Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sharks V Habs

whoo, 30 baby!

Today @ 4pm Radio, TV, no interwebs (can Game Center show all games please? I'd so pay for it. The local blackout bit is a huge turn off)

Anyone remember how crazy this game was last year? Sharks win 6-4 in a goals everywhere, faced paced spin-o-rama mad house of a game. It was a sight to see.

What can we expect tonight? I have no idea. First the Habs have darn near unbeatable power play, and then they don't. But they did acquire Scheinder, who's apparently a PP master. That Sharks were at once darn near unbeatable anywhere, but they've been just getting by lately. Special teams have saved them, what happened to their 5 on 5 play? A season's worth of wear and tear, I think. Can't run at full speed forever. Sure, there's no Campbell to spin-o-rama for us this time, but we have Boyle, and Lukowich, and Blake. I'm happy with that trade off.

Hey, is this a HNIC game? I'm sure Cherry will have something to say about darn near everyone. He usually does.

This just in from WTC, Boosh is in. Nabby gotthe flu. Seriously guys, why don't you get flu shots? (yeah, I know, they don't always work)

One of the paintings I did for the My Sharks History stories over at FTF is for sale. Shipping's a tad steep, but I charge pretty darn near what it costs me. I do custom work, so if you want a painting of my shark characters for your wall, drop me a conversation on Etsy.

Post Game Recap:

Ok, not the outcome we were looking for BUT it was a well played game for most of it (ignoring that second half of the first that was poor). Good game, good effort, good show. Very entertaining. The sharks had a bazillion chances but Halak was a beast and wouldn't let them in. The post and crossbar also made some saves for him. I think the goalie forcefield was in effect. Crazy how some of those things stayed out. Crazy.

The Habs scored all three of their goals in the first, during a period of what could be politely referred to as a defensive breakdown for the Sharks. Yes, Boosh was out of position on some of the goals, but his D wasn't doing him any favors. He had to try and play it the best he could.

The Sharks scored both their goals less than a minute apart in the second. First was on the power play by Joe Pa and the second was at even strength by Joe Thornton. Lots of shots (48), but again, Halak had the force field up.

Your three stars: (3) Markov, (2) Marleau, (1) Halak

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sharks V Sens

This afternoon @ 4:30 TV, Radio, no more interwebs :(

Good morning Sharkies!

I'm not one to stay down long. There are 82 games in a season and frak it, we tied the series with Detroit. That works for me.

With luck, the Sharks will come out firing on all cylinders tonight. Put last night behind you, lots of people lose at the Joe. Whatever That game doesn't matter because your facing a new team in a new town tonight. Time to show the league that you can rebound from a bad game with a great one. Time to move on to the next big thing...

Which is apparently Ottawa. The Sharks face off with the Sens today in a game I will likely miss due to RL obligations. Hopefully Mina will be able to handle a recap for you all. We were at the Sharks v Sens game at the Tank last year. It started out sketchy but turned awesome. I also felt much better leaving a game knowing a Sens fan I knew wasn't leaving happy. He was never really nice to me, so I was fine with the Sharks sticking it to his team. Justice, served on ice.

Man, that's bitter isn't it? Welcome to the wide world of sports.

Go Sharks!

Post Game Recap:

So I had to abandon the TV version of the game mid second period, but was able to catch most of the third via radio. I was helping cook a feast ofepic proportions.

Gaze upon it and drool.

Not pictured is the massive amount of white rice and the small salad that accompanied the meal. That would be homemade miso soup and some fantastic taro cooked in ginger and soy sauce on the back burners. Veggie and turkey stir fry up front, with some tasty flavored soy stuff and the mapo/mabo tofu next to it. It was delicious. Will miss part of a game for food? As long as I have a radio.

Anyway, there seemed to be a bit of disparity between the radio and the tv. Randy and Drew seemed to think that the Sharks were paying alright, but Dan Rusanowsky and Jamie Baker were not as pleased with their performance. They fell the Sharks were flat, and I sort of agreed. But they did put out a better effort than they had against Detroit and in the last half of the third, they started to kick into gear. It probably helped that they were up by a goal at that point.

All goals in the game were scored on the PP. The game seemed close but that was really more a matter of the Sharks not putting forth a full and solid effort, while the Sens were really throwing all they had at the Sharks. Aside from wanting the Sharks to win to make up, so the speak, for the game last night, we also wanted them to win so Mina's ex would lose. Dating someone who likes a different team can be good and bad, ladies and gentlemen.

While Jamie Baker and Dan Rusanowsky were glad they didn't have to pick the 3 stars (no one stood out to them) somebody did managed to pick three guys and they are as follows (3) Boosh, (2) Phillips, (1) Jumbo

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sharks V Red Wings, Round 4

This afternoon @ 4:30 Radio, TV, Interwebs

*ding ding*

Maybe no one messes with Joe Biden*

but this season's sharks can surely mess with the Wings in "The Joe", right?

