Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Round Starts Today

While saddened that Team Teal is not in round 2, that my game F ticket will sit uselessly on my fridge until I can bring myself to toss it out, and that may days at the Tank are done for now, there are some benefits to not having the Sharks in the second round. For instance: no more second round jokes, freer schedules, the joy of being able to watch a playoff game and not give a frak who wins. All pluses to that keep your blood pressure lower, to be sure. We're still disappointed, but if we can't look on the bright side as fans, they might as well hand out anti-depressants at 525 W. Santa Clara st. instead of rally towels and pom poms.

The West kicks off the second round with one game today.

Today @ 6pm

In case your wondering, I (Gray) did make picks for this round, but I didn't take them at all seriously.

Another FTF regular posted her picks, which are as follows:



Her suggestion was to pick the opposite if what she did because she threw out everything she knew about each team and picked results she wanted to see. Not feeling into picking winners for a round I had little stake in, I followed her advice and chose the following:



I don't care if I pick "correctly." It's more fun to pick when you don't give a frak, or you know, make your career doing this sort of thing. That seems a lot like making a living by playing the slots at Vegas. When you're right, it's great, but the odds of winning each time are dramatically low.

Second round crapshoot begins. Uhm, bring it?

Also, the Sharks injury list is out. All you AMGTRADEMARLOOANDTEHBIGJOE people, check is out. (care of the fantastic Mr. Pollak) I should note the days=how long said player has been injured.

*** Marleau has a sprained MCL
***Rob Blake — foot contusion, 10 days, MRI possible.
***Jonathan Cheechoo — MCL sprain, left knee, 22 days.
***Travis Moen — hip contusion, 8 days.
***Douglas Murray — left shoulder may need MRI, acts like mild rotator cuff strain.
***Evgeni Nabokov–strained hip muscle (gluteus medius), 13 days.
***Joe Pavelski — knee contusion, 4 days.
***Devin Setoguchi — mild ankle swelling by Achilles tendon.
***Jody Shelley — possible MRI for neck and shoulder soreness.
***Joe Thornton–groin/hip flexor, 63 days.

Playing while you can barely skate, that's called heart. Stick that in your angry pipes and smoke it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Games Today

Saddest words I'll have to type for awhile.

I had expected to be at game 7 tonight. I mean that. I went to game 5 and watched my team play outta of their minds. It wasn't a question of IF there would be a game 7. It was a known. My vocal cords trembled at the notion, just now fully recovered from their Saturday abuse. Walking out with a sea of elated fans, you knew anything was possible.

But it was not to be.

I could spend time crying, whining, blaming, pointing fingers, trying desperately to explain the whys of the surprisingly early end to this post season, but I won't. What's done is done. No matter how well we dissect a season, it won't change how it ended.

The Sharks are NOT the first team to suffer multiple years of seeming inexplicable playoff disappointments. They aren't the first President's Trophy winners to be knocked out in round 1. Treating them like crap because of what happened isn't my style. I think that disgusting. No one feels this like the players do. They have fought and worked for this moment their entire lives. They're all dedicated to the game, and play it with a singular dream in mind. They WANT the Cup. They don't just roll over and die and then decide to go play golf. Anyone who thinks the team isn't broken up over this is full of it. Watch Nabby give his post game interview and tell me they didn't truly want this.

They DID NOT choke. They DID NOT lack heart. These were not and are not the same Sharks who've been forced to deal with those same reactionary calls season after season. Saying that also insults the Ducks, who played incredibly well in this series. Hiller was a beast. If he's less on his game, the Sharks take game 2 and suddenly we have a different ball game. They could take game 6 and we'd be in for a game 7 tonight. What would the line on the team then?

It was a great season, it just ended sooner than we all expected. The weight of that won't fully sink in until the next round starts and I realize I won't be using my Game F ticket. It won't hit me until I realize I won't be back at the Tank for a game until later September. No more Sharks vs drawings this year. No more frantic game days posts when I forget to do art for the Sharks opponent. No more wasting all day looking at blogs. All that's done for the summer.

Somewhat impatiently, I await the return of the hockey season in September, and the first game in October. Until then...

Go Sharks!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reflecting On A Season: by MyMcLife

I saw this last night. I have a lot to say about the end of the season, but I think MyMcLife (of Fear the Fin fame) does a great job of summing up a lot of what I'd like to say, with more eloquence and an appropriate dash of profanity.

I am an optimist by nature. It really sucks sometimes, having that rug of hope pulled out from under you. After the second period tonight, I pulled out my pessimist hat and expected the team to lose. Not because I wanted them to, but because of that whole self-preservation thing. I sometimes take losses way too hard. So that’s why, after this game, I’m a bit more level-headed than I normally would be. That, and I swore up a storm when Corey Fucking Perry scored and got a lot of my anger out there.

We came into the playoffs with a whole lot of expectations, expectations that I’m not quite sure were earned. A rookie head coach was brought in, with his completely new offense-based system. The Sharks have been operating under a defense-based system under the Ron Wilson years, so the new style of play was completely different. They didn’t know how to use the system when the offense wasn’t clicking, when there were 9 guys out with injuries, when it seemed like nothing was going their way. And McLellan, for all of his experience being an assistant coach with Detroit, was still trying to learn how to change up the system a bit to get the Sharks rolling again, as well as how to utilize all the players with their difference strengths.

Admit it – we were spoiled in the 2008 portion of the season, when it seemed like the Sharks could never lose unless go up against a hot goaltender. All that talk about NHL records and the possibility of a Stanley Cup really got into our heads – or at least it did into mine. At that point, we were on the top of the world – had yet to lose in regulation at home, lost maybe 4 games in regulation, could score goals like there was no tomorrow, etc. The Sharks came back to earth, and yet we were still high on the first part of the season, back when no team really understood that yes, it was the Sharks that had that high-powered offense.

