Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Here's to a awesome 2009!

Sharks v Wild

This afternoon, 3pm. Radio only. Fear the Fin will likely have the stream.

You ever get the feeling no one wants us to see the Wild this season? The last time the Sharks faced them it was Nov. 4th. The game was notably not a sell out and likely had poor tv viewership until the third period. Election Day games, gotta love'um.

The Sharks will be facing off against a Wild team that's had a bad month. They're on a two game losing streak so far and will likely be desperate and dangerous. The Sharks play has been less than holyeffamazing lately and they'll need to work to adjust and stay in control for a full 60 minutes.

Post Game:

Uhm, full 40 minutes?

Ok, so I missed 10 minutes of the first due to radio issues. Online feed was booching, I couldn't get the radio to give me anything but static, and my little FM radio didn't work even when I took it outside. Part of my dissatisfaction with the first comes from that, although, from what I heard it wasn't the strongest 20 minutes for the Sharks.

Sounds like it was a good first for the Wild.

Nolan got a goal. Semenov got a penalty.

I wanted to hear Jamie and Dan recap stuff, but my machine is lagging so bad I had to cut the stream.

Anyway, much better second for the Sharks. They were in control for most of it.

Was the second when there was that really quick whistle that cost Minnesota a goal? That was a bad call.

Third period was back and forth. Wild actually got two goals in the period but one came before the other and they didn't bother to stop the play until after the second. What?

After that got sorted out, the Wild remained up 2-1. One of those goals came on a really terrible call (balancing out the earlier quick whistle) on Joe Thornton for goaltender interference when really, not so much.

Someone how Milan scored with 23.6 left.

Sharks lose in OT though. But hey, point!

Can everyone please stop with the panic? Geez people, so Decemeber wasn't as great as October and November. It wasn't horrible. Relax.

Here's hoping 2009 will be even better for the Sharks than 2008 was! Now go out there and party it up!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sharks V Stars

Tonight at 6pm, radio, tv, interwebs
(I was having blogger issues this morning. Let's try this again!)

Dallas has gone from slumping sucktasticness to not so bad. (still not very good, but...hey, they have more points than the Blues) That Sharks didn't play their best game of the season Saturday, but they didn't play their worst either. They are, however, playing terribly for the first time this season. So, what does this mean for tonight?

If the Sharks don't come ready to play, and they don't play with passion, Dallas has a very good chance of winning this game. The Sharks current play is concerning to me, enough that I had a dream about them losing to the Leafs last night. (seriously.) Let's not let that ever happen, ok gentlemen? The Sharks can start a trend towards more fantastic play by playing a solid 60 minutes against the Stars tonight.

Let's go Sharks!

By the way...
Hand wavey freak outery commencing in 3...2...1...

Post Game:

Fear the Fin was CRAZY tonight. Wow. Three game time threads, one Indiana Jones reference and a Hitchhikers Guide reference. Fantastic.

The Sharks play, however, was not so fantastic. It was a better game than the one against the Blues, but it was by no means great. It was a close approximation of good at times, and lacking passion at others. They need to get back into early season form if they want to stay head of Boston in the point race. Also a factor is the ever looming presence of Detroit. They currently have 51 points.

I'm not sure why the Sharks have been flat lately. All team, yes even the Red Wings, go through some periods of less than stellar play. Perhaps we're just in a down part of this seasons' cycle for the Sharks. Maybe they have some sick guys on top of their injured ones. Could be a lot of things. The question is, now that the Sharks have hit a slight bump and the rest of the league appears to be adjusting to their new style, how will the Sharks respond during the second half of the season?

Some chintzy calls, some non calls, I'm not sure what was going on tonight but the refs were ignoring things on both sides.

Semenov's glove scored a goal for Dallas. Boo. But then he blocked what was likely the tying Clowe to score an empty netter. yay!

Dallas played agressively all game. Sometimes a little too agressively. (stick to the back of Boyle's head) Though there were times when they seemed to collectively fade, they never gave up and kept themselves in the game even when they went down 2-0.

Cheechoo and Milan also scored. Milan's goal was amazing. Find it, watch it, love it.

Edit: Ask and ye shall receive.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Better Late Than Never (Vote!)

We enjoyed watching this when we saw it posted on Fear the Fin. Hopefully you'll enjoy it here too.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sharks v Blues

Hope everyone had a good holiday. I got a stomach bug for Christmas, what did you get?

Onto business!

Tonight at 5:30. TV, radio, interwebs

Ok, I'm going to keep this pretty short. Sorry for the lack of post but I wasn't very engaged in this game.

After the quick score in the first by the Blues, I decided taking a shower would be a better use of my time. I came back in time for the last few minutes of the first. It didn't look like I missed much.