Ok, so last time the Sharks went to the Joe, it wasn't good. No need to dwell on that. Think of the other two games the Sharks have played against the Wings this season. Those were amazing, right? Amazing and uplifting and enough to make you feel good for a week. Focus on that. That is what's coming to the Joe tonight.

Conkblock will be in effect tonight. Nabby to represent the Sharks in net.

Oh and that matter involving a certain Mr. Lemieux? We'll let him cover that.

*Warning. Joke only funny if you watched Pres. Obama's speech last night. And even then, maybe not so much. It was worth a try, right? Bizarre moments of levity in otherwise long speeches for the awesome.

Post Game recap:

All I really got to see the was the first, and a bit of the second which I covered via twitter. After that I had a guest and missed most of the rest of the game. Probably not a bad thing. Anyway, I don't feel right recapping a game I wasn't fully dedicated to, so I shall leave you with this.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some very sad news

We're down two man at Sharks Ice.

If you have some extra positive thoughts or good will, please send them the way of these families.

h/t to mattman for the link

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shark V Stars

Today @ 5pm, Radio, VERSUS, probably intertubes

No more risk of going nova here, these stars are back on the main sequence and happily fusing hydrogen into helium once more. (at temperatures of millions of degrees) Little did we know Turco was the secret to fusion.

Photo credit: Dan Deitch


The Sharks are 6 for their last 7 in Dallas, while the Stars have been much improved during their most recent home stand despite a recent loss to Chicago.

The Stars make all Sharks fans nervous, thanks to a long and sometimes painful history between these two teams. The Stars are also down several key players thanks to always annoying injury bug. The Sharks meanwhile were fortunate enough to regain several injured players. The Sharks site says Lukowich may also return to action tonight. W00t!

Be sure to tune in tonight and help cheer him on if he returns.

For those of you who like numbers, magic numbers, General Disarray has some for you on his blog. Do check them out.

Post Game Recap:


I understand. There are 82 games and not all can be edge of your seat exciting, but seriously, this game was slow. The first two periods were pretty much the same. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, occasional spectacular Nabby save, occasional Turco spectacular save, slow slow slow slow. We apparently love us some neutral zone. Sustained pressure was hard to find in a zone other than ours. It was really kind of sad. Finally Seto scored the one and only goal of the game in the third, to give the Sharks the eventual 1-0 win. The last few seconds nearly saw the Stars tie, but by some great miracle, Blake blocked a shot and kept the Sharks ahead in the waning seconds.

This game was all Nabby. He kept the Sharks in it and when they scored he kept the Sharks up.

Sharks are the first team to cross the 90 point threshold.

Your three stars (3) Seto, (2) Sutherby (1) Nabby

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Class Warfare At Its Silliest

What follows in an abridged version of a conversation I had yesterday with a relative of mine. Said relative also happens to be a Wings fan. They don't follow the team at all, but they still claim them as their own because they grew up in Detroit. Fair enough.

For ease of typing they will be R and I will be G.

R: I tried to get tickets to those home games against the Wings and they were so expensive! You must be doing really well if you can afford those seats!

G: What are you talking about? Did you look upstairs?

R: In the nosebleeds?!

G: Yeah! They have tickets for 20 bucks up at the top and the view is great! You can see everything. I sit up there all the time.

R: But, those are the nosebleeds. The cheap seats! Why would anyone want to sit UP THERE?

For a little additional background, this particular relative is a keeping up with the Jones' type. Everything has to give off the appearance of money, regardless of whether or not they actually have that kind of income. For them, sitting upstairs is a sign of financial weakness. Could you imagine telling your friends you sat up there? Gah! Embarrassing!

For me, having a seat is the biggest thing. I'd prefer upstairs because it fits in to my budget. If I could afford to sit anywhere, I don't think I'd care. I just want to see the game. I'll take a seat where I can get it.

Where do you sit on the seat issue? Are you one of the upper bowl is better than lower bowl, folks? Is the lower bowl better? It does have fancier food. Or are seats, regardless of where they are, the most important thing for you when it comes to a game you really want to see live?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sharks V Thrashers

The elusive logo headed bird

Today at 1pm Radio, Tv Tank, Interwebs

Think Kovalchuk will stay on his feet this time?

Is JR back today? We'll have to wait and see.

I'm probably going to miss some or all of this game due to RL interference. Traveling Mina is traveling, so the recap might be somewhat stunted. I'll dvr the game, no promises I'll actually watch it though. (I'm weird. I usually won't watch a dvr'd game, but I will watch the later rebroadcast of said game. What?)

So the Thrashers are coming in looking rather hot for them. They've gotten point in every game so far on their road trip and Kovalchuk is in scoring form. They're still last in the Southeast, but as we Sharks fans know, the bottom teams are sometimes the most dangerous. While the Thrashers aren't necessarily coming in gunning for a playoff spot, they're playing for pride. That's still a pretty big motivator.

