Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

You know you watch too much hockey when you have dreams about players. I can't remember who it was, or what the situation was now, but I had a dream where a goalie, maybe Kipur, maybe Broduer, maybe Boosh, was being used, by me, as some sort of odd real life bejewelled player. This particular version involved grabbing golden diamond shaped objects from in between large couch cushions. There was also something involving Boosh making saves while on the bench. (see last night's game against Calgary)

I know I had at least two hockey related dreams last night, and I can't remember the other one. There's just this vague recollection of it happening. I have a feeling it involved Joe Thornton and a field of corn.

I had the wherewithal to be amused by it at the time. Shame I can't remember it now.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sharks V Flames, Earth Moving Under My Feet Edition

Tonight @6:30pm Radio and TV

Is a minor quake on game day significant? Does it signal a groundswell in effort or the great roster shake up that has been the injury list this season? Probably not. Somehow I doubt the local fault lines pay much attention to hockey. They have their own pressures to deal with.

But the Sharks are in for a tough battle tonight. First off, everyone on the team is injured, (or it feels like that anyway) and the Flames play rough. Secondly, the Flames aren't exactly push overs. Our contests with them thus far have been lopsided, to say the least. The Worsharks on the team may not be as familiar with the Flames as some of our vets. They're about to go through one hell of a trial by fire.

Calgary is losing ground in the Northwest and will be looking to stay ahead of the Canucks, who are threatening to overtake the lead.

Let's go over that again. Injured Sharks+rookies+desperate Flames+not the best record against the Flames this year=potential for insanity.

I'd like to remind you all that Couch Tarts stuff is still available! Get it while it's hot!

Post Game Recap:

This game was a good one folks, hope you all tuned in!

Word was Calgary was saying all you have to do to beat the Sharks is beat them up. That worked in years past my northern friends, but not this year. Not with this team. Keep those elbows inside and hang on. It's going to be a bumpy, tight paced ride.

Hard hitting, fast paced, everything you'd expect from a Sharks v Flames game. And the Sharks won! Bonus!

Taking advantage of a lovely 5 on 3, Boyle got a goal, his first in 22 games, on a nice play from Thornton. Hello awesome! First goal of the night, a winner is you!

Or, not.
Calgary scored to tie the game. Ok, a tie game is you.

Cheechoo's goal in the second (and man did he need a goal) a winner is you! Wait...yes, yes in fact, a game winner is you! Congratulations!

Nabby made some killer saves. he stopped one shot from sliding in at the last possible second. It was crazy.

Not to be outdone, Kipru made a ridiculous save on Joe Pa in the third. Highway robbery, thy name is Kiprusoff

Lukowich didn't get a goal,though he got an assist. But because it looked like his goal at first, and we like him, he gets a bonus goal.

As Mina pointed out to me tonight, two years ago the Sharks won 51 games. Tonight, they won their 50th of the season. Makes our complaining seems a little silly (don't worry, we don't plan on stopping any time soon)

The Sharks also now have 111 points. I don't even know how to fathom that, but, there it is.

The 111 points dazed me so much that I forgot the three stars!
(3) Glenncross (waaahh?) (2) Iginla (1) Thornton

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holy Hairpulling Batman!!

Things are getting rough in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference playoff race. Chicago and Vancouver, 1st round foes if the playoffs began today, played their final regular season match-up today and the results were pretty outstanding. (Why is it I've never thought of Vancouver as a rough team and yet they seem to get into huge scuffles with other teams?) Most of the 98 penalty minutes came in a close to full line fight that took place early in the 3rd period.

Dustin Byfuglien: 2 Minutes for Goaltender Interference Roberto Luongo
Ben Eager: 5 Minutes for Fighting Kevin Bieksa
Kevin Bieksa: 5 Minutes for Fighting Ben Eager
Shane O'Brien: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Brent Seabrook
Ben Eager: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Kevin Bieksa
Cam Barker: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Willie Mitchell
Henrik Sedin: 2 Minutes for Holding Duncan Keith
Duncan Keith: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Alexandre Burrows
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)
Adam Burish: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Daniel Sedin
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)
Kevin Bieksa: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Ben Eager
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)

Puck Daddy
does a much better job summing up the fights than I can:
The first two players to dance were Chicago's Ben Eager and the Canucks' Kevin Bieksa, in a fight that featured more undressing than a burlesque show and one very stiff pop to the face by Eager that sent Bieksa to the ice. The linesmen would break it up, but not befire Bieksa left some blood on the Chicago ice after the fight.

Then, Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith and Vancouver's Alex Burrows had a skirmish which saw Keith apply a headlock and Burrows grab a lock of Keith's hair -- refusing to let go even as the two tumbled to the ice. So not only is Burrows one of the NHL's greatest pests, but he evidently learned how to fight by watching "Mean Girls."

Trust me when I say, I've seen hair-pulling girl fights and they are often worse than the boy fights because the girls never let go. I think most Sharks fans will agree that neither of those are teams that we want to face in the first round. If they end up facing each other, it looks to be a hell of a match-up.

Patty Watch

WTC has an update of sorts on Marleau. While I understand the need for privacy regarding injuries in a sport where they can and will be used against players, sometimes I wish they'd just come out and say it. "Yes, I stubbed my toe. My little one. It really, really hurt. I'll be good to go tomorrow."* That way we can all stop speculating that the Sharks will be going into the playoffs with two guys on the bench and a bucket of sticks.

*I just made something up and stubbing you little toe will darn near knock you down if you catch it right. Not trying to say player injuries are insignificant.

***More Updatage***

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sharks V Coyotes. Oh, Will the Worrying Every Stop? Edition

Tonight @ 7:30pm Radio and TV

Once again the Sharks face off against the Coyotes and once again Sharks fans are left wondering what to expect. The 'Yotes always seem to have the Sharks number. Maybe it's the fact that they're a divisional opponent and we see them a lot. Maybe it's the fact that the Sharks get cocky when the play the traditionally low ranking 'Yotes. If this game was being played in Glendale, I'd say it might be the dry desert air or the copious amounts of golf. Whatever it is, the Sharks need to find a way to immunize themselves against it. That's for sure.

Ok Couch Tarts fans, here's the news you've been waiting for. We have a little experiment going on right now. Starting today, you, yes you, can own your very own little piece of Couch Tarts. The items we're offering are shown below.

Aren't they wonderful?

