Sunday, May 31, 2009

SCF, Day 2, Game 2

Today @ 5pm
Wings lead series 1-0
I found myself missing Versus

A few of us had a discussion last night about Versus and their NHL coverage. Apparently a lot of the problems with it stem from format. From what I heard last night, they actually have some guys who really know their stuff, but they aren't given any time to say anything useful. It's all short, generic sound bites. Maybe that's the point. Ease new fans into it. I don't know.

NBC, on the other hand, acts like covering hockey is doing the NHL a favor. (Credit to SwisherThresher for that line) I'm sure they have a pretty decent team that does like hockey, but the way the network handles scheduling is just atrocious. Yep, we're still annoyed they pre-empted a game for horse racing. But the coverage is what it is, and it's nice to have the games on TV here in the States. I do appreciate that.

Post Game Recap:

Remember what i said about the hockey gods being unpredictable?


The Pens played better, hand more chances, better chances, but the puck would just not go in the net. I've seen games like that as a Sharks fan, albeit in the regular season, so I can kinda of sympathize. But not really. This is the SCF. That's just brutal.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

SCF, Day 1, Game 1

Today @ 5pm
Is it wrong that I kinda prefer Versus to NBC?

So here we are. Our long journey has come to an end. The Stanley Cup Finals.

I really want to be excited about this match up. It's two teams of titans squaring off in what should be an epic rematch of last year's finals. I'd love to see the Pens be the better team this time around, and take home the Cup, and yet, that spark of excitement just isn't there for me. Maybe once the game starts things will change. I don't know. I'll be watching regardless of my enthusiasm level. It's like the World Series or the Super Bowl. You kinda have to watch.

Post Game Recap:

Well. That was...well, it just kinda was. The goals were all kinda fluky, no spectacular saves, (though there were a few spectacular how did that not go in moments) no big hits, and towards the end both teams seemed very aware of the fact that they be playing again in less that 24 hours. The saddest and simultaneously most hilarious moment was when MAF "pooped" the goal into his net.

I was watching in a hockey bar with other fans and that was probably the best part of my watching experience. Talking and hanging out with other fans during the game. I kinda hope game 2 is better. It wasn't a bad game, it just felt a little lackluster to me. Let me put it this way. The reaction to Access Hollywood coming on after the game was more passionate the the teams appeared to be towards the end. Yeah.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Summer Wind, Comes Blowing In

With the SCF quickly approaching, you may be wondering what fun and frivolities will be providing you with this summer. Allow me to give you a summary of some the things will be working on:

A new Couch Tart will be joining us! Look for her to appear soon!

Gray is working on learning Dreamweaver, with the hopes of designing an even more awesome site. We'll see how that goes.

Draft coverage. It's boring, but we'll be there.

Potential NHL award coverage. I say potential because listening to the terrible attempts at humor will likely make our ears bleed. That, and it's BORING!

Reaction and coverage of off season moves.

Linkage to anything that seems interesting and Sharks related.

Some rambling about sytycd. Something has to fill the hockey void, and we're girls. We like dancing.

And of course, art.

Stay tuned folks! We'll help get you through the summer doldrums!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rematch City

I think I speak for everyone here, which at the moment is just me, myself and I, when I say "Go Pens!"

Pens in 6.

Thankfully the series starts Saturday, not the 5th. That would have been a helluva wait. Thankfully we have baseball and SYTYCD to fill the short void, but not everyone does.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 9. Will There be Handshakes Tonight?

Today @ 4:30pm
Wings lead series 3-1
Hand shakes tonight?

As I sit here on a sunny morning, listening to the sounds of construction outside, I wonder how we got here.

It is as if the Hockey Gods decided to have a bit of fun with us. If that's the case, than I think we can safely assume they may continue to be mischievous. There is the potential that they will reward the Pens for bucking tradition and touching the Prince of Whales trophy. There is also the possibility that they won't. No predicting what they'll do this year.

Crosby had a good point, they didn't touch the trophy last year and they lost. Bathe with that thing if it gets you the Cup, I say.

The Versus guys nearly peed themselves when Crosby picked it up, skated over the Malkin and Gonchar, and the three posed for pictures. I spent the entire time wondering if the trophy handler ever drops the goods, and how many players have dropped the trophies over the years. I know at least one has fallen apart. If holding the prize is bad juju, I can only imagine what having it fall apart in your hands means.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 8. The End May Be Nigh

Tonight @ 4:30pm
Pens lead series 3-0

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day. No Games Scheduled

If you have today off, enjoy yourselves. Don't forget to take a moment between the burgers and brew to remember what brought this day about and why it's important.