Go Sharkies, go!

Post Game Recap:

I missed the first and part of the second, but since all the scoring happened in the third anyway, let's just cover that.

Didn't I warn you all that team down on their luck can be dangerous? Atlanta looked pretty good from what I saw. They were keeping pace with the Sharks and getting in the way of shots. They were aggressive, and while this game wasn't quite as chippy as the past two, they certainly made their presence known.

Shelley and Valabik had a fight. There was a lot of chatter going on prior to it. That seemed to energize both benches. What I saw of the game before that was a little listless. Not bad, just...listless.

Not a ton of penalties, but the ones that were called were costly. Three of the four goals scored this afternoon were on the PP.

Clowe scored 30 seconds into the third. He didn't even wait for me to get back by a tv!

Cheechoo's goal came with help from Mr. 700 assists, JR!

Good to see Shelley, Plihal, and JR back on the ice. Come back soon Lukowhich and Mitchell.

Nabby made some amazing saves, as did Lehtonen. It was like duelling goalies. Who can make the flashier save? dunDunDUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Your stars of the afternoon: (3) Cheechoo (nice to see him scoring) (2) Clowe (also nice to see him scoring. He had some seriously good chances before that 3rd period goal finally went in) and (1) JR!!!!!!!! Whoo JR!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharks v Kings

Tonight@7:30 Radio, TV, Tanks, Interwebs

Before we get to the game preview, can you believe there are 27 little cartoon toppers for these things running around? While I have the Sens and Thrashers under control, I need some help with the last one. The Habs. I have no idea what to do for the Habs. If you have ideas, (keep them clean), comment or email away.

Preview time!

The Kings are coming into the Tank riding high, having just vanquished the Ducks in a 4-3 affair last night. The Kings are in the midst of a road trip of doom, but they've been doing well and will likely be more threatening than tired tonight. Don't expect them to be push overs.

The Sharks will be flying high from their 4-2 win over the Oilers on Tuesday, but if they don't play with the emotion and intensity both Marleau and Lemieux talked about, they're in for a long evening.

Sometimes games against the Kings are slow and a pain to watch. Sometimes they're spirited and crazy. The Kings have improved quite a bit since that first tortuous game against them in the early part of the season. I'd expect this game to be faster and more furious.

And now for something completely different.

Reader Emily would like to see JR on Dancing with the Stars. So much so, she even made a video in support of her campaign.

Now I (Gray) don't watch DWTS, but ABC, if you put JR on you bet I'd tune in. He's clearly a natural.

For added fun, if ABC went nuts and decided to do an all NHL DWTS, who would you want to see shake their groove thang? Let us know.

My vote is for Brian Boucher. Much like JR, he's hilarious and I think he'd not only do well but he'd be great fun to watch.

Post Game Recap:

Vlasic love him some Celine Dion.

True story.

A few more awesome photoshops can be found towards the top of this thread.

Was this game played all 4 on 4 or what? I swear, almost every penalty was an offsetting one. At least it felt like that. Don't get me wrong here. I do enjoy some fast paced 4 on 4 hockey and we certainly got to see our fair share of that tonight, but the refs seemed a bit wary of calling certain things without also putting someone from the opposing team in the box and that lead to a lot of 4 on 4 time. That was an obvious hit the the head on marleau, and it was kind of over looked in the scrum that followed. Thankfully Patty is alright.

Kaspar got his second NHL goal just 34 seconds into the game, which is great.

It was fight night at the Tank, judging by the number of players who ended up with roughing penalties. The word on past Sharks teams may have been you can win by roughing them up. Not this year folks. This year, they all hit back. Seto, JoePa, Ehrhoff, Semenov, even JR looked like he was ready to leap over the bench and start smashing heads. This team has some fight in it.

Ersberg had some crazy good saves. I know he's the backup but it really is safe to say the King's goal tending is much improved.

The Kings were fast fast fast tonight and not afraid to hit. It was a playoff hockey feeling in the regular season. That always makes for a good game.

Rob Blake has been drawn to the sin bin in the past few games. Sin Bin Blake?

These games are only going to get crazier as the regular season winds down and teams on the edge fight desperately to make it into the playoffs. Buckle up and get ready for some crazy rides, folks.

Sharks win 4-2.

Your three stars: (3) Blake, (2) Patty, (1) Vlasic. He loves Celine! Enjoy the concert, Pickles!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2/17/09 Post Game Review

Sorry this is running a tad late, folks. Duty called.

Anyway, last night saw the Sharks play the ever scrappy Oilers at home, after having been on the road for what seemed like an eternity filled with 4 o'clock games. As fate would have it, I had a few things to do away from my TV starting around 6 pm. This meant that I was likely to miss part of the game. Being the fan I am, I brought a mini radio with me, so I could listen to the game whilst taking care of business. Indeed, I was that jerk in the store listening to their headphones while you're trying to shop. I felt silly, but when the Sharks play the Oilers, I feel my attention in necessary.