Now, here's the catch. What you see in this image is all there is. As I said, it's an experiment. If there's a high demand, will make more, but if these don't move, this is the first and probably last such offer you'll see for awhile. All these fantastic items were made with Gray's art by another fabulous seller on Etsy. She the shipped these items to Gray, who is now ready and waiting to ship them to you. Yes you! As a special offer for local fans only, I will refund your shipping if you will be at any of the following games and wish to pick up the item in person: April 4th, April 7th, April 9th.
There's a spot to leave a message for sellers when you buy. Just let me know and I'll refund your shipping charges. You must be able to meet before or after the game for in person delivery.

Post Game Recap:

If you just watched the first you probably figured the rest of the game was a snooze fest. I decided to do some work starting in the 2nd because of the 1st. Bad decision. The 2nd was rolling and it didn't stop.

Anyone get word on the linesman who was hit 9 seconds into the 1st? Is he alright? he skated off, but he was down for awhile. sjsharks.com to the rescue. He's alright and came back part way through the first. That was a nasty shot he took to the back of the head. Good to hear he's alright.

Patty went out after 3 shifts in the second. No word on why or what was hurt. When asked, Coach McLellan answered the "upper or lower body" question with absolute silence. That's rather terrifying. He did say he thinks he's day-to-day for now, but who knows.

Wacky night for scoring. First Joe Pa rings on off the post. It was about half a millimeter away from in. Then Kurt Sauer decides 109 games was enough time between goals and gets one past Nabby. Everyone goes pout city. Then, miraculously, Jody Shelley, yes the Jody Shelley, gets one past Bryzgalov to tie the game.

Whoo, Cavanagh gets his first NHL goal! Go kid (even if you are 27. Still a rookie) Whoo! Sharks up 2-1.

That lasted until Lukowich accidentally put one in his own net trying to keep it out. It happens. Game tied 2-2.

Lots of questions about Patty midway through the second. He only played 3 shifts, then disappeared. No word then, little word now.

Joe Pa scored the game winner on a PP in the third. Dude has been on fire lately.

Moen and Winnick went in the second. Moen won, though it was kind of a weak fight.

Sharks set a franchise record for points tonight, with 109. woot!

Lots of talk about the President's Trophy. Not sure which aggravates McLellan more, injury questions or questions about beating Detroit.

Have you bought your Couch Tarts merch yet? If not, scroll up to the link and get to it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Keep Your Eyeballs Peeled

We've got a small run of some cool stuff coming in tomorrow's game day post. We think you'll dig it. So be sure to check in tomorrow and see what's up. It will be a nice counter point to our natural HWFO overt facing the Coyotes. It doesn't matter where they are in the standings, they're always annoyingly difficult to play.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sharks V Preds, Final Regular Season Edition

Today @5pm, Radio & TV. Yay for games on CSNBA

I have been sitting here trying to come up with some witty analysis for this game, but I can't. Today is unfortunately one of those days where I can't breath (curse you pollen infested air) so I can't really think. So I will just leave you with this: Sharks need to win. Go Sharks!

Post Game Recap:


It was looking good leading into the second. Sharks were up 2-0 and you could sense more goals coming. The smell of puck hitting netting was in the air. Sadly, it turns out those ghostly scents were coming from behind Nabokov, and not in the comically hilarious yet socially awkward sort of way. The Preds ended up scoring three unanswered goals to win 3-2 in regulation. Whatever the Sharks put on their Wheaties wore off between the first and second.

I ended up trying to cook during parts of the second and most of the third, so I could just hear the play-by-play. I didn't see a lot of it. I had a working theory that since I was cooking during the third last game, and they came back to tie, that might work tonight too. The Sharks much hate chicken donburi.

Douglas Murray nearly booched it big time, but didn't. Which was a plus.

The Preds wanted it more and played for it harder. The Sharks, I don't know where they're heads are but it won't be much of a race for the Pres. trophy is they don't start winning. (as a personal aside, I really don't care about the Pres. Trophy, but it's a nice goal to have. I care about how they do in the playoffs, regardless of home ice advantage. Advantages only matter if you can keep them.)

Anyway, while I am disappointed, I'm not mad. It is what it is and that's all there is too it. Besides, 107 points ain't too shabby. Here's looking to Saturday's game against the....oh, seriously? It's the Coyotes? Maybe I'll go out Saturday night...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sharks V Chicago

Tonight @ 5:30pm. CSN+ (Warriors are coming out to play, apparently), Radio

Blake could be back. JR could be back. Patty stayed home to help welcome his second child into the world (no word on that yet as of 7:42am on game day)

Ah, Chicago. A stalwart opponent. That first game against them was a high scoring affair that lead to a Sharks win. The second game saw the Sharks win in a more tightly contested bout. The third game saw the Sharks fall and if I remember correctly, play rather miserably. A likely playoff opponent, should the Sharks have the good fortune to move past round one, it's imperative that they Sharks win this game and send a late season message to each of the teams that stand a chance of facing. Also, winning helps us stay in the race with the Wings for the President's trophy. I hear that's kind of important.

1pm edit:

Marleau's second kid arrived today. They named him Brody. That's one of those names that assumes certain characteristics in my head, but I suspect our good Cap'n can steer his kids straight. Congrats to him and his family.

No Blake tonight. A FTFer in the comments at WTC asked after him and he apparently didn't make the flight.

WTC low down on this plus more, here.

Post Game recap:

I don't know if I have ever been this happy. to see the Sharks get a point. First period was puke. Second I listened to while making dinner and it sounded better. I think it ended 4-3 Chicago, which was a miracle after the craptaster (patent pending) that was the first.The third was up and down. The down being when the Hawks went up 5-3, and the up being when San Jose came back out of nowhere to tie that game with 2 minutes or so left. Jumbo comes through big time.

Ot was what it was. Lots of back and forth, couple good chance at each end, but that's about it.

Shootout was meh for the Sharks (Joe Pa nearly got on it but ohhhh,off the crossbar! Man) and killer for Chicago, but the point is what matters most. Stay tied with Detroit, and live to fight another day. Hopefully one that includes a better start to the first. This whole giving up an early goal in the first thing is wearing thin.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Overheard at the Game. Kings version

This one comes to us care of some pals over at Fear the Fin. They overheard this comment at the end of the game and were quite impressed by their section mate's math skills, just not in a good way.

Apologies for the last two being kinda sloppy. I was pretty far behind on these so I did them pretty quickly and it shows.

(Size issues fixed. Sorry about the problems, folks.)

Sharks Announce Playoff Ticket Prices. My Wallet Cries

Holy eff. Can you believe the playoffs are nearly here? Where did the season go!?

For those of us who sit in the realm of commoners the R1 prices aren't too bad. I don't recall what the prices were last year (I have my ticket stubs, I could look but I'm not that motivated) but I don't think the price is substantially higher. A few bucks for sure, but not double digits. (correct me if I'm wrong) Some of these seats are cheaper than regular season tickets in the pricier arenas. I believe Mina told me nosebleeds seats for the Kings were $30. For four dollars more you can have a Sharks playoff ticket!