I kinda watched the second. It seemed better, but not great. The two goals by Cheech and Grier were awesome. The rest was...well it was OK.

The third was *shrug* I missed the second Blues goal thanks to some house related drama. Sharks had a lot of pressure in the Blues end at one point but nothing came of it.

And now, I'll be missing OT due to needing to get dinner.

Uh, so yeah, there's your weecap in all it's lackluster glory.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

It scanned a little funny, but much like those socks you'll be getting, it's thought that counts. Enjoy the Holidays, and for those of you who've already celebrated Solstice, hope you had a good one.

-The Couch Tarts

Awesome Holiday Funtimez With the Sharks

Thank you to whoever put this on youtube. Awesome.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sharks V Canucks

Fin is, hands down, the most terrifying mascot in modern sports history. That bunny from Donnie Darko would be less frightening.


We were at this game last year, perhaps even the year before. This year? We'll be watching it on tv.

Canucks hit the Tank tonight at 7pm. That's SEVEN, not seven thirty. Set your tivos accordingly.

As soon as my house is put back together, I'll have an overheard at the game for everyone's viewing pleasure
Post Game:

Well, that was...awesome.

A few problems, mostly the second and the no goal on the 5 on 3. The Canucks controlled most of the second. The Sharks need to work on adjusting once teams figure out there game. Thankfully they have some time to figure that out.

Canucks looked much improved over last year, despite the score.

Yes, we did think that high stick to the face of a Canuck (who's name I don't know Alexander Edler) should have been a penalty. We assume it wasn't because the refs didn't see it. At least, we hope that's why.

All you "amg teh skies r fallin!" folks who bailed after the loss to the Wings, this game reminds you that there are 82 games in a season. (I'm looking at you, majority of hockey interweb denizens)

Sharks goals (all of which were beautiful) by Blake, Marleau(PP), Seto (PP), Joe, and Plihal all of which were scored in a record setting time for the team. 21 minutes, 5 goals. Booyah

Nabby gets the shut out. Wheeeeeee

I almost forgot! It was nice to see former Sharks Bernier (a Minako favorite) and Rob Davison again. (though we're glad neither got a goal tonight) While I feel like I mentioned him moving in the off season, neither of us realized Davison was playing for the Canucks. oops.

If anyone tivoed the game and has the Sharks trying to sing Jingle Bells at the end, please, please, please put it on youtube and send us the link. That was full of win. That kind of awesome should be shared.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sharks v Rangers

Can anyone really own Walker, Texas Ranger? CBS & NBC, you guys fight it while we continue with the game day post

Tonight @ 7:30. Radio, TV or Tank

Number 1 team in the West vs the Number 2 team in the East. It's a clash of titans, folks. We're rooting for the Sharks to come out on top.

Post game:

Meet up plans met with fail. We think we walked right past Mr. Plank without knowing it.

Sharks, however, met with win (despite their best attempts to lose in third)

Post Game Recap, the short version:

Awesome first, in between second, terrible third, last 3 minutes were good though.

The Sharks showed how tired they were in the third and it nearly cost them the game. Luckily, Nabby was able to steal the game and get the Sharks the win.

Two quick goals in the first, both on the PP. Boyle and Clowe

Clowe gave up a puck that would later go in the net behind Nabby. It was also a shorthanded goal. sad times for everyone but the Rangers on the ice and the man who scored the goal, Zherdev.

Patty got a goal in the second, with assists from his top line team mates. Have YOU voted Seto today?

Rangers also got a second period goal from Callahan.

Rangers were quick and capitalized on many of the Sharks mistakes. Good game all around for them.

Cheehoo had both an assist and a penalty to get on the score sheet. We were hoping for a bit of a break out game from him but no such luck. Only a matter of time until he's off the schneid.

Air sharks had Christmas lights.

Sharkie came and entertained our section for a good hunk of the either the second or third. Hilarious good times.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sharks v Wings, Round 2

rumble at the Joe

This afternoon, 4:30 pm Pacific. TV (holy crap, a game on TV!), radio, interwebs

Sharks are looking for the split, Wings are looking for the win. Last time these two teams met, the Sharks out winged the Wings. That came on the Sharks' home turf. The Wings will have adjusted and now, the Sharks will be in front of their home crowd. They might not be selling out, but playing in Detroit is never a walk in the park. Expect one helluva battle tonight.

Vote Seto: 8471682
Vote Marleau: 8466139
Vote Big Joe: 8466138
Vote Boyle: 8467096
Vote Nabby: 8460705
Vote Blake: 8445550
and for good measure, Vote JR: 8450978 and Vote Clowe: 8469622.

Because you can.

Go do it!