And as for more positives – Marleau really shined this year. He slowed at the end, but he really bounced back from last season and showed why he was the #2 overall pick in the 1997 draft. Setoguchi emerged as a legit goal scorer in the first half of the season, and in the second half showed a reckless abandon dedicated to hitting everything that moved. Not a bad guy to have on the team. The entire second line (Michalek-Pavelski-Clowe, if anybody has yet to have it memorized by now) showed how deadly they were on both the power play and the penalty kill. Pavelski in particular has really emerged as a great defensive forward that scores clutch goals. And that entire line has defied all criticism from previous seasons and often showed up as the most physical line on the ice, getting into scrums and not taking shit from anybody. Boyle, after many doubting his value with regards to his $6.67 million/year for 6 years contract, made me wonder how we ever won without him. The Sharks/Wings game with the Sharks winning 6-5 was one of the greatest regular season games I have ever seen. And Staubitz provided me with my favorite fight of all time.

Oh, and we won the freaking President’s Trophy, giving variety to the banners hanging at the Tank. That was pretty nice, as well.

Yeah, we flamed out in the playoffs, but just remember – when Ron Wilson first took over as head coach, the Sharks missed the playoffs. The next season? Western Conference Finals. Do it.

Playoffs Day 14, Round 1

The Sharks may be out (post mortem later), but there are still games to be played and watched. You better believe Gray will be glued to the television for the duration of playoff hockey.

Today @ 4pm
Game 7. Epic

Today @ 4:30pm (dontcha hate conflicts?)
Game 7. Brodeur'd or Ward'd? Watch and find out!


Teams and matchups are all set for Round 2. A few surprises in there:

Ducks and Wings start Friday
Chicago will ace Vancouver

Hurricanes (Dude, did you see that last goal. WHAT) will face Boston
Pens will face the Caps

On a side note, apparently when VERSUS said they're carry both games, they meant they'd show the Caps/NYR game and then just talk about what was happening in the NJD/Canes game. And show little clips here and there.

Pollak has a good interview with JR up over at his blog.

Other than Pollak, FTF and BOC, I am staying away from the media. I'm done with the "choking" arguments and the arguments about "heart". Anyone using those arguments has no idea what they're talking about. Period.

Art will be ALL NEW for the second round. I'm still trying to figure out what to draw to wrap up the end of the Sharks season. I'll figure it out eventually.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Playoffs, Round 1, Sharks V Ducks: Game 6

Tonight @ 7:30pm
CSNBA-HD, VERSUS HD (joined in progress), CBC HD, RDS HD
Don't miss this game. Catch the great Jamie and Dan on the radio if you can't watch it on TV.
All of the San Jose will be watching.

This is it. All or nothing, do or die, jump or jerk off, my way or the highway, put up or shut up. It's all on the ice tonight.

Go Sharks!


We're out!

Welll have more later, but I'd like to thank the Sharks and all the fans (well, all you none whiny ones anyway!), and Randy, Drew, Jamie and Dan, for making this a most excellent season. I will miss watching my boys in teal on tv and will eagerly be awaiting their return for pre season hockey in September.

Stick with us readers. We'll be posting art and covering whatever madness happens in the off season, as well as keeping tabs on the rest of the playoffs. You didn't think we'd stop just because the Sharks are out, did you?

Thanks for a helluva season, boys!
Go Sharks!

Playoffs Day 13, Round 1

As a warning, due to work being done, Gray may lose electricity for an indeterminate period of time. If this happens,the Sharks game day will likely be posted shortly before the game occurs.

Caps force a game 7! Crazy! Torts looked calm upstairs, but you know he had to be mad. I would be too. His team had a chance to seal the deal and they didn't. Game 7 should be epic.

Canes pwn Brodeur. Didn't see that coming and neither did he. That also forces a game 7. And here this was looking like a round of sweeps until now.

There's only one other game on the docket today other than the Sharks game, and they unfortunately, they conflict once again.

Today @ 6:30
Blackhawks leads series 3-2

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recapping An Epic Game 5. Part the Third

Part the first here
Part the second here

Nothing can really accurately describe last night, save maybe a video camera. I have to leave a bunch of stuff out because I'm a) fairly certain Plank doesn't remember most of it and b) much of it was NSFW.

We all rolled in to TCY's high on victory (don't you love the smell of that in the evening?) and proceeded to celebrate with a few drinks and some rounds of foosball. Plank got pwned yet again. The games were epic in both skill and comedic value. At one point Plank decided the best way to combat being down a few goals was to speak in gibberish. Next time he decided to try out a British accent. Perkins and TCY were inadvertently hilarious. Workthecycle had mad skillz and helped a slightly handicapped TCY take the W home.

After this, and a few more celebratory libations in TCY's kitchen, it was decided that we should play Rock Band. Sadly, the disk was booched, so we instead settled for Plank and one of his friends putting on ACDC and rocking out. There was air guitar, there was air drums, there was rock band fake guitar to make the original air guitar more awesome, there was Plank busting out on the Rock Band drums, and then there was Plank dancing.

It was the type of dancing only too many beers and a Sharks playoff win can provoke. It was strange convulsion filled with spastic gyrations and rapid, unpredictable movements accompanied by singing. We all expressed the desire for a video camera, but alas, there were none to be found.