How does anyone afford a seat on the glass when the starting (R1) price is 228?! And people wonder why the upper bowl gets mad when the lower bowl gets the free jersey...

You can find the full list of prices and info here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sharks V Avs, Windy Silicon City Edition

Today at 5pm. Radio, TV, Tank. Assuming we don't all end up in OZ

The Avs picked a blustery day to roll in to town. If you see a witch riding her bike through a tornado, try not to look surprised. Wind won't affect the conditions inside the Tank however, as long as neither players nor fans get blown away on their way into the Tank. It's a distinct possibility. You could probably pull a Mary Poppins today if you were so inclined, but you might end up missing the game.

The Avs roll in mere hours after the Sharks blew (haha) Dallas out of the water with a 5-2 victory. The Avs are currently the worst team in the West with 64 points to their name. However, if the 'Yotes game taught us anything it's that facing a team with low standings don't necessarily mean an easy win. The Sharks will need to carry the momentum (and play) from last night's game over to make sure they stay on top and ahead of the Avs. They might not be playing for a playoff spot, but they will be playing for pride and a contract next year. Desperation comes in many forms. The Sharks will need to be on their toes on all game. Pedal to the metal, Sharks. Pedal to the metal.

Both Blake and Goc are expected to be out today.

Post Game Recap:

The first was...interesting. That 5 minute penalty and a game misconduct on Cheechoo was a little much. The hit definitely warranted a boarding call, no argument there, but 2-4 minutes seemed like all he'd get. As Drew and many others pointed out, injury often decides the penalty. And while the Avs player in question didn't return to the ice, I still don't think it was worth a misconduct. There was no obvious intent to injury by Cheechoo and the player who got his saw him coming and then chose to put himself in a terrible position. I'm not saying it's that guy's fault, I'm just saying I think the call was overkill. Especially when one keeps in mind that similar hits have been given lesser or no penalty at all. Consistency is apparently not the NHL's strong point.

Jaime Baker might have been right when he said one could spend half an hour if not more on this subject. But we're here to entertain, so we'll move on.

McGinn, who I have really fallen in like with got the Sharks first goal of the game, with some help from...Semenov! What? Yes!

Semenov was all over the place tonight, playing like a man determined. His assist on Michalek's goal was slick. Such a beautiful play. Such a beautiful goal. *Joy*

Seto finished off the Avs with an empty netter at the end of the third. Never mind that insurance goal if you can get it. It was 2-1 at the time and the Avs were threatening something crazy in the Sharks end. In fact, after a decently slow first full of Sharks PK, the Avs got some decent chances and looked quite deadly at times. They may be out of the playoffs, but they're not going to just sit back. It was nice to see that even with injuries and penalties taking a lot of guys out of the game, the Sharks were still able to play reasonably well. Was it the best game ever? No way, but they got the job done AND did it in regulation.

Nabby made some killer saves. he really kept the Sharks in the game when they were playing with a little less passion than they should have been.

Anyone catch the shaving cream pie in the face Roenick gave Semenov as he was doing a post game on ice interview? Hilarious!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharks V Stars, the Matinee Edition

Today at 1pm. Radio, TV, Tank

Is this really the last time we have to see the Stars in the regular season? Whoo to that.This day couldn't get here soon enough.

I'd really like to see the Sharks win a game in regulation. None of this overtime or shoot out nonsense. I mean, yes, I'll take the two point any way we can get them BUT, I'd really prefer that we get them in regulation. I guess I really can't be picky, but I can whine about it.

Dallas is 3 points back of the 8th spot. Expect them to come in and play with passion. Well, as much passion as the Stars can muster. My hope is the Sharks feel the urgency the Stars will be coming in with and respond well. They have some urgency of their own, namely trying to overtake Detroit in the standings. One game in hand fellas, you really really need to win it.

Games against the Stars are sometimes Nabby v Turco games, sometimes Sharks v Stars and sometimes Sharks v themselves. Which will we have today? The good, the bad, or the ugly? Tune in and find out.

Post Game Recap:

Whoo. A win. In regulation. And by more than 1 goal! Can you believe it?!

Aside from the first 10 or so minutes of the first when the Sharks were being outworked, they looked really good this game. Not quite playoff level, but much improved. Patty even got an empty netter at the very end. Anyone who'd been watching the Sharks this season knows those have been a problem for us.

The second line was hoping. It was great to see them playing so well. Joe and Patty chimed in with goals and Cheechoo came pretty close several times. He's starting to look like the old Cheech, the one we used to know. (and I know people find them annoying but I still love hearing the random Cheechoo train whistle at games. Maybe not right behind or next to me, but, a few sections over is fine by me) The Sharks also beat the Stars 5 times out of 6 this season for the first time ever. Guess we're all still a little miffed about last year's second round exit at the hands of the Stars because that feels good.

Not everything was good tonight though. Despite the elation over the win, there was sadness and concern about the injuries to Goc and Blake on the Sharks and Richards for the Stars. He broke his left hand, right after recovering from a broken right wrist. That's terrible. Goc got hurt on a nasty, but unintentional, knee to knee hit. Not sure when or how Blake got injured but he's day-to-day. We might be without Goc a bit longer but it seems like he'll be alright after some rest.

See you all tomorrow at 5 when the Sharks take on the Avs. Back to back at home, jack. Be there. Or at least be near a tv.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sharks V Preds Post Game Edition

Last night's game was better. I'm not entirely inclined to go along with Jaime Baker's sentiment that it was good, even if he is more qualified than I to make such statements. (OK, he's MUCH more qualified, but rationality isn't part of the fan experience.) There were a few moments in the second and third where I was seriously tempted to lie down and take a nap. Some of this is due in part to my being a tad under the weather and some of it is due to the fact that after the first this game became rather boring. I don't expect 60 minutes of amazing every night but I was hoping the jump and energy we saw from both teams in the first would continue.

Now it wasn't all snore inducing city. The fight in the second was one of the biggest, if not the biggest highlight of the game. There were some comments about Staubitz using hockey as a way to get into MMA. Or boxing. No joke.

There were several moments throughout the game and the OT period when I was pretty sure a Preds goal was going in behind Nabby. Some many plays where you could see it happening but miraculously it didn't. Nabby was on his game last night, despite a few moments where he looked a tad unsteady.

Pekka Rinne was crazy good. I mean crazy good. I really want to make his name into one big word. It feels like you have to call him "PekkaRinne" every time, not just "Pekka" or "Rinne." He just has one of those names that needs to be said as the full set.