If you have to work, I sincerely hope you're getting time and a half to make up for it.

Other sporting events on tap for today:

The Indy 500. Because watch cars go in a circle for a bazillion hours is exciting.

The A's are back home to play the Mariners today @ 1:05.

The Giants will be across the bay playing the Braves, also @ 1:05

It's a not a sporting event, per say, but many towns will have parades and the like today. Go get your sunburn on.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 7. The SCF Starts WHEN?!

Today @ noon
Wings lead series 2-1 says Huet may be in. This is why you get and keep two number one goalies, right?

Havlat also uncertain. This is likely because he got knocked into next Wednesday, and is waiting for game 5 to start.

I'm not sure if it was because he was still dazed or because hockey players really are that tough, but after Havlat made his way back to the bench following Kronwall's hit, he sat down as if he expected to play another shift. The trainer had to tap him and get him to move back to the locker room. Guy gets knocked into the future and he still wants to play. Major points right there.

In other news:

Is anyone happy with the SCF schedule? I vote no.

Pens 6, Canes 2. Me thinks someone wants another run at the Cup. Can all make sure it's against Chicago, please?

We didn't mention this because, well, it's JR being JR. Was his timing bad? Yep. But has that ever stopped him before? Nope.

We've also been very fortunate to not have too much crazy JR while he's been in SJ. DW keeps him reigned in, and aside from a few comments here and there, he's been good. JR is just an emotional guy. It's part of the reason we love him here. He wears his heart on his sleeve and says what he thinks. This isn't always a positive, but he always been that way and he's not going to change now. I accept this and move on. Also, he apologized.

The Sharks will be having their annual store sale at the end of the SCF. Who wants to let me pretend I'm a season ticket holder?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 6. 3-0?

Today @ 4:30
Pens lead series 2-0

I thought this game was on at noon, but it's not. That would be tomorrow's game. I should have realized that TPTB would not find Pens/Canes anywhere near as sexy as Hawks/Wings.

Recapping the past:

Mina and I watched the first period of last night's game together. She arrived just in time to see the Hawks second goal and that ridiculous hit on Havlat. Dude was out before he hit the ground. Passing out with your eyes open is creepy. Having that happen with people above you who are wearing sharp blades on their feet? Dangerous. Someone smacked him in the head with their stick as he lay there, though it was unintentional and part of the scrum above him the occurred after he was hit.

To summarize our reaction to the hit, Kronwall left his feet. Fighting on top of the unconscious guy= NOT SAFE!

Even though Havlat should have been looking up, there's no excuse for leaving your feet. If he stayed firmly planted on terra firma, it's a clean hit. Brutal, but clean. Mina points out that while it was not interference, it was charging. Neither of us had a problem with the penalties handed out.

Like any fan would, we wondered what the reaction would have been from the media had Havlat taken out Kronwall.

You can view the hit here and make your own opinions. I just tried to watch Quennville's post game press conference reaction, and the audio for another Hawks video that wasn't even open took over and I got a very tinny, stuttering rendition of "Ring My Bell" cutting in and out between the press conference. The NHL video guys might want to look into not having Anita Ward and Joe Quennville playing dueling banjos. Just a thought.

Anyway, after that mess, we met up with some folks for dinner. We we got the the place of dining, the game was 3-0 Hawks. At some point I looked behind me and realized the 3-0 had become a 3-3. We were all floored, but sure enough, the Wings had scored 3 goals in the second.

Not really being able to easily watch the game from where we sat, we went on with dinner, Sharks talk, and general rostercourse when someone mentioned the game had gone to OT. Several of us turned around in time to see fans and Blackhawks alike hugging. Mina proclaimed the game winning goal to be the result of "...what we call a defensive breakdown, ladies and gentlemen." And so it was the the Blackhawks took game three in OT to make the series 2-1.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 5. Straight Outta Chicago

Today @ 5pm
Wings lead series 2-0

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 4. Hockey Is Back!

How did everyone handle their day without hockey? Hopefully well. I spent my evening at The Fox. Good choice on my part.

The ECF begin again today, as the Pens take on the Canes in a epic battle of...epicness.

Today @ 4:30
Pens lead series 1-0

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday WCF recap

Huh, no games today. The Lost season finale was last Wednesday, guys!