One of Planks friend's brought two ladies back from a bar with him. I never did get their names but they seemed incredibly uncomfortable in a strange house filled with strange Sharks fans. I could tell it wasn't their scene. One departed rather soon after arriving, but the other was forced to endure the drunken rantings of Plank and TCY and co before finally departing in haste with Corey. It's the first and ONLY time I have I ever seen a girl go and wash he hands after shaking someone else's. In her defense Plank shook her hand for about a minute and she was pretty put off by that. I don't think he realized he was doing it, honestly. Watching this all through sober eyes, it was very hard not to giggle at the absurdity or it all.

After most of Plank's friends rolled out, and Ang and Workthecycle had left for a train and a bar, the remaining members of the party settled into the kitchen/breakfast nook area for what turned out to be a very heated discussion, mostly between Plank and TCY, about the Sharks, the players, game 5, and the series in general. Plank wouldn't let TCY talk, which was frustrating him to no end, and the two kept flip flopping their arguments, unable to recall what stance they'd taken just moments before.

Speaking of unable to recall things, despite asking more times than I could count, I don't think Plank ever caught the score of the Blackhawks/Flames game. We told him, but he never did seem to remember.

There was much discussion about which players Plank had a man crush on and to what lengths he'd be willing to go to prove it. We tried to find out who was on his “anti list” so to speak, but we only got one name out of him before the conversation was once again thrown off course by his wandering mind. That player was Parros.

It was at this point that Plank said something that temporary threw everyone off, and then caused us all to burst out laughing. It's NSFW and he doesn't remember it, so I'm not repeating it here. Needless to say, it was classic.

We discovered the yearbook said Ehrhoff was born in 92, or something else equally incorrect, and spent much time pondering the ages and accomplishments of the players versus our own. This discussions were constantly interrupted by TCY and Plank arguing over some minute point. Their arguments were hilarious. None were entirely serious, just loud, drunken, and funny.
I learned to never play dominoes with TCY, ever. But watching him school everyone was quite fun. Watching Plank try to do math while 3 sheets to the wind was also fun.

At several points Plank drunk dialed K, who made the mistake of answering. He was given crap for skipping out on the party, and then the conversation dissolved into an argument between him and TCY, who hung up on K. Plank was very remorseful about this, and called K back. When he eventually reached him again, the conversation ended far more amicably.

The rest of the evening was Plank, TCY, and several other folks arguing about the Sharks some more. AfroPuff and I could only guess what it would have been like in this house after a loss.

She and I left around 2, but the party went till about 4, with Plank dominating TCY in what I hear was an epic round of NHL 09.

That is about the long and short of it. As I said before, I had to leave a lot of details out, but the party was truly epic and I would gladly hang out with folks again. Thanks for letting teh interwebs into your house, TCY. Hope we didn't destroy it too badly.

Recapping An Epic Game 5. Part the Second

Part the 1st found here

Part the Second. In Which We Enter OT.

There's an instant when the clock starts to count down the third period intermission when your brain suddenly realizes that there isn't a five minute break leading two 4 on 4, followed by a shoot out. No, this is playoff hockey. You could be here for 5 minutes, of 5 more hours. There was some discussion between us and the folks in our row over how long we'd stay. How many OT periods could we ride out? Everyone had watched all 4 OTs of game 6 against Dallas, and it was the consensus that if we go do it then, we could do it now. The Tanks didn't clear out. It stayed packed as the minutes ticked down to the start of OT. A few people trickled out here and there, but most folks stayed. This was potentially the last game of the season; we wanted to be there to witness it.

I don't know how it happened. I saw the play develop, I've seen pictures of it since, but if you were to ask me what happened I would just tell you that the lights flashed, the horn sounded, and AfroPuff and I turned to each other and stared stunned for a moment before we went nuts and started jumping up and down hugging each other and cheering. I didn't know at the time why there was some discussion over the validity of the goal, and I didn't care. All I knew is that it was in, the replay showed the ref calling it on the ice, and we were going to game 6. The Sharks apparently had the same opinion as they headed off the ice long before the Ducks did, leaving only Grier to settle business with the Zebras.

If you've never left the Tank after a playoff win, picture a seas of people flooding out onto the streets after a concert, only they're all cheering, chanting and waving towels. The blue coats smiled as we all pours out chanting “DUCKS SUCK!*clapclap*DUCKS SUCK...” The celebration exploded out onto West Santa Clara and folks headed towards the various off site lots. There's a freeway overpass not too far down from the Tank and tradition dictates that you get as loud as you can cheering after a playoff win when you cross beneath it. Cars honked in shared celebration, towels spun wildly, and everyone was in a good mood. AfroPuff and I escaped the garage and made our way back to TCY's house for an after game party.

Recapping An Epic Game 5. Part the First

There's a lot to cover from last night, so this will likely be one of those TL;DR posts. I'll mark the sections so you can read about the game and scroll past the other stuff if you feel so inclined.

Pre Game:

A group of us met at TCY's fabu house for a pre game party. There was an epic round of Foosball and a lot of general joking around. First clue that one shouldn't play a game TCY has at his house.

Plank gave Mr. K the business for wearing the same jersey after being warned against it. Apparently two away Joe Pa jersey's was a bit of a fashion faux pax.

We all split up and headed to the game around 6:20.

Mina did NOT attended the game with me. Instead I went with another friend of ours, AfroPuff, who we hope will be a contributor here. We cut it close for various reasons, but we made it to our seats in 209 without getting yelled at.


The crowd's energy was amazing. Whatever you may think about San Jose, the team has a passionate and loud following. It made itself heard last night, I assure you.

Nowhere near as many Ducks fans at this game as there were at game 1. We sat near a guy in a Devils jersey. I wasn't sure he knew what game he was at.

I begin to wonder what constitutes goaltender interference in this series. I'm thinking one has to sit on Nabby for a period before they'll get called for anything.

