see the Kings yet this season, and based off how the Avs have been playing, I'm not willing to make any predictions as to how tonight's affair will go.

Anyone see the Canucks get their butts handed to them by the Blue Jackets last night? Second period was 3 goals on 3 shots. "LuonGod" (as Mina's brother calls him) was pulled and Raycroft finished the game for him. He actually looked pretty good. You figure that one out.

Post Game Recap:
Will be posted by tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately or un, I, your humble recapper, am current busy with more pressing matters. Nothing bad, just a bit more important. The recap will be up tomorrow because of this.

Alright! Let's get this thing started, shall we?

First, The Good:

Sharks Power Play was on FIRE! Yeah! 4 stright PPGs, baby.

Heatley got his first goal as a Shark. Now people can stop with the "when we he score" nonsense and go back to getting on Joe's case for not SHHHOOOOOOTING THE PUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK.

Patty Marleau, Patty Marleau, Patty Marleau.

Despite the outcome the Sharks came back from a four goal deficient. They could have folded and given up, but they fought back. For a team that's so often accused of not having any heart, I'd say they showed a lot of it last night.

The Bad:

The Sharks 5-on-5 play was pretty stunted. It couldn't get anything going. Passes with anything but crisp, they players didn't seem to be connecting or communicating and there were a decent number of turnovers to the guys in the black jerseys. You know, the Kings?

The D was asleep at the wheel. A few shining moments, but for the most part they looked pretty terrible last night. I realize we do have new defensive parings to deal with, so I'm willing to give them all more than 3 games to sort out their issues, but last night's performance was pretty rough. Those first 3 goals against were ALLL failures in FRONT on Nabby.

Once Greiss let in that terrible goal by Purcell, the Sharks deflated. Not that I blame them, but that 5th goal was the game ender. All the momentum from scoring 4 straight to come back immediately fled the room.

The Ugly:

That goal is going to go into the new video enhanced dictionary next to the definition of the word "ugly". Your team has just come back from a 4-0 deficit and you let THAT in? UGLY.

Ryane Clowe was so pissed by his team's performance that as he walked off the ice after receiving a 5 minute major for a fight, he slammed his helmet to the ground and yell what I can only guess was an obscenity that starts with the letter F and and with K. The fans surrounding him seems amused by this, and OF COURSE it lead to jokes about the playoffs. Personally, I think the early playoff references are the real ugly, but that's just me.

A lot of people started to crap all over Nabby about letting in 4 goals. Let me say this as clearly as I can: 3 of the 4 were NOT ON HIM.
I'm all for blaming the goalie when they suck (see Greiss, Thomas), but when the team in front of them is laying an egg, they need to be called on it.


Seriously. It was like the clouds had opened up and they were raining all over the poop parade. It was GAME 3 and people were acting like it was a late season bout. Obviously, last year's post season wounds still run very deep, and people are reacting to this new season as if it was an extension of the old. By the tone of some of the comments, you'd think the season was already over.

The Sharks are 3 games in. The team changed quite a bit over the summer and you can't expect them to all have clicked and settled into their new roles or a new system just yet. Sure, last season the Sharks were on a tear early. The opened by winning 4 straight, and taking 8 of their first 10 games. But that's not the norm.

The season before (2007-2008) The first 10 games went as follows*:
1 Oct 04 '07 EDM O 00-00-01 1
2 Oct 05 '07 VAN W 01-00-01 3
3 Oct 07 '07 COL L 01-01-01 3
4 Oct 10 '07 CHI W 02-01-01 5
5 Oct 13 '07 BOS L 02-02-01 5
6 Oct 15 '07 VAN W 03-02-01 7
7 Oct 18 '07 DET L 03-03-01 7
8 Oct 20 '07 NSH W 04-03-01 9
9 Oct 22 '07 CGY W 05-03-01 11
10 Oct 26 '07 DET L 05-04-01 11

*taken from here

started a tad better, but it wasn't a whirlwind:

Oct 5 W 5-4OT
Oct 7 W 2-0
Oct 9 W 4-1
Oct 12 L 4-6
Oct 13 W 6-4
Oct 17 W 2-0
Oct 19 W 5-1
Oct 21 L 1-4
Oct 23 W 3-0
Oct 25 L 1-2

2005-2006. Look at the stats, the lost all but 2 games in November. October wasn't much better.
Wed, Oct 5 L 2-3
Fri, Oct 7 L 3-6
Oct 8 W 7-6
Oct 12 W 4-1
Oct 15 W 4-3
Oct 17 L 2-3OT
Oct 19 L 1-6
Oct 21 L 1-4
Oct 22 L 1-2
Oct 26 W 5-4OT

So you see, it's a LITTLE early to start making judgements on how the rest of the season will go. Is it a bumpier start than last year? Yes. But that's all it is.
Let's hold off a bit on the doom and gloom, alright?

And now, as promised, a section on Jamie Baker's hair.

I am SO GLAD someone gave him a comb! Last year, Jamie Baker was on camera all season with hair that pretty much looked like he'd rolled out of bed, put on a suit, and come to work. It was everywhere. All over the place. He doesn't even have a lot of it and it always managed to look extremely unkempt. It was honestly rather impressive just how bad it looked at times. Sticking up here and there, generally being all over the place while everyone else looked rather nicely coiffed in comparison.

Now his commentary and knowledge made up for the distraction of his unruly locks, but I started wondering if I should mail him a comb or something mid season because nothing seemed to be being done to help him. Did he not have a comb, perhaps? He may have lost in somewhere. It happens. Perhaps he thought the bed head look was stylish. It was in a few years back for the ladies, maybe he was trying to start a new trend amongst men.