Guess we'll recap.

Hard loss for the Hawks last night.
Brian Campbell had a costly turn over against the Wings and that caused the fat lady to sing. This after fighting their way back to tie the game in third, and looking pretty threatening. I thought the Hawks ad a good chance to win it, but overtime is all about who makes the first mistake. Hopefully the Hawks can get a win or two in their building, and tie this series up. If not, it might be a very short trip to the WCF for them.

In non hockey news, this tribute blog to Where the Wild Things Are has some AWESOME art. I would hang Water Thing and Shadows on my wall.

I only mention it because it's got some awesome stuff and I know a few hockey fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of this film. It apparently is scaring the kiddies, so we'll see what happens to it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 3. The West Returns

Today @ 4:30
Wings lead series 1-0

I was feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the though of a large building fighting a giant octomonster. I'm not sure why because that is like Rampage-esce gold right there, but for whatever reason it wasn't working for me. Since I planned to change my format for the last two rounds of the playoffs anyway, it gave me a chance to redesign the characters for each team.

The Hawks was an obvious choice, but I did waffle between in and some version of the Blackhawks logo. For some reason, something lovecraftian seemed appropriate for our perennially annoyingly good winged foes.

But enough of that. I do like to go into artist mode, but that's not what you came here for.

Canes got spanked. Doesn't look that way on the scoreboard but they were outplayed.

The Pens were like a force of nature last night. They showed some weakness in the second, but were otherwise dominant. Watching that one goal trickle in past Ward was painful. The only time I enjoy seeing shots like that go in are when they are against whoever the Sharks are playing. MAF was solid. Ward looked vunerable at times, but settled down pretty well and looked pretty good after that.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Conferernce Finals, Day 2. I Don't Have A Clever Historical Pun For The East

Today @ 4:30
Game 1. FIGHT!

I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's guest art. Our guest artist was a little bummed no one commented, but I told him not to take it personally.

Conference Finals Recap:

So. Wings, huh?

I was really hoping the Hawks could take game 1,and for awhile it looked like it would at least be a battle. Then Detroit decided it was time to stop effing around and time to start pwnage. This is going to be a long Western showdown. I think I speak for everyone not rooting for the Red Wings/mutual annihilation when I say "Go Hawks."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 1. Not So Quiet On The Western Front

artwork by today's guest artist

Today @ noon!
Game 1. FIGHT!

A little background on our guest artist.

My significant other half created the above image, and one for the east, in an attempt to try to get me to sit down and watch a movie last night. My work for the blog done, how could I complain?
As he is very rarely so insistent, I acquiesced, with the condition that I would post these images on the blog. He didn't seem to mind, as long as our evening with The Evil Dead was uninterrupted by the sound of pencil on paper.

His Eastern Conference match up image.

Unsure about how to show a penguin's vocalization, "penguin noise" seemed the most appropriate choice.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

No News Is...Frak...We Need Some News!

Two days off between games and I'm already at a loss for how to entertain myself. This does not bode well for summer. I had/have an idea for a drawing that sums up these feelings of sports induced listlessness, but for some reason I just couldn't get a sketch I was happy with. Perhaps the subject is still too frustrating.

In Sharks news, still waiting to hear on what will happen to single game ticket prices. As previously mentioned, season tickets will stay the same. The Sharks did add a payment plan in the wake of everyone being unemployed/under employed. Nice touch.

It remains to be seen how the rest of us will fair. I gave up a chance to see a band I have seen every year for 10 years to be able to pay for my ten pack. Crossing my fingers that I still can when this all settles.

Dedication, thy name is Sharks Fans.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Recapping the State of The Sharks

The best recap is the video of the event itself. You can find it here. If you have 3 hours to kill, watch it all. If not, the players are present for the first 90 minutes. Just watch those parts.

For those who are unfamiliar with this event, State of the Sharks is a yearly event that follows the team's exit from the post season. It usually comes a few weeks after the exit, allowing for both players and fans to have cooler heads. It's relatively new, started a few years ago to address fan's concerns about the team. And by fans I mean "season ticket holders." Single game and ten pack holders as show up. It usually draws several thousand people, which should tell you something about the passion this town has for its team.

It's a good idea and pretty damn good PR for the organization. Jamison & DW will stay late into the evening to make sure all questions are answered. How many other teams can say that? This year, coach Todd also stayed late to finished answering questions. He and DW put a few people in their place.