What about that goal by Michalek? Pound it towards the net long enough and eventually it will go in, eh Milan? So happy he did that.

Blake's shot was so fast I don't think anyone saw it coming. They just heard it pass the by.

The shorty was ugly. It's not entirely Joe Pa's fault, as the puck took a weird bounce, but ugh.

The other Preds goal pin balled it's way off of 40 guys and in. Madness. How do you even score that? I guess you look for who it hit last?

Overtime was a 5 minute blur of stress and sadness over PekkaRinne's ability to do his job and do it well.

Shootout. Because making me sit through a 7 round one at the Tank last Saturday wasn't enough! It went a little like this: Happy, sad, sad, happy, omg, YAY! Not stressful at all...no.....yeesh!

As with many of you, I assume, I was getting a little giggle out of the feigned incredulity over the numerous questions and discussions about yesterday's (now two days ago) 90 minute meeting.I also enjoyed watching Patty artfully dodge Kate's questions about it, while seeming to give a response. That's your Captain folks. Guy know how to spin it. Drew was quite convinced that one doesn't call a 90 minute meeting with everyone in the hockey department (sans press), all the players and coaches, and the GM unless it's somewhat important. I'm fine with it being none of our business but they needed a better plan then "it was nothing."

Next game is a matinee on Sat at 1pm. Rare for us out here on the West Coast. Try to be up by game time, everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sharks V Preds, The "What Meeting?" Edition

Tonight @ 7:30 Radio, TV, Tank. Black Armor night tonight.

It's amazing that in this day and age a NHL locker room is still the best place to keep secrets. As was reported by the Sharks website and Working the Corners yesterday, the Sharks scrapped practice in order to have a meeting. What was said, what went on, we don't know. To be honest it's not really our business to know, but we all have this strange desire to be a fly on that wall. Voyeuristic intentions and all that.

Anyway, the hope is that whatever was said will transform itself into a vastly improved performance from the Sharks tonight.There is precedent for this, oddly enough coming after another past disaster in Phoenix.

The Preds themselves are a known enemy. They're frustrating in much the same way that many teams are. They play physical, often get away with some dirty stuff and their goalies all have the power to transform into some god-like force that stops pucks with laser beam eyes.Their goalies win them games. It's ridiculous, but whatever transformitive power gets bestowed upon them by the simple act of being in San Jose, rears its ugly head at the far end of the ice several times a season. This year, at least, San Jose hits back. Fights back too. And, after a meeting like the one they just had, I suspect the Sharks will be in a head pounding mood.

The Preds likely aren't as desperate as the Coyotes, having secured (so far) the 7th spot. In fact, were the playoffs to start today, we'd face them in round one. However, they're going to be hungry to show their long time enemy who's boss. Don't expect this to be an easy game. It's too late in the season for that. Every game left is an all out war. Last team standing wins.

In other news, allow me to apologize for not getting the two Overheard at the Games up on time. I've been a tad under the weather lately and while it's nothing serious, it has seriously affected my ability to focus and my energy level, making it hard to get things done. Anyway, I hope to have those up for you soon, preferably before the next game I attend.

New topper up!

Update: Poop on a stick. Clowe's injured.

Also, this. The Todd is not a happy man. The lines, they are a'changing.

Post Game Recap will come tomorrow. Yours truly needs some serious sleep. Anyway, until then, gaze upon the brutality that was Staubitz V Tootoo.

Post Game Up. Linkage to above.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

That Game was Terrible

Even now thinking about trying to recap it verbally exhausts me. I figured a night's sleep would give some perspective, and it did, but not enough to want to attempt to tackle such a beastly game. I will once again post my reaction from last night, in case you missed it.

I had this thought part way through the game, and it stuck with me. While I know the Sharks aren't trying to tank, the idea of putting an amusing and absurd reasoning behind their recent slump was one that appealed to me.

It's not all bad. The Sharks did clinch the Pacific, which is nice. Now, however, we're at the point in the season when one's mind starts to wander and consider post season match ups. I'm not happy be second in the West. Not right now.I'd much rather the Sharks get their stuff together and pass Detroit, but that's an uphill battle. Everyone keeps mentioning games in hand, but, as I am fond of saying, those only matter if you win them.

Jaime Baker thinks maybe, just maybe, based of the majority of third period play last night, the Sharks will finally start to play desperate. That's what they've been needing to do for awhile now. Play with desperation. I know they're frustrated, but frustration doesn't win you games. Unless you can focus your energy into something useful, it will just mess you up.

Even our ever steady leader "the Todd" wasn't mincing words last night.

"There isn't a guy in there who should be proud of their first 20 minutes," Sharks coach Todd McLellan said.

"He[Nabokov] wasn't ready to play, either," McLellan said of his goalie.

Ouch, but true. Sorry to say.

It's rare to hear him be so frank about Nabby. Not to say he dances around the obvious, he doesn't, but he usually can find a positive way to spin a bad game. Not this one. This one was just BAD. Good for him calling it as it is. (This is not to say McLellan doesn't admit when their are problems. He does. He's honest, but not insulting. This tone was decidedly darker than normal for him, but I can't blame him for it. Plus, these are obviously the juicy quotes. I'd like to see his post game interview if anyone has it.)

The Sharks have a chance to make good on a terrible performance by showing us what they can do, what we know they can do, Thursday night against the Preds.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Game Day! Sharks V Coyotes

Tonight at 7pm, Radio, CSN+, and likely Stanley's for those looking to responsibily get your drink on

Our ire for Phoenix is well documented. It doesn't matter that the 'Yotes have fallen in spectacular fashion out of the playoff race or that they currently sit at the bottom of the Western Conference, we'll still be biting our nails during this game. The Coyotes always seem to give the Sharks trouble. People may wonder why I insist on believing that every team is dangerous, but it's because every team IS. Standings are nice on paper but it doesn't mean a slumping team won't have a good night here and there. The Sharks have been letting folks crawl back into the game and that has bit them in the butt more than a few times since the All-Star Break.

Both teams have been goal challenged of late with the 'Yotes managing only 18 shots total on Sat. The Sharks have been doing better shot count wise, but not goal count wise. That puck just won't go in the net! Talk about offensively challenged!

This is a must win for the Sharks who currently trail Detroit by one point for the lead in the West. The Red Wings play tonight as well. He's hoping Philly can take them down a notch and allow the Sharks to move back up a peg or three.

Post Game Reaction:

I have no words for you. Only an image.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Really Corey Perry, Really?

In the locker room, the accusations fly.