I can see that his hair has some curl to it, and I know how hard curly hair is to control, but I'm so happy he FINALLY tamed it this season. It looks super good, Mr. Baker. SUPER GOOD! No longer will I mistake you for a man who comes to work very tired all the time.

Monday, October 5, 2009

OMG FINALLY: Pre-season Predictions

Last season, I managed to convince Gray and my brother to go on record at the beginning of the season about how they thought the conference standings would look at the end of the season. Turns out I am much better at blind guessing than they are and now I need to defend my "crown."* Of course me being me, I waited until the last moment to frantically text some people to get their predictions. Thankfully, Gray, AfroPuff, and my brother are kind enough ti indulge me in my procrastination. Gray would like everyone to know that she used a random number generator to make her picks; the rest of us spent a bit more time with ours, but I suspect she'll do better than the rest of us.

In order to have a gimmick "control group,"** I had two of my classes pick team names from a hat. (My senior Economics class picked the West and one of my junior US History classes picked the East.) Most of them had no idea what they are doing. It's awesome to keep teenagers confused.

When the season is over, I'll use a super scientific method of determining who came closest in their picks and who is the "winner." To the "winner" go the bragging rights.

* - This is competition only in my mind. I need to be better than Gray in some way.
** - Gray thinks I'm silly for wanting a gimmick set of picks. Yes, yes I am.

Gray's Picks

The West The East

1) Vancouver Canucks 1) Ottawa Senators

2) St. Louis Blues 2) Pittsburgh Penguins

3) San Jose Sharks 3) Toronto Maple Leafs

4) Chicago Blackhawks 4) Atlanta Thrashers

5) Columbus Blue Jackets 5) Buffalo Sabres

6) Los Angeles Kings 6) Montreal Canadiens

7) Dallas Stars 7) New York Rangers

8) Calgary Flames 8) New Jersey Devils

9) Minnesota Wild 9) New York Islanders

10) Colorado Avalanche 10) Boston Bruins

11) Edmonton Oilers 11) Washington Capitals

12) Detroit Red Wings 12) Florida Panthers

13) Anaheim Ducks 13) Tampa Bay Lightning

14) Nashville Predators 14) Philadelphia Flyers

15) Phoenix Coyotes 15) Carolina Hurricanes

AfroPuff’s Picks

The West The East

1) San Jose Sharks 1) Washington Capitals

2) Chicago Blackhawks 2) Philadelphia Flyers

3) Calgary Flames 3) Montreal Canadians

4) Detroit Red Wings 4) Boston Bruins

5) Vancouver Canucks 5) Carolina Hurricanes

6) Anaheim Ducks 6) Pittsburgh Penguins

7) Dallas Stars 7) Toronto Maple Leafs

8) Minnesota Wild 8) New Jersey Devils

9) Phoenix Coyotes 9) Atlanta Thrashers

10) Edmonton Oilers 10) Ottawa Senators

11) Columbus Blue Jackets 11) Buffalo Sabres

12) Los Angeles Kings 12) New York Islanders

13) St. Louis Blues 13) Florida Panthers

14) Nashville Predators 14) New York Rangers

15) Colorado Avalanche 15) Tampa Bay Lightning

Mina’s Picks

The West The East

1) Detroit Red Wings 1) Washington Capitals

2) San Jose Sharks 2) Pittsburgh Penguins

3) Calgary Flames 3) Boston Bruins

4) Chicago Blackhawks 4) Montreal Canadians

5) Minnesota Wild 5) Philadelphia Flyers

6) Anaheim Ducks 6) New Jersey Devils

7) Columbus Blue Jackets 7) Buffalo Sabres

8) Los Angeles Kings 8) Carolina Hurricanes

9) Colorado Avalanche 9) New York Rangers

10) Edmonton Oilers 10) Ottawa Senators

11) Vancouver Canucks 11) Tampa Bay Lightning

12) St Louis Blues 12) New York Islanders

13) Dallas Stars 13) Toronto Maple Leafs

14) Phoenix Coyotes 14) Atlanta Thrashers

15) Nashville Predators 15) Florida Panthers

Geoff's Picks

The West The East

1) Detroit Red Wings 1) Washington Capitals

2) San Jose Sharks 2) New Jersey Devils

3) Calgary Flames 3) Boston Bruins

4) Anaheim Ducks 4) New York Rangers

5) Chicago Blackhawks 5) Philadelphia Flyers

6) Vancouver Canucks 6) Pittsburgh Penguins

7) Minnesota Wild 7) Carolina Hurricanes

8) Columbus Blue Jackets 8) Tampa Bay Lightning

9) Dallas Stars 9) Toronto Maple Leafs

10) St Louis Blues 10) Florida Panthers

11) Nashville Predators 11) Ottawa Senators

12) Edmonton Oilers 12) Buffalo Sabres

13) Colorado Avalanche 13) Montreal Canadiens

14) Los Angeles Kings 14) New York Islanders

15) Phoenix Coyotes 15) Atlanta Thrashers

Student’s Picks

The West The East

1) San Jose Sharks 1) New York Rangers

2) Nashville Predators 2) Washington Capitals

3) Calgary Flames 3) Buffalo Sabres

4) St Louis Blues 4) New York Islanders

5) Chicago Blackhawks 5) Carolina Hurricanes

6) Columbus Blue Jackets 6) Pittsburgh Penguins

7) Detroit Red Wings 7) Toronto Maple Leafs

8) Colorado Avalanche 8) Atlanta Thrashers

9) Minnesota Wild 9) Ottawa Senators

10) Vancouver Canucks 10) Boston Bruins

11) Phoenix Coyotes 11) Montreal Canadians

12) Anaheim Ducks 12) New Jersey Devils

13) Dallas Stars 13) Philadelphia Flyers

14)Los Angeles Kings 14) Florida Panthers

15) Edmonton Oilers 15) Tampa Bay Lightning