This year's attendees were Sharks CEO and Pres. Greg Jamison, EVP and GM Doug Wilson, Coach Todd, Mike Ricci, Patty Marleau, Joe Thornton, Danny Boyle and JOE PA! Randy Hahn emceed.


First, I was sad no one asked JOEPA a question. He was punted some to answer, but come on! Ask him something!

Secondly, I noticed no one had the cojones to ask Marleau HIMSELF about the C. All those questions came after he'd left, and Ricci had joined the group. Here was the perfect chance for all the naysayers to hear directly from the players about Patty's leadership, and no one asked them.

Thirdly, DW amazes me. He can look completely detached and cool under and sort of stress. I don't know how he does it.

Questions and Answers:

There was a question about emotional leadership, which got all the players looking at each other. You could tell they were trying to figure out who would answer the question, but their silence may everyone laugh nervously and cause the woman behind us to exclaim "There's your problem!" I don't doubt that the team has various emotional leaders, as they later explained, but I also don't think any of those guys had any desire to name names. They were in front of a firing squad. A surprising well behaved one, but a firing squad nonetheless.

Why would you come to this thing drunk? A few people always do. I think a few of the folks might have been high as well. (WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE?!)

McLellan put plane guy in his place. I swear the guy shrunk a few sizes by the time McLellan was done. Maybe next year he won't ask about the plane AGAIN.

Plane guy was one of a very small group of questioners to be heckled by the crowd. He comes every year, lists various complaints about the team plane and either suggests new planes, or in this case, sort of asks for a job. I think Jamison yelled at him last year, IIRC. While I applaud his tenacity, it's time to let it go.

Ricci had some GREAT points on leadership in hour three. Listen to him if you can. He didn't see a point in trying to emulate other teams. As he said, "there's no leadership handbook." he even mentioned how Sakic and Lindstrom are quiet leaders. All types exists and each team needs to find what's right for them. Great stuff.

Many versions of the same questions were asked: what would you change, leadership drama rama, how can you improve for next season...many of which were preceded by life stories from the person asking the question. That got old fast.

The first few versions of these questions did yield some good info, but after that it was like the record was skipping.

I love anecdotes, and I use them with way too high a frequency, but this was neither the time or the place for long ones. If you say you attended your first Sharks game at 2 weeks old, it's implied you're a life long fan so you don't need to spend several more minutes explaining that fact to everyone.

There were moments of levity that provided everyone with a much needed break. Be it the players and coach joking around or the little kids getting nervous and forgetting questions, it was nice to see the evening didn't get to bogged down.

As expected, there were no big player announcements, and no word on trades, that may or may not occur during the summer months.

Someone did ask about JR returning and DW basically said he was leaving it up to JR. There were some comments about heart v ability and energy level that made me a tad worried. We'll see what happens on that front in a few weeks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

State of the Sharks

Sharks logo copyright its respective owners. Couch Tarts does not claim any ownership of the San Jose Sharks logo.
cartoon portion copyright d. hoover 2009

We haven't been posting much, if any, Sharks news lately because there quite frankly hasn't been any. We did have a few players go to worlds, but that was about it.

Tonight, however, we might get some news. Tonight is the annual State of the Sharks crazy get together of madness. The night when the team's President, GM and a few players sit down with a few thousand of their closets friends to be asked some of the most inane questions one could possibly think of. Crazy rants are also entirely the norm. As Richard Bay once said "Where do they find these people?!"

I question my sanity in attending, but I plan to come equipped to be able to not pay attention when it gets rough, and to leave when it gets ridiculous. Mario Kart in hand, I'll suffer through to provide you with some kind of coverage, even if it ends up being "ZOMGUPPLRCRAZY!"

That's the sort of dedication you have come to expect from Couch Tarts.

Working the Corners has an update of sorts on ticket prices. It also has a little bit of info regarding the Sharks financial status.

Post SOTS update:

I REALLY need to remember to bring my smaller sketch book with me thing like this. Today, we resorted to Mario Kart (you're going down next time, Lurker!)

Anyway, I'll have more of a recap tomorrow, but to sum up, some of it was informative, a lot of it was long winded, and people sweat profusely when nervous. More so when they're drunk.