I was thankfully in the safe recesses of my car when Edmonton went up by on towards the end of the period. I was in public, however, for Joe Pavelski's goal, and the later by Edmonton that bounced oddly off the glass and to an Oiler sitting in front of an open net. That was a bummer, but I managed to keep myself to just a loud sigh and a dramatic backwards sag. I can't say I wasn't being stared at, but I would have been staring too if I had seen me celebrating Joe Pa's goal in the middle of a near empty warehouse store.

Of course, if I had seen me, that would have brought about some weird temporal flux, so it's best that I wasn't actually watching myself from afar.

I caught part of the second on the radio, including Jamie Baker being quite annoyed that there was no call after Milan Michalek got punched int he face. Rusanowsky was floored they didn't call it. I think we all had flashbacks to the semi final series against the Oilers. Randy and Drew were in full force by the time I got to a TV. I don't think I missed too much since the first was described as somewhat flat for the Sharks.

What I did see of the second and third was insanely chippy. Talk about two teams who don't get along! Edmonton has a bit of a rep in these parts for playing dirty. Deserved or not, they are certainly a psychical team who doesn't shy away from the rough stuff. The second period reads like a primer on how to get PIMs.

Marc Pouliot : Tripping - 2 min
Patrick Marleau : Tripping - 2 min
Marc-Edouard Vlasic : Tripping - 2 min
Alexei Semenov : Roughing - 2 min
Jason Strudwick : Roughing - 2 min
Claude Lemieux : Fighting (maj) - 5 min
Theo Peckham : Fighting (maj) - 5 min
Claude Lemieux : Misconduct (10 min) - 0 min
Steve Staios : Roughing - 2 min
Ethan Moreau : Cross checking - 2 min
Ryane Clowe : Roughing - 2 min
Shawn Horcoff : Hi-sticking - 2 min
Ethan Moreau : Roughing - 2 min
Ethan Moreau : Roughing - 2 min
Brad Staubitz : Roughing - 2 min
Brad Staubitz : Roughing - 2 min
Alexei Semenov : Fighting (maj) - 5 min
Zack Stortini : Fighting (maj) - 5 min


I won't get into the way the game was called in detail. It's enough to say it was weird, and leave it at that. (How is a punch to the face not a penalty?!)

The Oilers were relentless. One of the Sharks failings is that they tend to ease up after scoring. The first shift after a goal is always kind of sketchy for them. The Oilers were solid after allowing goals. Aggressive and aware. Hopefully the Sharks were paying attention to that.

Your three stars of the game were as follows:
(3) Cheechoo, (2) Grier, (1) Mr. Patty Marleau, who scored points 600 and 601 respectively last night, on two goals. That includes a lovely short handed goal assisted by Grier which had awesome written all over it.

If you missed the game, I highly suggest you watch the highlights on your preferred highlighting website. Good times.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shark V Oilers

Tonight @ 7:30 Radio, TV, Tank, Interwebs

Was it fortuitous that the first team to pop up when I started to type the title was the Oilers?

Many teams have or ire, it's true. Many teams also preform well at the Tank, defying the odds year after year, no matter where they sit in the standings. Much like when the Sharks head to Phoenix, I cringe when the Oilers are mentioned. Much of these leads back to the semi finals of the 2005-2006 season, when the Oilers muscled their way into the conference finals after a promising start by the Sharks. Some of it, though, is based on fact. The fact that Roloson turns into some sort of goalie god when he's in the Tank. Nothing gets by him, no one can beat him. It borders on ridiculous. Taking this fact and combining it with the Sharks recent play on the road makes me a tad wary. If there was ever a night to start a new win streak for the Sharks, this is it.

Go Sharks!

Post Game Recap:

Full recap to come tomorrow, along with a cartoon. Congrats to Patty on points number 600 and 601. Whooooooo! Great win!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Presidents' Day, an hour early

Gray. And I don't mean the landscape.

Couch Tarts is taking Presidents' Day off for some much needed R&R. We'll be back Tuesday with our usual fantastically awesome coverage of the Sharks vs the Oilers. Here's to a new win streak.

Go Sharks!

(Happy Birthday George Washington. People will be buying cars today in your honor, sir. Or they would be, if they could get a loan. *zing*)

Sharks V Devils

I know, not too creative. I was going to give him horns or something but I decided not to

Today @ NOON. Radio, TV, Interwebs. Noon. Seriously?

It is a blustery, stormy day here in the South Bay. We lost power multiple times throughout the night. Snow (YES SNOW) covers the mountains around us. I'm pretty sure my neighborhood is down a tree or four. I am forced to wonder if this is some sort of large weather driven metaphor for how the game will go against the Devils today.