Much of the game itself is a blur of chanting, “DUCKS SUCK!” followed by the rhythmic blare of a duck call, and the other hypnotic chants that emanate from 209. (many of which are NSFW and therefore NSFOverheard at the Game) There's something about an elimination playoff game that's hard to put into words. It's such a different experience that one really needs to be there to understand it. There's something about spending 60 minutes on the edge of your seat, filled with adrenaline, that makes recording memories difficult. One thing I am sure of is that I booed Pronger as if there was no tomorrow. The rest of the Tank did not disappoint in this regard.

One particular linesman was in the way ALL NIGHT. He also had a spectacular check on Grier at one point. If I remember correctly, he also has an assist on one of the third period Ducks' goals. 209 unleashed their wrath on him more times than I can count.

The Sharks first period goal came on a power play. Try as I might, I can't recall how it went down, but I do remember jumping, cheering, and slapping AfroPuff high five after it. The Tank exploded with that goal. You knew it was going to be a good game at that point.

We went into the first intermission feeling good. The halls felt packed with more people than normal. The Tank seats 17,496, but it felt like 30,000 people were packed in, trying desperately to navigate through the sea of teal that filled the halls.

Some FTF folks met up during the first intermission, but I was not able to make it. The ladies' room line was epic in length despite nearly everyone being Tank veterans who knew the secrets of the back stalls.

The second period is equally as blurry as the first. More chants, more cheers, more jeers, more boos, more goals. Well, one more, and it was for the home team. Just a few minutes in, Seto whipped one past Hiller to send the Tank into a frenzy once again. The rest was a blur until second intermission, when Lurker Shark headed over to our seats and we discussed how good we were feeling about the game. After he said those words, a dark thought cross my mind. A premonition of things to come. I knew we weren't going to win with a shut out, but my certainty of a win, or at least the possibility of one, did not waiver.

The third opened with two quick Anaheim goals, both of which I believer came after some sloppy work from the Sharks, and with the inadvertent help of a linesman. A tense air filled the building. I spent the vast majority of the third clutching my rally towel between two tightly clasped hands that I held at my chin. There was numerous chances for both teams to get that game winner in regulation, but the post denied the Sharks once more, and providence and Nabby denied the Ducks. The horn sounded to end the third. This game was going to OT.

Playoff Round 1 Day 12

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor lack of sleep and voice will keep Gray from her posting duties.

So Torts was suspended for getting into it was that crazy Caps fan. He won't be on the bench today. The Rangers are also after the Caps via the league for not having adequate security by the Ranger's bench.

Unless you're Plank, you know the Blackhawks won 5-1 last night.

The Pens took their first round series yesterday and booked their tickets to the second round.

Today @ 11 (now!)
Rangers lead series 3-2

Today @ 4:30
Devils lead series 3-2

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playoffs, Round 1. Sharks V Ducks, Game 5

Tonight @ 7pm
CSN-HD, VERSUS-HD, KFOX with the great Jamie and Dan
Every TV in San Jose and more spread out over a teal web covering the entire Bay Area will be watching.
Don't miss this

We do get disappointed in the Sharks sometimes. Sometimes Mina and critique them, sometimes we slap our foreheads at games and wonder why they play like they've never seen a puck before. But what I won't do is throw these guys under the bus. Sure game 4 sucked, but this isn't game 4 anymore. It's game 5. That's a whole new ballgame. Whatever thoughts you had after that game, toss them out. Time to put that junk in the trash. Nothing's impossible. A win tonight would shock the world. Do it! Go Sharks!

Post Game Update:
Helluva game tonight. It's currently 2:30 am, I have no voice, and I just got back from an awesome night at TCY's. I have apparently been put in charge of chronicling it, which I must confess is quite the challenge. I will do my best, but nothing will capture the evening in a way that does it proper justice. Due to the lateness of the evening, the recap will come later today.

Go Sharks!

Playoffs, Round 1, Day 11

Anyone catch that fan fighting with Tortorella last night? That was some serious crazy right there. Torts grabbed himself a stick to defend himself, not that I think he needed it. Dude looks like he could win a rumble when fired up. But when the fans knock out the dividers between panes of glass, it's best to go a little overkill.*

What mayhem and madness will happen today? Tune into the following games to find out:

Today @ noon
Pens lead series 3-2
The Flyers will not go quietly into the night. This game should be a doozy

Today @ 6pm
Series tied 2-2
If you aren't going to or watching the Sharks game tonight, watch this game instead. This series has been crazy good.

*if you think I'm actually advocating beating a drunken, mouthy fan with a stick, you're crazier than that Caps fan.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Playoff Round 1 Day 10

A few notes from last night: The Wings knocked out the Blue Jackets in 4. Who saw this many sweeps coming in round 1? Not I, said the fly. The Flyers, down 3 games to 1, surprised many (myself included) by coming back to make it a 3-2 series. Can't ever count a team out in the playoffs.

The Sharks game was disappointing and perhaps a tad embarrassing, but I lost more sleep over the fan/media reaction to it than I did the game itself. Every year it's the same thing. Everyone jumps on the love the Sharks bandwagon, expects them to do way more than most teams in the playoffs, gets pissy when they don't and jumps off the "go Sharks" wagon and onto the "crap all over the Sharks because they suck" wagon. I'm really done with that. I've been an A's fan for a very long time. They haven't always been good, and they have been treated similairly in the media and by fans for post season "failures." Get over it. People put way more of their own personal stakes into a team than they should sometimes, which leads to immense disappointment and a need to rationalize it by bashing anyone and everyone you can think of who might be to blame. Sure, we as fan can be upset, disappointed, even mad, but I can do all that perfectly well by myself. I don't need outside help. This team will be ready when they are ready. I'll be watching and waiting until then.