Playoffs, Round 2 Day 15. End Game

The second round wraps up tonight when the following teams take to the ice for at least 60 minutes of (hopefully) non stop action:

Today @ 4pm
Series tied at 3

Today @ 5pm
Series tied at 3

Yesterday's game. A Recap:

A rather anti climatic end to what was the best series of the playoffs so far. The Caps got owned. I mean OWNED. At times I wondered if the Caps were ware it was a Game 7. Obviously not the night to have a bad game, but it struck them anyway.

Putting on a dominant performance, the Pens shut down the Caps and won themselves a seat in the Conference Finals. They'll play the winner of Boston/Carolina.

Gotta give a hand to the Caps fans, who, despite booing and jeering some of their guys earlier, gave a standing O for the face offs and stayed standing for the final minutes of the game, in full on cheering mode. Nice when to send your boys off. (minus the jeers)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 14

Can you believe this round is still going? The Hawks must be wondering if they should have dragged things out a little longer. 3/4 game 7s ain't bad. Home ice must be looking good right now.

Only one game 7 today and it's going to be a classic.

Today @ 4pm
Series is tied at 3

Much ado will likely be made over this being Crosby's first game 7 ever. I won't bother pretending I care. He can play. That's been established. Let's just let the game do its thing.

Carolina didn't play well enough to put Boston away last night, and all the penalties they took didn't help either. The Ducks played like mad men and beat Detroit, much to the surprise of everyone. There was very nearly a tying goal in the last seconds, but Hiller found a way to stop it and allowed his team to force a game 7. His team then forced a elbow into someone's face. A fight ensued.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gray's Random Sketch File, Quick Sketch Version

Chicago beat Canucks. Advances to WCF.

I didn't have the time to make something nice and purty for you all, so I simply scanned my sketch and after some fast and loose clean up, colored it in Photoshop. I debated just giving you this in black and white, but I think this works well too.

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 13

Hey East coasters, you guys have a late night ahead of you. Time zones are fun! Both games are potential elimination games again tonight. Should be a fun evening.

Today @ 4pm
Carolina leads series 3-2
That whole no suspension for Walker thing will likely be a hot topic

Today @ 7pm
Wings lead series 3-2
If the Ducks force a game 7, I'm going to laugh.

Recap News:

Chicago eliminated Vancouver to advance to the WCF. There will be art for this later today, once Gray has gotten some sleep.

In a crazy OT game, the Caps stay alive to force a game 7. I'm not honestly sure who was more stunned, the Pens fans, or the Caps themselves. Judging by the reaction on their bench, I'm leaning towards Caps.

People have been finding this site with some weird search words. I mean weird. Many people seem to be interested in Kevin Bieksa. A few folks also came over from Fark. I'm not sure if I should be scared or amused. I'm pretty sure we were just mentioned in the comments somewhere over there. Either way, hello Farkers and Kevin Bieksa fans!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 12

Hey look, weekday games that aren't on at the same time!

Two teams face elimination tonight:

Today @ 4pm
'Guins lead 3-2

Today @ 6pm
Hawks lead series 3-2

Recappin' Yesterday's Games:

It looks like the Bruins may have found a cure for the Hamthrax that ails them. They pounded the Hurricanes 4-0 last night. Nothing was connecting or working for the Canes. Game 6 is Tuesday. The Canes will either finish the Bruins, or the B's will push it to a game 7.

The Ducks and Wings also played, but not on a network I currently receive. Detroit won 4-1, having apparently found the antidote to Hiller's magic stopping potion.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 11

We have one potential elimination game today, along with one game that may or may not involve someone's spleen coming out their nose.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Today @ 2pm
Series is tied at 2 a piece

Today @ 4:30 pm
Canes lead the series 3-1

Real Life has caused me to neglect the last two days of playoff hockey. Yet another day with no recaps.

It's nice outside, what can I say?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 10

On tap for today:

Today @ 4pm
Series tied at 2 a piece
I thought this was a noon game on NBC. I must be slightly out of my mind thanks to a hockey overload

Today @ 7:30
Series tied at 2 a piece

No recaps of yesterday's games. Gray went to see Star Trek and Mina celebrated on more successful rotation around the sun. I'm sure in both cases a team won, while their opponent lost. That's typically how these things work out.