Even without Brodeur, these guys have been good. They're second best in the east, fourth overall and not to be taken for granted. Considering how the Sharks got manhandled by a very aggressive Buffalo team, this could get downright messy. Much like the streets surrounding my humble abode.

Post Game Recap:

Best way to describe this game:

The weather was a bit of a foreshadowing for this game. A night of wind and rain battering power lines and homes was a metaphor for the penalties and goal downpours that occurred in this game. You knew from the start this was going to be a tough one. The Devils scored 30 seconds into the game. Immediately, your heart dropped. Blake tied it 4 and 1/2 minutes in, and from there it was a back and forth battle.

The second was more controlled than the first, but the Sharks managed to score two and take the lead into the dressing room. At this point you were cautiously hopeful.

The third started and things started to fall apart. I think the Sharks spent half the period in the sin bin. Joe Thornton was in there a bunch. I guess he was tired and needed to sit down, who knows. The Devils capitalized on the Sharks lack of control and scored two goal. Suddenly it's 4-5 Devils up by 1. Then Joe Pa gets a big shorthanded goal to tie it back up at 5-5. It was a thing of beauty. But that feeling of "we can do this" wouldn't last. What looked like a game that was dead set on going to OT (and knowing out luck recently, the shoot out) suddenly went to 6-5 when the Devils went 5-hole on Nabby. Crushing. There was hope, true, but time was ticking down. Things didn't look good.

The Sharks pulled Nabby for an extra guy. It nearly worked. Blake finally got stuff set up and sent one to the net. Just missed. And that was it. You knew it was over then. Sharks lose 6-5 in regulation.

Sad times.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Anatomy of a Slump

It's the thought that weighs heavy on every Sharks fan's mind. Is this a slump?
This is inevitably followed by other questions:

Is this just a bump in the road? Is this who our team really is? Are we feeding off past disappointments of yesteryear and redirecting them to now? Do we buy into our own hype too much, despite desperately trying to avoid that this year? Are we too sensitive to hat other in the hockey world say, that we often feel that our team has to win all 82 regular season games? I won't mention the ever present post season concerns. Those are well documented and not yet applicable to this situation.

The fact is, in most Sharks seasons, this wouldn't be a slump. In most of the recent Sharks seasons, it's been up and down from the start. This is par for the course. It's mid season, everyone' tired, a bunch of guys have the flu, we have injuries, the team slows down, it happens. February has also usually been a harsh month for the Sharks. That's nothing new.

So here's the question, is it really a slump if you can come back from some terrible play and take the game into OT? The Sharks, despite dropping several games this road trip, have gotten at least a point in all of them. They have battled back from less than stellar play and been able to keep themselves in games that, if you only saw the first, you'd think they had no business staying in. That alone could be considered a victory. The Sharks are often accused to tuning out, sitting back and not playing with heart and grit. They have shown they have heart and grit this season, though it hasn't always resulted in a W. And maybe the high standard set in the beginning of the season are the true root of all our insecurities this season. We didn't want to fall from the top, we didn't want to be seen as human, and now we are.

The hockey season is long and full of glorious highs and heartbreaking bumps in the road. To write it off in February seems suspect. Is this a slump? Maybe, but if it is, it's not the worst we've ever seen and it won't be the last. We knew these days would come, all we can do is wait them out and try to enjoy the ride.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sharks V Sabres

This east coast game brought to you at 4:30pm by Radio, TV and teh interwebs

In the interest of full disclosure, I don't know much about the Sabres. I know they're the team that got Craig Rivet (CFR!), whom we miss, and made him their captain. I also know that they were the team Steve Bernier went to for Campbell, and they kept him for all of five minutes before sending him off to the Canucks. I watched them face the Pens on a snowy New Years Day for the inaugural Winter Classic. The Sharks last faced the Sabres in 2007, (in a game we'd like to forget), and we don't often see them on the west coast, so it's hard to get to know them.

Obviously something's been up with the Sharks lately. Maybe they have the flu, or maybe it was the bad chowder I suggested last time. I really don't know. What I do know is that they need to points to stay ahead of the ever looming presence of Detroit. That hot breath on your back? That's the Red Wings. (unless you're in a House of Leaves. In which case it's something far, far worse)

Hopefully for those in the Buffalo area this game will provide a welcome distraction from the tragedy of yesterday. Here's to a good game tonight.

Clowe and Boyle are likely out with the flu. We'll be seeing some of our friends from woostah get some more minutes tonight according to Mr. Pollack.

Update: They both decided to skate today, after resting all day. We'll see how that goes.

Post First Period:

Why is this a house of leaves?

This period was scarier than a Minotaur following you down a five minute hallway.

Buffalo scored 3 times, twice on the PP. That is some serious pwnage right there.