First things first, we need some video of this. I do recall this particular part of the game last night, but upon viewing the replay then, I was distracted by what looked like a fairly blatant cross check to the back of Nabby's legs. I think even Randy and Drew notice. To be fair to Mr. Perry, I will buy that Nabby's efforts to get up and get the heck out of there may have caused some wild failing of limbs that inadvertently connected with his person. But an outright kick I'm a little dubious about. That's not Nabby's style.

We'll see what comes of this, if anything.

Our favorite radio play by play man chimes in.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sharks V Ducks. The "Please Not Another Shoot Out" Edition

Tonight at 5pm (huh?) Radio, TV, Stanley's, Pond/Bandwagon Center

Last night's 7 round shoot out was epic, especially if, like us, you were there for it. You can't change channels at the Tank and you can't hide behind the couch until it's over. All you can do is watch with bated breath and hope Nabby is solid. He was. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. The general consensus last night was shootouts are exciting and fun to watch UNLESS your team is in one. It's the best summary of the post tie era I've heard that hasn't devovled into an argument over which system is/was better.

As exciting/thrilling/scary/terrifying as it was to watch that shoot out last night, it wore me out. The idea of watching a shoot out like that again is exhausting in of itself. Let's hope the Sharks get their 2 points in regulation tonight.

The scoring drought continues, though play was much improved last night. The Sharks we saw in the first actually looked like the Sharks we're all pretty sure they are, though not quite the Sharks they could be. It didn't hold up, but even the other two periods were better than they've been in games past.

We really need to offense to step it up tonight against a rather desperate Ducks team. They sit in the 11th spot, and will be hungrier for those two points. The Sharks may need them more (assuming Detroit loses) so they can regain the lead in the West, (which would be a good idea, Sharks. Did you see if the playoffs started today we'd face the Stars? Just saying). A powerplay that's better than 0 for 8 would be a plus as well.

I'm not at all sure hoe Huskins and Moen will be recievecd. At least Huskins can't get booed during the game, as he's still our with an injury. Moen was traded, but that's never stopped anyone from booing before.

Let's show these Ducks who's boss, Sharks!

Post Game Recap:

More like a weecap tonight. Your ever reliable recapper is feeling a bit run down. So I'm just going to mention the three big things from tonight.

Moen got the one and only goal against his old team in the second. Solid.

Nabby got the shut out. Booyah.

Sharks clinched a playoff spot. Word.

On a fourth, smaller note, the Sharks are the second team to hit 100 this season. Both teams managed that feat today, with Detroit just one point ahead of the Sharks for the lead in the West and the overall lead. Boston is one point behind the Sharks overall with 99. The Sharks hit 100 in fewer games that Detroit, for those keeping score at home.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sharks and Kings. This Game Will Go Better, Right?

Tonight @ 7pm Radio, TV, Tank. Tank, thank gods for that

Ok, so maybe the beat up Shark is overkill for this meeting, but we do still have a few guys out with bumps and bruises and mystery injuries (syphilitic lung* for 1000, Alex?) so we're not totally playing at 100% here.

Nabby will be back in net tonight. I feel a bit bad for Boosh. The guy is a solid backup, but he didn't have a lot of help in front of him these past few (7) games and it made him look a lot worse. My hope is that the guys step it up for Nabby's return. We'll see.

My feelings of premature glee at this match up are tempered by humanity's unique ability to see patterns were none exist. I have a pretty decent track record when it comes to game. Games I attend are more often than not wins. However, in my past two ventures to the Tank, I have witnessed two rather crushing defeats. Tonight I shall once again boldly venture forth to the lands of teal. I'm slightly concerned that my presence will precipitate a loss. As I said, patterns where there are none. And, to be quite honest, the Sharks haven't exactly been tearing up the ice lately.

No one ever said sports fans needed to be rational.

Factor in that the Kings are no longer the laughing stock of the league (that would by the Islanders) and you have to potential for a gut churning evening. To risk giving myself the "Randy Hahn, Bringer of Doom" award that Sharks are 15-4-1 against the Kings at home since 2002. So, there is some hope, if not light at the end of a dark late season tunnel.

And hey, if it all goes bad, I recently unearthed my copy of "A Link to the Past" for the GBA. That will give me something else to curse at other than the game as I once again fail to make it out of the same stinking dungeon for the 50th time. If you hear a loud obscenity and see the glint of a gold DS while at the game tonight, that will be me, alerting the blue coats to my electronically induced tribulations.

*I just put that in there so I could use the word "syphilitic" I have no idea what's wrong with anyone, other than the obvious injuries to Mitchell and Roenick.

Post-game Recap

Gray is off hangin' with the FTF kids so you're stuck with me for a recap. BWAHAHAHAHHA!!!1!

The pre-game meal at Amici's was awesome. The food was good and the company was much better. Mr. K is crazier than I thought (I have no desire ever to teach the lil' ones. Lurker Shark and his friend (whose posting name I never caught) seem very smart, but are A's fans which makes me question that intelligence, or at the very least their sanity. Ang6666 and her cousin may have thought I was insane (it happens a lot, trust me) but were sweet enough to give me their free mistake pizza when I underestimated my hunger. All in all, an enjoyable dinner was had but at least me.

The game was equal parts excitement and frustration. The Sharks had a lot of chances and a lot of near misses, which seems to be a common theme of the last few games. Ersberg had an awesome game and probably deserved a star. My favorite thing about him was the way he'd lean back against his goal with his arms out when the play wasn't in his end. It seemed to be a very pimp thing to do. The Sharks are really going to need to do something to get them out of their scoring slump. 1 goal in regulation is not going to be sufficient for the playoffs. Not by a long shot.

The shootout almost made me piddle. I kept picturing what Rudy Kelly would write as his post the next day for every Kings player who took a shot during the shootout (The "best" one was simply a picture of a squirrel). I never realized how nervous the Kings players can make me. It was very nice to see Cheechoo get the shootout winner. That boy needs a nice points streak to get him starting the playoffs right.

Sean O'Donnell got a nice pop from the crowd for his 1,000 NHL game. Congrats Sean.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Joslin and Greiss sent down

Extra, extra, read all about it!

In case You Missed it, the Plihal Edition

For those of you who were planning to head down to the Tank this afternoon for a meet, greet and sign stuff with Plihal, it has been cancelled. The Sharks issued this release mid-game yesterday, posting what might possibly be one of the shortest articles of all time. We're assuming it's because he was injured in a freak practice accident yesterday and they don't want folks to pester him about it. Get better soon, Tomas!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sharks V Blues, Epic.

Tonight @ 5:30pm Jake and Elwood take to ice in a class of titans. Or, you know, a hockey game. It will be one of the two.