It's onto game 5, which, fingers crossed, should feature some new art.

I wasn't joking when I postulated that Bobby Ryan has a clause in his contract that forces people to constantly remind you that "he was drafted second after Sidney Crosby."

Other random notes: Daniel, I've been working on your comic. It may or may not be up before season's end, depending how game 5 goes, but it will be posted!

Only one game on the docket today. I don't know how I'm going to handle that either!

Today @ 4pm
Rangers lead series 3-1

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playoffs Day 9, Round 1: Sharks v Ducks

Today @ 7:30pm
Also catch Jamie and Dan on the radio
Duckies lead 2-1

In some ways it feels like the fate of the universe is being decided tonight. In some ways it's just another game. Unless you have something invested in one of these two teams, you don't understand this series. You don't feel it with intensity. You don't get it.

This isn't 1 v 8, this is Sharks v Ducks. That's a world of difference.

This could be a sad night, or it could be a great night. Either way, enjoy it. A ride like this doesn't come around too often.

No more words. Just do it.

Post Game Recap:

JR's face said it all. Bad game. No idea why. It just was. Passes weren't connecting, no speed, everything felt slower than it should. Disconnected. Not like a playoff game at all. Much more like game 1. Game one felt like a regular season game. So did this.

I can't tell you why the Sharks seemed to shut down tonight, and I'm not going to guess. I don't buy into all those old excuses. Sometimes teams just have a sucky game. This was one was a stinker. But we can't and won't ever know what the guys are thinking, so I'm not going to assume what they do or don't want, what drive they do or don't have, I'm not going to invoke the old argument so Ron Wilson style hockey, playoff choking or any other nonsense. A series is what it is. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not. A good regular season does not necessarily a good post season make. Suck it up and deal.

If I was JR, you're damn right I'd be upset. But I'm not. So I choose to be quietly disappointed. Tomorrow's another day though, and I'm not going to let tonight ruin tomorrow.

A friend said it best when he said the following, "This is disappointing, but come on people. We're not Habs fans." Truer words may never have been spoken.

Bobby Ryan is a beast. A beast who apparently has it written in his contract that every time you mention his name you have to mention that he was drafted right after Sidney Crosby. That's going to be all I remember about him 50 years from now. That fact has been bored in my mind.

Turnover are bad, mmkay?

The 15 minute interlude with the broken glass was weird. Randy and Drew ran out of material after about 7 minutes. They kept going like the troopers they are. Classic, classic stuff.

Out of sheer curiosity, how noticeable was the earthquake that hit during intermission? For you non CAers, and 4.0 is nothing to write home about. I just wonder if the fan noticed.

Mark Smith looks very different with a) long hair and b) one color hair. He joined the crew for the pre and post game coverage. Hai Smitty!

The three stars: (3)Wisniewski (2) Hiller, (1) Bobby, "drafted 2nd behind Sidney Crosby" Ryan

Well folks, it's do or die on Saturday. Be there or be by your TVs. It should be a doozy...or not. But either way, it will be a game, and it may be the last.

It's not over until Nabby tells you it's over. Go Sharks.

Playoff Round 1 Day 9 (seriously?! 9?!)

Cat caused fiasco last night. Ah the joys of pet ownership. A few dead pixels aside, I seem to be otherwise whole. Lucky for you!

In a summary of what went down yesterday, the Habs met a wall of bear and Cylon and were eliminated by a giant sweeping broom. I heard Price was heckled mercilessly, poor kid.

The Flames and Hawks decided to have a goal scoring contest in the second. The Flames ended up winning. Note to Blackhawks: Do not piss of Ignila.

Ovie finally found the net in the Rangers/Caps game, but it wasn't enough. Lundqvist has anti Ovechkin spray, I think. Or anti Alexander spray. Not guys names Alex can score against him. (even if they have. The spray is new. Still some kinks to work out.)

What's on the docket today, Bob?

Today @ 4pm
Pens lead series 3-1
This series has been good folks, if you can tune in, do so.

Today @ 4pm
Detroit leads series 3-0
This may be your last chance to see the Blue Jackets this season. Or, it may be a chance to watch them take a game back and crawl back into this series.

Today @ 4:30
Series tied 2-2
VERSUS (I believe this game will be joined in progress), RIS, TSN(HD), FS-CR
Brodeur probably won't lose his mind again, but you never know.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playoffs Day 8, Round 1

Quite the ride yesterday, not that we're complaining. That was a great playoff game. But it wasn't the only one. The Canucks swept the Blues last night to win a ticket to round 2. Who saw that coming? Not I. I think I called them in 6. Broduer lost his mind as the Canes won to tie the series at 2-2 with 0.2 seconds left. We should mention the Devils were down 3-0 before storming back only to lose the game in the last seconds.
The Wings went up 3-0 on the Blue Jackets and the Pens went up 3-1 over the Flyers.

There is more action today for the following teams:

Today @ 4pm
Boston leads series 3-0

Today @ 4pm
Rangers lead series 2-1

Today @ 7pm
Blackhawks lead series 2-1

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do it!

Tonight @ 7:30pm
Duckies lead series 2-0

The season begins today. The second season. The season our men in teal fought through 82 games to get to. The season we fans spent 82 games watching, waiting, and hoping to get to.

Tonight will either see the Sharks sitting in a prettier position, down 2 games to 1, with the proven ability to steal a game on Anaheim's home ice. Or they'll be down 3 game to none, with only the potential for a game 5 as the last remaining gleam of hope in an otherwise darkening sky.

This could be the second to last game you watch the boys in teal play this year, so enjoy it. No whining, no crying, not pouting, just enjoy it for what it is. It will be a long summer drought when this is over.