Icing called on Nabby? This is because it's Friday the thirteenth and we entered bizarro world right? Bizarro will not save you.

Sharks finally get a goal at 18:17 into the period on the PP, but the Sharks go into the locker room down 3-1. I hope some theraflu is waiting for them in there because it looks like they need it.

Post Game:

That game wore me out. The third and OT were nuts. I have no idea what we just witnessed other than it was insane.

I'm not sure I can recap this game in a way that would do it justice. Dan Boyle's goal was amazing, Joe Pa's was as well. Patty had two goals. Seto gave us the lead in the third. I have no idea how it happened, but the Sharks broke out of bizarro world just long enough to make the game 5-4 Sharks between the second and third. It was the most amazing comeback, until they lost it with 3 seconds left to a goal by Pominville. 5-5. Tie game.

There were chances of both sides in OT, but nothing found it's way behind either net minder and to the shoot out we went. Shootouts are so stressful and it didn't help that we all got the sense that "all this had happened before, and all this would happen again." Just like the SO against the Pens, it went down to the wire. Patty did manage a goal, but the Sabres got two at the end, and that was that. It had happened before and it just happened again. We deflated while Buffalo went nuts.

At least we got a good ride and a point out of it.

I'm starting to think the east is full of Cylons...

So say we all.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sharks V Pens

Today @ 4:30 pm Radio, TV, Interwebs

After yesterday's epic, I'm not even sure where to begin.

We're all looking for Boosh to be in the net tonight for the Sharks. That guy needs a start like nobody's business.

The Pens haven't been doing as well lately, but they are still last season's Eastern Conference champs and they are still dangerous. They have some good weapons on their team. Malkin is insanely good. Crosby is too, MAF is solid in net.

We were at the game when the Pens hit the Tank earlier this year and it was a great game. Playoff atmosphere really early in the season, lots of Pens fans in attendance. I expect it to be equally as energized tonight.

Post Game Recap:

Apparently, the Sharks didn't know where to start either.

Word of the game: Lackadaisical

The Sharks played great in the first, but after that they fell asleep. As Drew Remenda said, they were extremely lackadaisical.

Alright, so I have had dinner and regained some mental fortitude. Let's tackle this beast, shall we?

So as I said above, the Sharks came out roaring. If the game stayed like the first all night, you knew what the outcome would be. The Pens were also firing on all cylinders, and it looked like we could all settle in to what was going to be a great game. Didn't work out like that.

The Pens first goal was a fluke, but those count just as much of solid goals. It went in off Blake (who had a pretty poor night all around, IMO) The goal didn't come until the second period when the Sharks came out looking terrible. Maybe the adrenaline from last night wore off, maybe they had some bad chowder, who knows. Whatever it was the wheels fell off in the second. It was a fairly unremarkable period, aside from the poor play of the Sharks. If I were a Pens fan, I'd have been giddy.

The third continued much the same way as the second, with the Sharks getting up just enough energy to tie thanks to a goal by Joe Pa. But that was about all they had in them. After some chances for both teams in the OT period, it went to the shoot out. Shoot outs have historically not been good for the Sharks in recent years and tonight was no different. It took to the Pen's third shooter, a flu ridden Sid, to get the goal, but he got it and thus ended the Sharks night with a loss.

The Pens deserved the win, they fought harder for it and wanted it more. It was hard to watch the Sharks shrink back into themselves, but that's life as a sports fan.

We'll be back for the next one on Friday.

Just a quick thanks to everyone who sent their regards and well wishes to Mina this week. I know she appreciated the good thoughts. She's still sick, but she was released this afternoon. She'll be recovering at home for the next few days.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sharks V Bruins

Today @ 4pm. Radio, VERSUS, Interwebs

It's here. The game we have been waiting for. I approach this game with a mix of trepidation and excitement. Earlier this season, worry would have been far from my mind, now, the seeds are there, firmly planted by a series of lack luster performances. I know what I fear but I have no idea what to expect. There is only one thing I know for sure...

Tim Thomas is a Cylon.

brought to you by Gray

There's no other way to explain a .932 save percentage. Not to mention his being second in GAA and all those acrobatics he does on the ice. There is no way a mere mortal could preform such feats. He has to be a Cylon.

There's only one man who knows for sure

care of and scifi

And he's not telling.

Post Game Recap:

Cylon powers activate! Wait...wrong show...

Apparently Nabby is a Cylon sleeper agent. Someone send him to season 1 Baltar for testing. Perhaps the Tim Thomas we saw was a different Tim Thomas who isn't yet aware of his Cylon nature.

Lucic scored both goals for Boston in the first. How many other people were thinking he'd get a hat trick? Dude was looking crazy good!

There was waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much hype surrounding Joe Thornton for this game. He was traded in 2005. I thought we'd all gotten over/past this. I see that I was wrong.

That said, I'm not unhappy that the NHL promoted the heck out of this match up due to both teams being on top. It's good to see the Sharks get some attention.