Will we have Nabby tonight? No idea. What I do know is that this game is on CSN+, which means I can't watch it on the TV and it's not on Yahoo! Bummer. Basketball and hockey seasons shouldn't clash. In my dream world, all Sharks games would be on a channel I can watch with regularity. Though in my dream world I could probably afford digital cable thus negating the need to show all games on CSNBA. Man, even my dreams dash my dreams. Brutal!

Anyway, this one should be epic folks. The last three games against the Blue this season have been back and forth affairs, two of which featured the same 5-4 decision in favor of the Sharks and the latest of which saw the Sharks go down in a shootout 3-2.

Legace is a beast. We mean that in the best possible way.

Turn on (your TV), tune in (to this game), drop out (of your social engagements).

Speaking of dropping an "Overheard at the Game" should be coming your way soon. I want to do one for the Canucks game we witnessed at Stanley's this past Saturday, but I can't recall any of the quotes I thought were worth using. If you were there, and you have a few, toss them our way. Much obliged.

How to recap this game?

I don't even know.

We've covered all the Sharks current problems. We'd just be repeating ourselves if we tried to note what was wrong and right with this game. Very little was right, by the way, though the first wasn't bad.

We're not down and out, but as fans we are confused. Is our team becoming last season's Sens, or is this just the storm of adversity before the calm of success? Whatever it is, we'll be here, watching and cheering and continuing to hope for the best while complaining about the worst. we're Sharks fans after all. Where would we be without our penchant for over reaction?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Case You Missed It

Randy Hahn goes nuts over Michalek's goal.

Ehrhoff shoots, scores, wins game!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sharks V Wild, Didn't We Just Do This?

Battered, but not broken, the Sharks face off against the Wild
tonight at 5pm
Radio, CSN-BA, Stanley's

A do over of last Thursday perhaps? A day that saw the glorious real life meeting of some Fins, but the sad loss of the Sharks after going up 3-0 early on. Excitement tempered by sadness, faith tested by desire, stomachs tested by poor play after 1.5 periods. Luckily we had the intestinal fortitude to withstand last Thursday's disappointment. Hopefully our digestive tracks won't be tested tonight. We're still trying to digest Saturday's sad performance. It sits like a rock in our collective viscera.

Rest assured, my fellow Sharks fans, that we aren't the only ones. The team has had to chew on that loss since late Saturday night, and judging by the looks on some of the players facings both during and after the game, they are none too happy. They, like us, know they are capable of much better. The turn around starts now, mentally, even if it chooses not to manifest itself in physical form tonight.

The Wild need to be shown who's boss, and we know the best set of fish to do it in the great NHL sea are our Sharks. Let's toss a little extra chum in the waters to stir things up and set'um straight tonight boys!\

Post Game Recap:

Up 3-0, then 3-1, than its 3-2, the 4-2, then 4-3, then 4-4. It went to OT. Sound familiar?

Milan's goal was madness. So amazing.

Of course Nolan gets goals 400 and 401 against the Sharks. The Sharks like to give people records. Congrats man, but did you have to do that against your old team? Just saying...

Moen got his first goal as a Shark and what a beauty it was.

Again, goals go behind Boosh because the people in front of him aren't doing their jobs. Or, in the case of a certain game winning goal scorer, were a tad slow.

The Sharks owned the first and then spent the rest of the game chasing with bursts of own. That's getting really annoying. 60 minutes, foot on gas. 'Nuff said.

When this went to OT, every Sharks fan let out a groan of "NOT AGAIN!"

Randy Hahn nearly pooped his pants on Milan's amazing goal. Do find a replay, watch, and enjoy.

The Prophet Hahn also correctly surmised that many Sharks fans would have committed themselves if the Sharks had lost this one. So true.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is It Time for HWFO Yet? ( A Rambling Rant)

My thanks to the players and folks at YoHoHo! Puzzle Pirates

Is it time to panic yet? Obviously, we're all experiencing some collective disappointment over the Sharks recent lack of performance. Lots of us are starting to toss the Sharks under the post season bus. Maybe we have good reason for that; we're a pessimistic lot after all. That Sharks haven't found their way to the big show yet, and everyone forgets that they actually advanced to the conference finals the year before the lock out. (everyone but Sharks and Flames fans, that is) They aren't just a perennial second round swan song. Occasionally they get further, or don't get there at all. Wonder of all wonders, they're just like any other team. But we fans, we fans are a different breed.

Sensitive, perhaps overly so, to criticism of our Sharkies. All we want if for them to win every game of the season and to blow through the playoffs to silence the detractors. We even occasionally indulge in thoughts that this would silence critics. (It won't) It's easy to pick on a California based team thanks to that unusual/small/sunny market stigma. And we get upset when the Sharks don't preform to our expectations, because man, they are HIGH.

So are we more disappointed in their play or the perception of it by outsiders?

I, for one, I'm pretty darn displeased with their play of late, but I have a way of trying to keep it in perspective. First, why give a frak about what those outside the market say? Fans know their team best, so let's just focus on our own tribulations. Understand some folks won't like the Sharks anyway based on location and let it go. Understand we're an easy fan base to target, and get over it.



What we need to do is put this all in perspective. Anyone remember last year? Last year was OUR YEAR, or so we were told repeatedly by RW and the players. Remember our record last year? Remember how the season started? Don't want to think about it? It wasn't always pretty. 49-23-10. Those were out numbers for all of last season. That includes last season's epic March run. Last season didn't exactly start with a bang either. Last year was THE year and the Sharks still lost a bunch in the regular season. Welcome to the joys of fandom, ladies and gentlemen. Your team will lose.

Now, this is not to say that the Shark haven't regressed of late. They have, and that's mighty troubling. Do the Sharks still lack "heart" or do they simply lack motivation? Are they coasting because they lack the will to compete, or because they don't think they need to work for anything at this point. Who's lacking motivation in the locker room? Why aren't they channelling their anger in a more powerful way? I don't know. The calls have been going against us lately, play has been off, passes have been horrid, awareness is out the window. We don't have static Joe in the corner, but we have a lot of guys who seem to forget they need to cover people in their own zones. We have players from the other team going behind our net to get the puck. Something is terribly off. But is this just par for the course? Is this just the sort of slump all teams hit at some point in the season? If so, isn't it better to get it out of the way now, rather than have it hit during the playoffs?

Some have suggested the keys to this mystery are the injuries of JR and Grier. These guys are glue, and right now, they're stuck to the sidelines. I would think you'd play harder for the guys who aren't there but it hasn't been that way lately. Frustration is visible in the faces of Boyle and Clowe and Joe Pa. These guys hustle. No one else is. Seto is overly fancy all of a sudden, Joe is dead in the water. Patty's working, but he's not getting good chances. So what is it? What's wrong? Are the Sharks just showing their humanity, are our expectations too high, or is it truly time to panic?