Star Trek is awesome by the way. You should go. If you are of a more nerdy persuasion there are some nice references to past stuff in there for you to enjoy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 9

Two games today, for your viewing pleasure:

Today @ 4pm
Caps lead series 2-1

Today @ 4:30pm
Canes lead series 2-1

Recapping last night's games:

For some reason I can't get into the Hawks/Canucks series. No idea why, it's just not doing it for me. It went to OT last night and I was most excited when it ended. It hasn't been a bad series, but I just can't get into it. I've been amazed at the nearly impenetrable wall of goalie that is Luongo, but that's about as far into as I've gotten. Hawks won in somewhat dramatic fashion in OT 2-1.

The big show for many in this area was last night was Ducks/Wings. The Ducks got pounded, losing 6-3. It was nearly 7, but somehow Jiggy got back to his net in time and I think the puck went wide. Jiggy? Yep. Hiller got pulled for the third. It just wasn't his night.

Some debate as to whether or not one of the goals scored on Hiller was 5 hole or not. Doesn't matter as it as in the net either way. The win allowed the Wings tie the series at 2.

The Coyotes will be back in court on the 19th. The folks over at Five for Howling have fairly complete coverage of these events.

Personally, I am sad, but not surprised, to see this degrade into personal attacks against fans on the various message boards. The fans are the ones getting screwed here. If you've lost a team, you should at least be able to understand how they feel, even if you disagree with their point of view. This effects the entire league. It is not "us v them", nor is about who is "worthy" of having a team.

Maybe it's that I grew up a baseball fan. Baseball is America's past time, but I have never felt like we "owned" it. Many other countries have fallen in love with the sport and it has expanded across the globe. I love that. Something we love here is loved with equal passion elsewhere. Even if we have no other common ground with someone, we can talk about baseball. Seeing a sport expand beyond it's traditional confines shows its strength and appeal.

Maybe it's that I am the fan of a relocated team. The A's were moved here in 1968. They picked up and left two cities before settling in Oakland. (Technically 3, but when they moved from Indianapolis, they had just made the AL and they weren't yet the A's.) In their case, the two other fan bases did get a team, but that doesn't mean they weren't upset. It also doesn't mean Oakland was any less worthy of the team they got. The fans here had nothing to do with the move. Businessmen and the league decided the team's fate, not us. Is the team moves again (ah, stadium troubles) believe me when I say the fans had nothing to do with it. If the A's end up moving out of state/the area, I'll be pissed, but their new fans wont have made my team move. They won't have stolen it. They're caught in the middle, just like I am.

The fans are the ultimate victims in any move. Stop blaming them and start trying to see the complexity of the problem.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 8

Today @ 5pm
Canucks lead series 2-1

Today @ 7:30pm
Duckies lead 2-1

Lot going on today. The Coyotes will be in court today @ 1pm MST. That will give everyone their first hint about how ugly this battle could get.

Last night's Lost was epic. In this corner we have the "Man of Faith." In the other corner we have they mysterious Other controlling force known as "Jacob." Who will win this amazing battle?

Reader: You know this is a HOCKEY blog, right?

Gray: Yes, but I just imagine Locke and Jacob in hockey gear fighting it out on the ice. That makes it relevant.

Reader: ...

So was the Caps/Pens game. This series is just insane. Can they duke it out in round 3 too, please? It ended up going to OT after a crazy last minute goal by the Caps to tie the game. I've been there, Pens fans. I know how much it sucks to taste victory and they realize it was really the bottom of some old, mouldy shoe that had been kicking you in the mouth. The Pens ended up winning in OT, making it a 2-1 series.

Boston and Carolina went to OT as well. I didn't get to see much of this game because it was on concurrently with the Pens/Caps VS broadcast, and while I could have found a way to watch it, two games at once is a bit much for me. VS switched over to show us the OT period and it was some crazy pressure in Carolina's zone before pig pox hit and a goal ended up in the net behind Cylon Tim Thomas. (still waiting on that list of names, dear readers) He was not a happy man. Canes now lead that series 2-1.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 7

By now, most everyone has probably heard about the 'Yotes. There are a lot of opinions on the subject, but for me (Gray), I'd like to see the 'Yotes stay put. Yes, I know, they were relocated. Yes, I know, Canada doesn't have many teams. Yes, I know, it's the desert. But as a fan of another "non traditional market" team, I really feel compelled to back the 'Yotes here. Mina and I disagree on this, but the 'Yotes have done a lot of good for the sport of hockey in the southwest and I'd hate to see them go. We won't see the dividends until a few years from now, as more and more players start to find their way up from the desert lands. It takes TIME to build these things up. Time seems to be something the Coyotes don't have a lot of.