First period:

Until the last 4 minutes or so, the Sharks were out playing the Wings. Then, the Wings got two quick goals. The one beat Nabby glove side and he may or may not have been screened on the other by Cheechoo as he attempted to block the shot. Nabby really should have had both of those. Either way, that seemed to take some wind out of the Sharks sails. Detroit goes into the 2nd leading 2-0.

Conkblock in effect through the first.

Clowe = awesome.

Crabs eagerly await Sharks goals while sitting in buckets.

2nd period:

Drew Remenda, likes Sundin, over Sundin's saga. He is also over his signing in Vancouver. We'd long since stopped paying attention to Sundin Watch '08. This mention of it brought to you by the letters D and R.

The Sharks are playing like the Sharks of two years ago and not this year. It's the first tv game all week and we get less that stellar hockey. Sad times. I'd cry, but it'd ruin my mascara.

Conkblock still in effect though he hasn't had much work to do.

Nabby doesn't seem to be "on" tonight.

McGinn, we like him.

3rd Period:

We're not seeing a lot of Conklin this period. Why isn't he the starter? Conklin > Osgood
That's just my opinion.

That fourth goal was the result of two things: 1) A complete breakdown by the Sharks and 2) Mina asking for a goal and not being specific about for who. Details, they're important.

Ok, at goal 5, we're wondering why Boosh is still on the bench. Nabby's having an off night, that mistake by Goc didn't help. That last one was just bad. How do you let that go in?

Goal 6. Who did that bounce off of? Anyway, the hockey gods are mocking us. Did you make your offerings to Sharkie, Shark fans?

This was a terrible game by the Sharks. Good game for the Wings, though the Sharks made it easy for them after the 1st. Last we checked, no team wins all 82 games. We're looking foward to Saturday's game against the Rangers. The Sharks should definetly have some motivation going in.
We'll be there.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sharks V Blue Jackets

I should totally add Nash's face in there

Didn't we just see these guys?

4pm this afternoon, radio & Stanley's. Check in with Fear the Fin's game day post for interwebby goodness.

We have travel + injuries+ a game tomorrow + a long game agains the Kings on Monday. Am I a bit concerned? Yep. Hopefully the Sharks will recall their last game against the Blue Jackets, ( I know I do. I was there) and adjust their play accordingly.

In other news:

In case you, as a Sharks fan have been feeling a bit miffed that your team and its fan base (that would be us) is getting crapped on despite being fantastic so far this season, Mr.K (you guys have too many Misters over there. I get them mixed up) has vented for us all here. This is our ride, internet, and we plan to enjoy it.

One of our favorites, Ryane Clowe, is this week's "Ask the Sharks" featured player. Let's get some good questions to him, Sharks fans.

And now for something almost completely different.

Post Game:
Sharks Lose 2-1 in OT. I'd write more, but I've been stuck in a cold (no heater!), cramped room all day. It makes it hard to focus after hour 9.

Mason stole this game.

Crabs in a bucket should be discussed at length next OT. (I enjoy the radio banter, don't you?)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Have to Ask

Why, Sharks promotional department, perhaps marketing department, why, oh why did you give the Sharks All-Star campaign such terrible artwork to run with? I don't want to sound rude, but, did you guys look at it before you approved it? I only ask because compared to the other campaigns out there, it's terrible and judging by the vote totals, rather ineffective. (maybe it's scaring voters away? It's really kinda freaky looking)

Have you not seen the awesome that is the Blackhawks propaganda machine? Pensblog has, without fancy creepy vector portraits, managed to get some of their players over the Habs hump. The fan driven write in Seto push has worked, giving him the highest amount of write in votes. That's with fan created art and campaigning.

While I like the idea of running with the political tie in, seeing as how this was a major campaign year, it just wasn't done right. (see the above videos for examples of how to do it right and do it well) Next time, I suggest not using drawings that kinda freak fans out. Maybe try fun little flash games, cool video ads, awesome posters, and most importantly, flattering portraits of your players.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Sharks v Kings

7:30pm Radio, Stanley's, Interwebs

JR on IR

McGinn is up

I'll cover this as best I can. My house is currently a war zone of torn up carpeting and splintered wood.

This isn't the best game to post this during but, in case you still haven't voted for the all-star game, Devin Setoguchi has some advice for you below. (I'll adjust the stats later to match his current totals. Those are old stats folks! He's good! Vote for him!)

Post game:

Boom. Poke Check. Game ends 3-2 Sharks over Kings in the shoot out.

The Sharks now have 52 points on the season. Let that sink in for a moment.

Penalties were a tad one sided, in my opinion. The Sharks were 1 for 1 on the PP. Jamie Baker took credit for the lack of calls in the Sharks favor. Apparently he ran into the officials before the game and jokingly asked for a quick game, because the Sharks have a long flight to Columbus. He got what he asked for, although, I felt like the lack of calls in favor of the Sharks made the game feel a tad longer at times. Or maybe that was all the calls going against the Sharks. Or their slow start. Or all of the above.