The fact of the matter is, I don't know. I have no idea if this is the sign of the end of days or if we're all jumping the shark a bit here. (forgive the unintentional pun) Whatever it is, I'm going to do my best to enjoy the rest of the ride, but I won't claim to not be a bit disappointed if it continues down its current path.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sharks V Canucks, Point Break

Fin. Still terrifying.
Tonight @ 7pm. Radio, CSN+ (followed by CSNBA after the basketball game), Stanley's

After the run of disappointing games, Sharks fans are left scratching their collective heads. Bruins fans are probably doing the same thing. What is going on? We don't know. There's no need to make excuses though, it is what it is. The only people who can change things are the players. To quote my favorite live action interpretation of a 90s movie "Are we going to jump, or jerk off?"

So there it is, Sharks. Are you going to step up to the immortal words of Johnny Utah, or are you going to stay in that plane, and forever wonder what could have been?

Post Game Recap:

Apparently the Sharks decided to stay in the plane tonight. Maybe they couldn't settle on which parachute to use.

I don't know what to critique because so much went wrong. Nothing was working nothing was connecting, nothing was happening. So many times I'd see the Canucks speed back to get the puck behind Boosh. Where were the Sharks? Leisurely skating up the ice, no real urgency. Joe gets a breakaway and STOPS to wait for everyone else to enter the zone. I understanding wanting some help if you get a rebound, but Joe, seriously TAKE THE SHOT. You had it. Not saying it would have gone in, but that non move set all of Stanley's into a frenzy of frustration.

There was a lack of going to the net. There was a huge lack of shots. I don't really know what's going on other than the Sharks seems to be spending way too much time in their own zone and chasing the puck.

Blake got hurt. Not good.

Boyle looked pissed. It's good to see the emotion, but he can't be the only one showing it. Murray had a good game. Credit where credit is due.

Seto man, I like you but you need to be a little less fancy. That was one fancy deke too many my friend.

The Sharks seem to have reverted to their old, tired, bad, habits. Now, it's up to them to get past it. The Todd has given them the knowledge and they have the ability, they just need to remember that.

I won't even touch on the penalties.

I don't know what you need put in your water, Sharks, but you better start adding it in massive quantities. Tonight was a GREAT chance to move ahead of Detroit, Thursday was too. You blew both chances. Games in hand only matter when you win them.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Post Game Recap, Sharks v Wild



Foot on gas

If you're the Sharks, this is where your foot needs to be at all times. Cruise control is not an option. Where did you're foot go last night in the second? Off the gas. What did you switch on? Cruise control. A 3 goal lead in the second does not a won game make. You have to keep the other team out of it for the remaining 30 minutes. You didn't and and Wild were smart enough to capitalize. 2 goals in a minute. Ugh.

And then, there was this:

My cat probably could have stopped that goal.

Note: not my actual cat

It's not Vesa Toskala bad

But it is Tim Thomas bad.

I don't know what else to say about this game. The first and half the second were great. Meeting up with some FTF folks was great. The people around us, for the first time this season, were great. The overall experience was still fun thanks to these factors, but the outcome of the game was decidedly disappointing.

**weird. My first gas pump picture went byebye. Hence the incongruity between the pictures.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sharks V Wild

Tonight @ 7:30 Radio, TV, Tank

Ah Wild, what is it about you that makes me dread watching you? I suppose it's that despite being a pretty decent team, you're boring. So very very boring. This year, you've struggled. Fewest goals scored in the West. Make the Sharks offensive problems look like a cake walk. You currently sit in 11th place, but you're not totally our of the mix just yet.

Backstrom is a good goalie, and since the Tank has the power to turn rival goalies into gods, (Cylons?), he makes me nervous. Nabby should provide a good counter, assuming he's kicked the flu bug. If not, then in Boosh we trust.

It's black armor night tonight and it always gets a little rowdy when Owen Nolan is back in the Tank. Look for it to be fairly amped in there tonight. I don't think we'll see our newly acquired quackers in the mix, but if we do, be sure to give them a warm welcome. (and I don't mean a Bronx cheer)


WTC has the full low down, but to sum up: Nabby out, new guys out, one because he's celebrating a new arrival and the other due to injury. McGinn is up from Woostah.

Greiss called up to backup Boosh.

In Boosh we trust.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deadline Day

We'll be providing a recap of the days events, or lack thereof, and how they could possibly effect the Sharks. Enjoy deadline day, folks. One of the biggest procrastination days of the hockey year.


I think Mina ditched me to go on a date or something. What's with putting your social life before hockey? Geez!

Basically today was a snoozer, which wasn't a huge surprise. I went and worked out for an hour and didn't miss much of anything. The biggest move, according to TSN's very bored staff (well, I'm guessing they were bored since it was a slow day), was Calgary acquiring Jokinen. That vaulted them to the heights of Detroit and San Jose, according to TSN. Well, not quite, but it brought them closer. There was then a debate on whether or not SJ should be in the same category as Detroit, and if Calgary could be in the same one as SJ. Everyone agreed to disagree and they moved on.

Reaction: I know a lot of Sharks fans freaked out over this one, because it looks like Calgary just became extremely annoying. Facing them wasn't going to be easy in the post season and this certainly doesn't make it any easier. It remains to be seen how the acquisition goes, but if it goes as well as some people think it will, Calgary could be a killer in the post season.

Bill Guerin to the Pens for a conditional pick.

Reaction: I like the Pens, so I hope this works out for them better than it did for the Sharks. Rivet was amazing and I still lement his loss. Bill Guerin on the other hand, well, sometimes I forget he played here.

Bouwmeester stays put.

Reaction: We couldn't have afforded him anyway, but think of how awesome it would have been if we COULD. *stares of dreamily into space for a few minutes* ...
Oh, sorry. Smart move by Florida. I didn't really think they'd move him.

Kyle McLaren to Flyers for a 6th round pick.

Reaction: Goodbye Kyle. I'll miss you! ;_;

Moen and Huskins to the Sharks for Nick Bonio and Timo Pielmeir and a conditional draft pick.

Reaction: You weren't expecting DW to make a super star acquition were you? Have you looked at our cap space lately?

My first reaction to this trade was "we gave who for who?" I don't pay attention to prospects like I should, and I wasn't aware the Moen was the guy who had a healthy dislike for Ott. I don't know much about Huskins at all, though my tade day hunting had a lot of people saying he was injured. Hmm.