Maybe today will be the beginning of the end to a brilliant season, or maybe it will be the first step on the road to 16 wins.

Go Sharks!

Reader Emily is back with another fantastic video. Watch this before game time. Watch it a lot.

Post Game Recap:



I'll provide a more in depth recap once I finish running around like a madwoman. Whoo! Or not, I don't know. Whoooooo!

Boyle is a beast!

3 Stars:(3) Blake (who made a butt save of sorts), (2) Alternate Captain Elbows, (1) Danny Boyle

Playoffs Day 7, Round 1

Non Sharks games on the scheduled today:

Tonight @ 4pm
Pens leads series 2-1

Today @ 4pm
TSN,FS-D, FS-O, all HD
Wings lead series 2-0

Tonight @ 4:30
Devils leads series 2-1

Today @ 5:30pm
CBC, KPLR, both HD
Canucks lead series 3-0

Everyone is playing today! Well, not exactly. but it feels like it.

If your in the Bay Area, today is a good day to hide inside and watch some hockey. It's way too hot outside for April.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Playoffs Day 6, Round 1

It's now the I begin to feel glad that I didn't decided to do different vs images before each game.

Boston leads series 2-0

Rangers lead series 2-0

Chicago leads series 2-0

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playoffs Day 5, Round 1: Sharks v Ducks

Tonight @ 7pm
Earlier start than normal folks
CSN-HD, VERSUS, Radio (KFOX), Tank, Stanley's, probably the Brit too
Duckies are up by 1

Let's do this. Go Sharks!

Post Game Recap: Coming Monday! Why? Because I'm tired and want to sleep. Just a hint, if you're expect me to say the sky has fallen, you'll be waiting awhile.

What a beach day today! My AC is making strange noises so the beach might get my vote. Maybe it will get the Sharks vote too. Sharks like water, and that water will be cold.

Anyway, on to the game. It's still a bit hazy in my early morning mind but I liked what i saw last night. True, i didn't like the outcome, but I liked the game. It was a good game.

But they lost, Gray! Did you really watch?! OMGTEHSKIESIZFALLIN!

Get grip! The sky isn't falling. The Sharks may have been on the shorter end of the goals last night, but they went down early and came back. They didn't just roll over and die on the ice, they fought all game.

Yes they were having problems getting rebounds and staying in the Ducks' zone on the PP, but they were out hitting the Ducks and not letting them out "grit" them. These Sharks don't lack heart; what they lack is luck.

*PING* is a sound we're starting to hate. We're not the only fan base with that issue, let me tell you.

Now is no the time for the same tired old excuses and whining. Those things don't apply.

I'm sort of glad I don't have tickets to any more games at the Tank this series. I don't need to listen to the sounds of 17,496 people collectively panic. i got to watch last night's game with friends, and 75% of us were pretty upbeat and able to put the game in perspective. The other 25% tried, but she worries.

Hiller has been a beast. He's been the deciding factor in my mind. Without Hiller where would this series be? No clue!

First to FOUR, everyone. FIRST TO FOUR. Not one, not two, FOUR. Philly came back with a force yesterday in game 3. It's not like you're done by virtue of being two games down.

I'm looking forwards to Tuesday's bout. It was a good game last night and I'm thinking will see an even better on in the house of the Ducks!

Go Sharks!

Playoff Round 1 Day 5

Today @ Noon pacific
Pens lead series 2-0
Philly is going to be nuts folks, tune in.

Today @ 4pm
Canucks lead series 2-0

Series tied 1-1

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playoff Round 1 Day 4

You want more hockey? We've got more hockey!

On right now on NBC.
10am pacific time
Rangers lead series 1-0

Today @ 3pm
Detroit leads series 1-0

Today @ 4pm
Boston leads series 1-0

Today @ 6pm
Chicago leads series 1-0

Friday, April 17, 2009

Playoffs Day 3, Round 1

Playoff hockey is like a gift from the gods in that there always seems to be a game to fill the void between when you team played and when they play again.

On the docket today we have:

Today at 4pm
Pens lead series 1-0

Today @ 4:30pm
Devils lead series 1-0
Watch on RIS, TSN(HD), FS-CR

Today @ 7pm
Vancouver leads series 1-0

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playoffs Day 1, Round 1: Sharks v Ducks

Tonight @ 7:30 PM. Radio, CSNBA, Tank, Dave and Busters, Stanley's

There are so many things that we could say to summarize this season, this series. To preview it, dissect it, turn it inside out before it even begins. But that's been done already. If you want that, you know where to find it.

All we have to say is: dkfhlfjadae0iprejlf;asd[as'fl;gf;gjk

Ok, Mina has more to say....kinda. In the absence of a super large series breakdown (other than what I just sent to James at Cycle like the Sedins (super late btw...sorry James)), we have scoured the internet for what they have to say about the series. You might think that having people predict the Sharks to move on into the next round is reassuring. You would think wrong....

  • The boys at Battle of California have been putting together some awesome work. This is truly the place to go for required reading about the series. Chances are if you read this, you read them, but in case you missed it check out this, this, this, this, and this. And of course, despite being on the outside, Rudy Kelly has his own take on the series.
  • The boys at Fear the Fin did pretty much the same thing I am in today's game day post. (Just because they did doesn't mean I won't. :P) Check in there for information and occasional witty comments from Gray and myself.
  • Puck Daddy breaks down the series with a special appearance from my Internet Hockey Boyfriend Steve Dangle.
  • Barry Melrose Rocks and JR have an awesome take on the series.
  • The always entertaining crew at Melt Your Face Off have a series preview complete with some rather, ahem, colorful language.
  • And as always, check out the awesome Mr. Pollak on Working the Corners. He does the hockey gods work.
Post Game Recap:

If you came here looking for chicken little, you're in the wrong place. As far as I can tell, the sky is still firmly anchored inside the celestial globe and while a few stars may fall to Earth from time to time, the rest of the universe has yet to come smashing down upon us.