I don't mind Versus as much as some folks, (aside from the watering down of stuff during the first to introduce viewers to teams they might not be familiar with), but I did really miss Randy and Drew. I sat through OLN broadcasts which were rough. I can handle Versus.

So most of the first, if you weren't Boston, was kind of blah. Sharks weren't really clicking, Boston was dictating the play and the pace and while Nabby was making saves there were some scary scary moments. Boston was also very psychical. The Sharks didn't seem prepared for that.

The first wasn't all bad though; Blake got a PP goal (I think a Bruin actually had it go in off his body/stick/skate) and the Bruins took the 2-1 lead into the second.

The second was a mixed bag. It started off shaky, and I think the Sharks had a player in the box for the first 10 minutes of it (Not true, but it FELT like it). After spending an eternity killing penalties (including a 5 on 3) the Sharks started to come together and really fight back against Boston. More chances of both sides but nothing went in for the Sharks and the game remained 2-1 Bruins.

The third was a great period, and not just because the Sharks scored 4 goals. could you imagine if the whole game was played by at that level of intensity? Wow.

In contrast to the first, the Sharks really started to control the game in the third. Boston was still as dangerous and tricky as ever, but (from my P.O.V.) it seemed like the Sharks spent more time in the Bruins zone than theirs. It looked like perhaps the Sharks would put up a good fight but go down 2-1 until
the skies opened up a few minutes in and Patty scored. He was followed shortly by Michalek and Joe. There was a review of Joe's goal, because it went in off his skate, but there was no distinct kick (it was doubtful he even knew where the puck was until after it hit his foot) and the goal was allowed to stay. Right before the end of the third "No Goal Grier" broke his empty net curse and scored. He nearly had a goal earlier in the game, so I was happy he got this one.

Both goalies made some amazing saves. Highlight reel material.

Your three stars are: (3) Marleau, (2) Lucic, (1) Clowe (who had three secondary assists)

Since Mina is in the hospital with an angry pancreas, I'll be doing the word and stat of the game.

Word of the game: Cylon Perseverance
The Sharks looked improved but still somewhat listless in the first. They stuck with it though, and stuck to McLellan's overall plan to rally in the third. They could have easily given up, no one (but Sharks fans) would blame them. They were facing the best team in the league after all. But they stuck it out and played their game. For those looking for heart, it was on display tonight.

Stat of the game: 100%
The Sharks killed every penalty successfully. You had better believe that saved them from giving up a huge lead in the second.

Next game is tomorrow @ 4:30. I'll try to be back for it but I'll be at a job fair during the early afternoon, (frakking economy!), so no guarantees. Since we're down one, this may lead to abbreviated coverage of tomorrow's game. Apologies in advance.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Overheard At The Game, Radio Version

Version, edition, I can't decide.
This exchange occurred during the first period of the radio broadcast of the Sharks v Columbus game this past Saturday.

Something to Pass the Time

Here's a nice video to tide you over between games and comics. (h/t to schtimpy27 over at Fear the Fin)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Overheard At The Game, Carolina Hurricanes Edition

The following events took place outside HP Pavilion sometime between 6:30 and 6:45pm on Thursday, Feb 5th 2009.

Ok, maybe I embellished a little. Mina never wears a watch.

You wanted a post...

I am posting on my iPhone at a party so Gray will stop nagging me about posting. For actual hockey content, you'll have to wait until I have an actual computer.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sharks V Blue Jackets

This afternoon at 4pm. Radio, TV, Interwebs

So Mason has mono, the Sharks have been looking less then spectacular in their past two games and Rick Nash is still really really good. How can you preview a game that sounds crazy before it begins?

I find myself as confused as ever, knowing only that starting the road trip off the "right" way, with a win, is in the best interest of the Sharks. Preferably one in regulation.

Go Sharks.
Post Game Recap:

I'm not really too sure what to think about this game. On the one hand, it was a loss, but on the other hand it's the first time the Sharks have dropped three in a row all season. It's not like they've done this a bunch. The Sharks were down all night but did manage to come back and tie in the end. They lost, but they managed to get a point out of it. It was a sloppy ending to a weird game that gave Columbus the win, but the Sharks nearly had it right after OT started. Nabby didn't look his best and every time they mentioned LaCosta, I kept picturing this:

Yes I know, his name is different.

So as I said, I'm not really sure what to make of this game. I do hope the rest of the road trip goes better. We'll see on Tuesday.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The 1st Ever Bringer of Doom Awards

With my sincere apologies to Mr. Randy Hahn, who I do enjoy listening to every televised game.

A little background before I give out the first ever Couch Tarts Randy Hahn Bringer of Doom Award. Anyone who watches the Sharks on a regular basis is familiar with all the stats and fact that Randy Hahn throws around. Have the Sharks owned a certain team on home ice for x number of years? He'll tell you about it. Could some odd record that would not go in favor of the Sharks were it to be broke be broken tonight? He'll tell you about that too. Has said team NEVER beaten the Sharks ever? He'll mention it.