They're both UFA's and season's end. Moen should add some grit and Huskins will add...well, whatever it is he does. (sorry Sleek) I was really surprised they were traded within their division. That's sort of weird, but on the plus side, they don't have to sell their houses in Orange County. It's only a short flight away.

I'm fine with that trade, but, as always, I reserve final judgement until I seem them skating with the team.

Pahlsson to the Blackhawks

Sleek? You alive over there, bud?

Those are my thoughts for now. Hopefully Mina will add hers and give you a more in depth analysis of the day's events a little later tonight.

On a related note, if any suspected Cylons moved today, please let me know. This could impact redistribution of them in the summer.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Couch Tarts Guide to Buying and Selling Hockey Players

As another Hockey Christmas approaches (tomorrow! Holy crap!), many hockey fans are trying to figure out what Hockey Santa will be bringing them. Some fans will get bright, shiny rental players full of promise and others will get young, project players and draft pick full of gambling goodness. Here is a handy guide for how to decide what kind of Christmas you will have.

Hard-core Sellers
: Your team has been out of playoff race since November. You have had visions of John Tavares dancing in your head all season. However, the thing to help you best recognize a hard-core selling team is a high profile player who is eligible for free agency over the summer. These teams are usually several players away from being back at the top of the league and are "happy" to take draft picks, cash, and minor league or lower-tier players. Examples: Ottawa, NY Islanders, Atlanta, Tampa Bay

Causal Sellers
: The biggest similarity between these teams and hard-core sellers is that both usually have a high profile player who is a free agent over the summer. Causal sellers are usually a few points out of the playoffs and looking at a mid-level draft pick. These teams are often just a player or two away from making the playoffs again. However, the one significant thing that makes these teams casual sellers is that confidence that they are close to the playoffs. These teams are less likely to make crazy trades and will more often say no to a trade that isn't just right for their team philosophy. Examples: LA, Toronto, Buffalo, St. Louis

Causal Buyers: These are the teams that are least likely to make a splashy deal before the deadline. Causal buyers are going to the playoffs for sure and are just trying to improve (or maintain) their position in the standings. With these teams, you will hear phrases like "team chemistry" and "confident in our line up." Often times these teams get bit hard by trying to pick up that one rental player to take the team to the promise land (See: Brian Campbell, Marian Hossa, Bill Guerin). Expect these teams to deal their draft picks more often as they anticipate later picks in the rounds. Examples: San Jose, New Jersey, Detroit, Boston

Hard-core buyers
: These teams are in considerable need of those rental players. They are in the playoffs but fighting to stay in each and every game. These teams might be susceptible to making risky deals in an effort to go farther in the playoffs. Sometimes the risk pay off and sometimes they are Bill Guerin. These teams are likely to make multiple moves with multiple teams and often package draft picks with unproven, but promising young talent. Examples: Vancouver, Montreal, NY Rangers, Edmonton

Check out Puck Daddy's list of 30 players who might get dealt before the end of the day tomorrow for more trade info. And come back tomorrow night for our recap on what when down the hockey trade deadline Christmas.

Shark V Stars, The Day Before the Deadline

Tonight @7:30 Radio, TV, Tank

If you're like a lot of fans this time of year, your head is spinning with all the delicious and frightening possibilities the trade deadline could mean for your team. If you're me, you'll happily read about said possibilities, but you leave them until you have evidence that a trade is at hand. Unless it involves Bill Guerin.

I won't speculate on potential Sharks move. Fear the Fin has a thread up that's dedicated to trades (and sci fi, don't ask). I suggest checking it out. Info if posted as it comes in.

In any event, there's a game tonight at 7:30. I'm a little zonked from several days with inconsistent sleep. There are Cylons in this league. That fact alone has kept me up at night. We need them found and identified. Please stay vigilant and be on the look out for signs of them in tonight's game.

Nabby may or may not be in tonight. It depends on how he feels. I am constantly amazed at these guys playing with the flu. I had to go to work with the flu once and it sucked. How they do it is beyond me.

Not much of a preview, but I know you're all out looking up the latest moves and rumored trades. Just be sure to take a break and watch some of the game tonight.

KK's has the news on a signing and some sad times.

**Update 12:52 pm** WTC has the low down on Nabby and injuries to JR and Grier.

**Update in the third** My apologies for not posting this sooner. I wasn't lying when i said I was zonked this morning. But, between the trades news and HWFO reactions to it, please head over the Cycle Like the Sedins and check out their All Decade Team article. Solid stuff.

**Update in the fourth, 2:21 pm** so much for productivity today. DW weighs in on the Cheech rumors and the injuries over at WTC.

Post Game Recap:

No beating around the bush, that was BAD.

Yes, there were some questionable calls in the first and yes, a very questionable ejection of Joe Pa in the first. We were down a few men, but none of that lost the game for the Sharks.

The Sharks lost the game for themselves. They let the Stars set the pace and played to their will. They lost focus, they momentum and lost the game. Sure, a few things were being called on the Sharks that the officials looked the other way on when the Stars did it, but you have to adjust. You can't let the game beat you before you're done playing it.

On the plus side, it took 62 games for the Sharks to lose back to back.

No need to dwell on the bad parts. These games are going to come along in the playoffs. Now is the time to mess up and to learn from it.

Trade deadline is tomorrow at noon. I will not be staying up all night, but I'll do some recappage come morning.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Who Is Your Cylon, And What Does He Do?

Attention all general managers:

It has come to our attention that the NHL has been infiltrated by Cylons**. It has been well documented that goal tender Tim Thomas is a Cylon, but we believe there are others. We need them found and identified before they compromise the league.

All Cylons must be identified by June. This will allow for an even redistribution of them throughout the League over the summer. No team should have more than two Clyons at any given time to prevent them from having an unfair advantage. Coaches may also be Cylon. Do not tell them of your investigation or it will be compromised.

We have a few possible suspects already in mind, but we need YOUR HELP to find the rest. Once you have complied your lists, all subjects will submit to testing.

His test worked.

Please act with all haste and post your potential Cylon players in the comments below, as soon as possible. Findings will be relayed back to you as soon as we have confirmed the presence of all the Cylons in the League.

Thank You,

-Gray, Commissioner in Charge of Confirming Cylon Presence

**Cylons are robots that look and feel like normal humans. They are generally indistinguishable from the general population, though many may exhibit signs of unnatural stamina or strength. Please keep these qualities in mind when submitting your list of names.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Article on DW and Trade Madness

Read it here.

Given all the major moving and shaking the Sharks did during the summer, what do you feel, if anything, they still need to get them through the long play off slog? Is there anyone you'd be willing to trade now? Why and for who?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.