The Hockey Gods, however, mock us. Mock us with plays that are ever so slightly off. Passes that are half an inch south of crisp. Crossbars and posts that eat goals, and a lack of 5v5 scoring. They mock us by taking away our one goal scoring weapon, the power play, and rendering it lame and useless. They mock us, but perhaps, it's just what we need. For perhaps, all our haughtiness has brought this upon us, much like gravity brought those two tripping calls upon Boyle and Cheechoo.

The level of play was there, the desire was there, but the chances were not. Such is life in professional sports. If you can't take that kind of heat, get out of the kitchen. This is a 7 game series, not one. First to four, not to two. Buckle up kids, it's only going to get rougher. And perhaps, if we're lucky, more awesome.

Go Sharks!

Playoffs Day 2, Round 1

Today @ 4pm
Watch on CBC(HD), RDS(HD), NESN(HD)

The Couch Tarts say Boston in 5 (Mina) or Boston in 6 (Gray)

Today @ 5:30pm
Watch on VERSUS(HD), TSN(HD)
The Couch Tarts say
Chicago in 7

Today at 4pm
Watch on
The Couch Tarts say Wings in 5 (Mina) or Wings in 6 (Gray)

Friends Don't Let Friends Act Badly

What do you do when your team gets eliminated from the playoffs in early March? You make an awesome commercial making fun of other hockey players in bad commercials. Thank you Atlanta Thrashers for giving me something to distract me from my playoff panic. You have done great work.

From Deadspin from Videogum

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playoffs Day 1, Round 1

Today @ 7pm
Watch on Versus(HD), CBC(HD), RDS, FS-MW
The Couch Tarts say Blues in 6

Today @ 4:30pm
Watch on RIS, TSN2(HD), FS-CR
The Couch Tarts say Hurricanes in 6 (Mina) or Hurricanes in 7 (Gray)

Today @ 4pm
The Couch Tarts say Pens in 6 (Gray) or Pens in 7 (Mina)

Today @4pm
Watch on TSN(HD), MSG(HD), CSN-DC(HD)
The Couch Tarts say Caps in 5 (Mina) or Caps in 6 (Gray)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Season Predictions in Review

If you recall right before this season began (or have been reading the blog that long), Gray, my brother, and I all made predictions about how the teams would finish in both conferences. To refresh your memory, here is what we predicted and how things turned out:

Eastern Conference
PittsburghTampa BayMontrealBoston
MontrealPittsburghWashingtonNew Jersey
New JerseyPhiladelphiaNew York RangersPittsburgh
New York RangersOttawaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia
BuffaloNew JerseyTampa BayCarolina
BostonWashingtonNew Jersey DevilsNew York Rangers
Tampa BayTorontoOttawaFlorida
TorontoNew York RangersNew York IslandersBuffalo
New York IslandersNew York IslandersTorontoToronto
FloridaBostonCarolinaTampa Bay
AtlantaFloridaFloridaNew York Islanders

Western Conference

DetroitDetroitDetroitSan Jose
San JoseSan JoseSan JoseDetroit
ChicagoColoradoAnaheimSt. Louis
ColoradoSt. LouisEdmontonEdmonton
St. LouisNashvilleSt. LouisLos Angeles
Los AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesColorado

I think that we all did pretty well overall. Both my brother and I thought Tampa would be good this year, and while no one could have predicted their epic fail this season, it's kinda spectacular that my brother picked the #14 team to finish 1st and the #1 team to finish 14th. None of us had much faith in the Sharks to overtake the Wings in the conference and we all left the Blue Jackets and Blues out of the playoffs. I look kinda dumb for picking the Avs to win their division, but then again, I don't have snow blower ESP.

So there it is kids, our blind stabs in the dark have been evaluated. Either we're better at this than I thought we would be or close to the same teams keep making the playoffs. For my money, I'm going with us being amazing predicting people.

Your First Round TV Schedule

Find it here.

CSN is covering all but game 3, which will be covered on Versus. All games are still on Versus as well, in case for some reason you feel like leaving the warm glow of Randy and Drew. Everything on CSN and VS says it will be in HD, for those of you who want to shed your standard def and embrace the future. Or spent a lot on a new HD tv. Either or.

Two 7pm games. Weird.

Go Sharks!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Battle of California it is!

The first round is set, folks and the Sharks have drawn the ever deadly Ducks. The best part about this series is that neither team will have to travel far to play. The worst part will be Perry, Pronger, Getzlaf and company. It terms of helping promote hockey in our fair and sunny state, you couldn't ask for a better matchup.

See you in round one, quackers

Your other first round Western Conference matchups:

Detroit v Columbus

Vancouver v St. Louis

Chicago v Calgary

In the East:

Boston v Montreal

Caps v Rangers

Devils v Hurricanes

Pens v Flyers

Overheard At The Game, Last Home Game

The women behind us, aside from being completely miserable and crazy, were timely with their insults.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sharks V Kings, Last Game of the Reg. Season Edition

Today @ 1pm. Radio and TV. Be there.

This is it.

Game 82.

Time for the regular season to end and endless speculation to begin. Who will be our first round opponent? How far can McLellan lead his men? Will the hockey gods smile upon us with fortune and favor or smite us with the pain of a thousand dashed hopes once again?

One season ends tonight; another begins next week.

Let's do this.

Post Game Recap:

I will do a recap after my date with Yogurtland. A girl's gotta have priorities.