There are a lot of other factors that go into attendance issues, (like how the rink is bit of a drive from Phoenix and traffic sucks), and I have to think that if this was a playoff caliber team every year (or close to it), no one would think to touch them.

I don't know what's going to happen to their team, their fans, or the league (a move effects ALL 29 other teams. All of them). Only time will tell.

Onto the games for today:

Today @ 4PM
Caps are up two games to none. If you only watch one game today, make it this one.

Today @ 4:30
Series is tied at 1 a piece
Will pig pox strike again?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I tossed up some links over at FTF, but I figured I'd link back to those here as well. Three sizes of desktop wallpaper. Check it out.

I'm debating making this into the new blog topper for the duration of the playoffs. What do you all think?

This took me longer to come up with than expected. I found it harder than I had thought it would be to come up with an image that conveyed disappointment, without being too snarky.

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 6

Today @ 5pm
Series tied 1-1

Today @ 7:30PM
Series tied 1-1 after an epic 3 OT game 2

Recappage of Yesterday's Events:

For those of you fortunate enough to be gainfully employed in this economy, your work caused you to miss an excellent game yesterday. Oveckin gets a hat trick, Crosby gets a hat trick, I'm surprised neither of the goalies had a hat trick. The notable difference between the two was that Ovie's cause a torrent of hats to fall to the ice while Crosby's only got one. Tough Caps crowed there in DC.

This had been, IMO, the best series by far in the second round. It's heated, the goalies are standing on their heads every night, the players are into it, good plays on both sides of the ice; it's been great.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 5

Only one game today folks, and it should be a doozy.

Today @ 4pm
Caps lead series 1-0

Weekend Recapage:
So what happened yesterday? I managed to some how be gone for all but the first period of a triple OT game between the Ducks and Wings. Ducks ended up winning that one. Fans paid for one game, and instead they got 2! Series is tied at one a piece.

Carolina put something bad (pig pox?) in Boston's water because they dominated the Bruins 3-0. Two equally one sided games to start this series. Who saw that coming? Series is tied at one a piece.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 4

Two games on tap for today. First up:

Today @ 11am
Detroit leads series 1-0

Today @ 4:30pm
Boston leads series 1-0

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 3, Game 2

Today @ 6pm
Cancuks lead series 1-0

Other news of the day: Mike Brown= back for game 2.

Pens v Caps was excellent. Early, but excellent.

Playoffs, Round 2, Day Whatever. This Game Is Early

How different life is when your team is out at the end of the first round. We're so used to have heart attacks by now, everything has been rendered horridly boring. Our journey came to a sudden and jarring end. We're still trying to figure out why games we want to see aren't on TV. Thankfully for us, it's Saturday and the game we've both been waiting for is FINALLY ON!

It's when?



Frak me.

Today @ 10am
wattehfrak NHL? We lazy west coasters aren't even up by ten on Saturday

Recapping yesterday's events:

The good thing about round 2 is it means I only have to draw 4 pictures, not 8. The bad part is the Sharks aren't in any of the 4.

It's safe to say the we at Couch Tarts have given up on the Western Conference entirely, however, Gray did watch some of the Wings v Ducks game, enough to feel very conflicted about the entire thing. She resorted to taunting the opposing team when the other team scored. That way, in her mind, everyone lost.

Brown had a hard hit on Hudler. He got 5 and a misconduct and was done for the night. Hudler got some stitches. Not going to wade into the suspension pond because it's not like hits are evaluated on any consistent basis with which one could make comparisons and educated guesses about suspendability*, ferociousness, etc. We'll leave such things to the peanut galleries of the involved teams and see what the league says.

The Wings won 3-2, by the way.


Bruins v Canes was also on, but only glimpses were shown until the completion of Wings v Ducks, at least if you were watching VERSUS. At that point Gray decided to take a nap as it was 4-1 Bruins, and it wasn't likely to be a very interesting finish. She may have been wrong, but after the Wings v Ducks game, unconsciousness sounded pretty darn good.

*probably not a word. I used it anyway

Friday, May 1, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2: In Which Two Other Teams Begin Competition

I ended up skipping the game last night in favor of more boring endeavors. 5-3 Canucks was not a final score I expected to see, but then again, I'm not sure what I expected.

Today we have two games coming to a terebi near you:

Today @ 4pm
We're hoping for mutual annihilation

Today @ 4:30
What's the over under on the number of swine flu jokes brought up because of Stormy?