In past years, this has been a subject of mild discontent for Mina and I, as there were many times when these facts would be mentioned by Hahn, only to have what has never happened before happen, resulting in a Sharks loss. While there has been far less of that this season, we still refer to Mr. Hahn as "Randy Hahn, Bringer of Doom." Despite the brimstone filled overtones, it's a nickname we give out of love. Even if his excitement for the Sharks often spells their doom, we still think Mr. Hahn is one of the best in the biz.

So today, the day after we witnessed the Sharks lose to a good looking Carolina Hurricanes team, I am awarding the first ever of these auspicious trophies to Mina. Last night Mina turned to me in the second, shortly after Alexei Semenov's goal and said the following, "I may be jinxing the game but, if the Sharks win, Semenov will have the game winning goal!" I did try to stop her, but she said it anyway and in doing so, doomed the Sharks in a loss in the shoot out.

So congratulations Mina on being the first ever recipient of this award. The press is waiting to address you in the green room.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sharks v Hurricanes

I didn't believe Mina when she told me their mascot was a pig. But hey, why not?

Tonight @ 7:30pm. Radio, TV, Tank, Interwebs

It's hard to preview teams the Sharks haven't faced since 2005. You read that right, 2005. Ridiculous!

Carolina isn't having a banner year, and it coming to town down their Captain and fresh off a loss to the Canucks. They are also one of the worst teams in the league when it comes to PP and PK, placing 26 and 23 respectfully.

The Sharks are coming in after what basically amounts to a Spring Break in the schedule, and a loss to the Blackhawks. It's also Black Armor night. And, according to our friend Mr. Plank at FTF, Dan Boyle is (hopefully) back. Huzzah huzzah! You don't realize how much he does on the ice until he's missing.

All of that is a way to say, no idea what will happen, but I hope it works out well for the Sharks because we'll be at the game.

Post Game:

Things we are not intimated by: Your husband. When we ask you nicely to lean back, don't whine to him, lean back. We're more than happy to have an usher resolve that situation if you want to go that route.

Also, please random Carolina fan, don't start yelling at people who haven't said anything to you. I realize you're a) drunk, b) kind of a poo or, c) a drunk poo, but let's be reasonable here. Besides, I think the guy at the end of our row could have taken you.

Our section is kind of lame this season.

Onto the game.

It started well, but then it went downhill and we spent most of the third wondering where the hustle went. Maybe the nubs in front of us stole it. Or, perhaps it's stuck in the same weird time warp the Lost island is. Out of phase with reality and flitting about through time in a bright and noisy flash of light. If it gets a nose bleed, we're screwed.

Carolina was shot black city.

The Sharks were turnover city.

There were times when the crowd liked Kerry Fraser. There were other times when they did not.

That's the first game I have ever been to where the crowd got a play reviewed. That was kind of awesome.

Carolina was always in the way and to their credit, they stayed on the Sharks and never gave up.

The Sharks? Well...they kind of gave up sometime in the second.

Anyone see what happened to Douglas Murray. We didn't see him on the bench late in the third and hadn't seen him on the ice in awhile.

Leighton was crazy good. No star?

Semenov got a goal!

Speaking of goals, that penalty shot was a killer.

Michalek was involved in all 3 goals scored by the Sharks and was the only Shark to score during the shoot out. He did really try to win the game by himself. Good hustle, Milan! We appreciate it.

The ice was weird. People were falling left and right all game.

The Geico gecko? Really?

Carolina would not let the Sharks set up in their zone. The Sharks also had a hard time clearing their zone. Never good times.

Mina jinxed the game. You can blame the loss on her.

Goals: Clowe, Semenov, Vlasic (PP)

For Carolina: Cullen on the Penalty Shot, Samsonov, Whitney

Stars: (3) Cullen, (2) Michalek, (1) Babchuk (who?)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bulls*** Alarm

Thanks NBC. We knew the American public at large wasn't worthy enough to see the Sharks, and you proved us right.


Even Battle of New York agrees with us and the Rangers are now playing in that time slot.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Overheard At The Game, Superbowl Version

I have been asked to explain so, here it goes. We were all sitting around watching the game when the commercial below came on. We were sort of amused by it, but sort of not, when all of a sudden our marsupial pal was punched in the face. Our sensitive friend gasped in horror while the rest of us giggled and was very concerned that the koala was real. With each repetition of the punch, she became more put off by the commercial and we all became very amused. The words "seriously, it was holding a cup of coffee and wearing glasses!" were spoken after she expressed her concerns.

It really is one of those "funnier if you were there" moments.

Just in case you didn't watch the Superbowl, this comic is in reference to the commercial below.