Needless to say, we did pick up this little bobble today. Not the most important trinket, but one worth grabbing along the way. Let's hope the Sharks get a friend to sit next to it come.

Alright, yogurt acquired, deliciousness had, recapage to start in 3...2...1...

A 3-4 loss to the Kings isn't the best way to end the season but I was left rather pleased by game's end. This game was better than the game against Phoenix, which was better than the game against Colorado. Improvement. Whoo.

Some scariness in a lack of 5 on 5 scoring, but the PP looked good and the PK wasn't too terrible, so, I can't complain too much there.

Nabby looked not himself. Not sure what's going on there. It was the last of a relatively meaningless game for these guys. Maybe they're just phoning it in in an effort to stay uninjured for next week.

But you know what? I am not worried. Yes, the Sharks are backing into the playoffs and yes they just lost to two non playoff teams but whatever. Boston and the Wings didn't exactly fare well either, and there's no guarantee that how a team is playing at the end of the season will have anything to do with how they play in the playoffs.

Team come in hot, and lose in round 1. They come in cold and lose in round 1. They come in luke warm and lose. They also come in an win in all those scenarios. The Post season is a different beast. What you did over the past 82 games means nothing once the playoffs start. It doesn't matter where you finish, once you're in, all bets are off. I'm saving my worry, my panic, my nail biting for next week when it really matters and when I can put it to good use. For now, I'm just pleased with the overall results of the Sharks season and hopefully that the good times will continue into June.


This just went up at Yahoo. I suggest all Sharks fans read it. Perspective. It has it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sharks V Phoenix, Fan Appreciation Night Edition

I'm going to start off on a sad note. We're also baseball fans and even though we both share a passionate dislike for the Angles, this is just terrible news. Much like hockey, baseball is a family. Any loss is a loss felt by all. Our condolences go out to Nick Adenhart and his family, and to the Angles organization.

Tonight @ 7:30. Radio, TV, Tank. Be there.

So here we are, 40 games in to what has been a fantastic season at the Tank. We've had our share of ups and downs in this building, but nothing like in past years. The Tank has been a nearly impenetrable fortress this year, filled to the brim most nights was 17,496 fans, most of whom are cheering their hearts out for the team in teal. 40 different "Hey [insert opposing team here], YOU SUCK!] cries from 209, echoed by a good portion of the rest of the upper and lower bowls. 40 games of hearing Mina go off about Danny Miller. 40 games of up and down, back and forth hockey that mostly lead to triumph, but occasionally lead to heartbreak.

40 games.

Tonight we hit 41.

It's been a hell of a ride here this season boys. We can't wait to see where you take us next.

inspired by this picture of Captain Patrick Marleau. Original image credit Don Smith/NHLI/Getty Images.

If Patty were a cartoon shark, I think he'd look a little like this.
Post Game Recap:

So it's not the outcome you want. A home team 4-1 loss. But, whatever. Forget it. I mean it! I made it a mission to enjoy this season and this game, and overall, I succeeded. Sure it had it's ups and downs, but look where we are; 117 points, winners of the west and owners of a GREAT home record in the regular season. Hell, a great season period. I'm not going to be a Debbie downer here. That is such a waste of energy. Energy you should be saving up for the playoffs.

But enough speeches, let's recap this mofo.

As I said, I endeavored to enjoy this game, despite it's faults. And there were many. But why focus on the play? Or the refs? Why not focus on the more disappointing and sad thing, the fans in section 205.

Ok, so it wasn't JUST 205, but we were in 205 and I will comment on it as it was the bulk of my experience.

We almost saw a fight between the young woman in front of us and these very angry, loud and drunk fans behind us. Mina nearly started one herself. Neither of us have ever understood angry sports fans. Perpetual unhappiness seems like such a chore.

Anyway, Mina was squirming thanks to 3 solid periods of "YOU SUCK SHARKS! WTF ARE YOU DOING!YOU SUCK NABBY! YOU ALL SUCK! WTF SUCK SUCK SUCK!" There was also something about big girl panties and the ballet.

The ballet?

Degas, Ballet Dancers on Stage. You have an artist blogging, you're going to get a little bit of art history. No 3 hour lectures though, no worries.

I don't know either.

When Montoya went down and his helmet popped off, they all booed the ref for stopping the play. Look, even if he did embellish the fall a bit and knocked his own helmet off, I do not want to see play continue. Period. End of story. That's such a dangerous situation.


You guys DO realize we have 117 points, right? No? Oh, ok. That explains quite a bit!

At that point, how can one take such heckling seriously? It bothered Mina but I tuned out what she didn't point out.

The kid next to us was awesome. Just awesome. The Sharks might not have won the game but that kid won the night. He was great and I would sit next to him again without hesitation. He's been going to games for as long as he can remember and yet, tonight was the first night he heard the BS chant. He was amazed. It was great.

So aside from the fact that our section, or parts of it, were certifiable, I enjoyed myself.

Gray, how could you enjoy a game like that?!

It was the LAST HOME GAME OF THE SEASON. I'm enjoying it! It's the end of this season at home, then end of whatever this journey has been so far and the start of a new one. If you aren't celebrating that, you're too caught up in the single game aspect. (You also might care more at the Presidents' Trophy than I do)

JR's speech was amazing. Seeing it in person was worth that whole game. JR, we booed your uncertainty because we want you to stay. You're awesome and San Jose loves you. I think you know that.

Seto, man, way to throw down. Did Moen give you tips in the box?

The Shark shark teeth, complete with gums, biting the power play sign? Amazing. Please comeback for the playoffs!

We'll be here for the last game of the regular season (ZOMG!) on Saturday. Go Sharks!