Patty and Clowe have the regulation goals for the Sharks. Greene and Purcell had the two regulation tallies for the Kings. Clowe gets the shoot out winning goal.

Ryane Clowe is awesome.

Grier had another awesome chance and didn't quite connect. One of these games, he'll do it.

Three Stars: Boosh, Greene, Patty Marleau.

Super good effort by the Kings. In a few years, we're going to really dread games against these guys. They were dominate in the first. Pretty even second and a messy third by both teams.

Kings goalie Ersberg left after suffering a lower body injury while making a save. Get better soon, mr. goalie, sir.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sharks v Blues

Please don't sue us. Jake and Elwood here are owned by their respective masters at Universal

7:30pm tonight. Radio, CSN+, Tank, Interwebs

Mina will be your recapper tonight, as I have to miss the game due to Christmas Party interference. She'll be at the game. Maybe if you're lucky she'll post some of the hundreds of pictures she takes.

JR is out thanks to lingering issues from his dislocated shoulder. Ducks, you're still on notice.

Kaspar is up.

They're selling Nabby bobbleheads at the game.

Legace is out thanks to a knee to the head he took on Wednesday. Mason or Bishop will be in.

Post Game Recap: Minako Style

That game was pretty insane in it's up and down nature. Or more like great play and epic suck. There were points in time where the Sharks played like the best team in the NHL and periods where they played like they should be in the cellar with Tampa Bay. The good news is that the 2nd period of suck set up a 3rd period of eventual epic awesome. Once again Patty Marleau picked up the team and carried them when they most needed him. I'm still not entirely sure I know how he was able to gather that puck to go in the net, but that is part of why he wears the C. For me, this is more evidence that whatever Ron Wilson thought was the right way to motivate Patty was completely wrong. He is a completely different player from last year and, on behalf of Sharks fans everywhere, I thank our cephalopod overlord. Also, God bless Ryane Clowe.

In terms of pictures, I took my photographer boyfriend to this game (Despite how that sounds, I only have one boyfriend who actually knows who I am. The rest are all imaginary.) and figured I would end up with some good ones cause he could help me. I did not imagine that he would end up borrowing my camera and taking some amazing pictures....on his own CF card. Needless to say, I need to steal those pictures and put them online. And also the ones he (and I) took using his super cool borrowed tilt-shift lens. Pictures which will be available someday. I promise.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Overheard At The Game, Dec 4th 2008

We hard a lot of great things at the game on the 4th against Columbus. The guys behind us were pretty amusing. We didn't hear the context for this one, in fact, all we heard was "...over the shoulder boulder holders." I just filled in the blanks.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sharks v Ducks

Tonight at 7:30. Radio, TV, Tank, Interwebs

The Ducks always bring out dread in Sharks fans. The two teams are fairly evenly matched and yet, in past seasons the Ducks seemed to have the Sharks number. On opening night the Sharks bested the Ducks, much to my delight. The next match up, however, saw the Sharks lose on the road to the Ducks. Badly, I might add. What does this mean?

Nothing other than I'm going to be nervous about this game tonight. That's how it goes when the Sharks face the Ducks.

Thanks to the folks at who took the screencap, this photoshop was possible

We might have to bust out Mr. Colbert again. Maybe by the time we need him against the Ducks again in March, we'll have figured out all those penalties at the end of the game.

From the official game summary:
1 1 3:50

2 Hooking
2 1 11:04

2 Holding
3 1 17:36

5 Fighting (maj)
4 2 12:04

2 Holding
5 2 15:32

2 Tripping
6 3 15:06

2 Roughing
7 3 19:39

2 Cross checking
8 3 19:39

10 Misconduct (10 min)

# Per Time Player PIM Penalty
1 1 0:24

2 Holding
2 1 10:52

2 Interference
3 1 17:36

5 Fighting (maj)
4 2 11:21

2 Hooking
5 2 11:21

2 Unsportsmanlike conduct
6 3 15:06

2 Roughing
7 3 19:39

5 Spearing (maj)
8 3 19:39

10 Misconduct (10 min)

We'll see what happens to Blake.

Was Nabby amazing or what? BOOM. Shut out.

The Ducks are learning, as everyone in the league is, that you cannot push around the Sharks this year.

After a relatively slow first, (ignoring those early penalties), this game got crazy. I think half of each team fought or shoved someone. Shelley and Parros got the fight party started and by the end of the third, it was bedlam.

Sadness is watching Grier just miss the empty net.

We're very glad JR was alright and able to return to the ice. Any time you hurt JR, you go on notice.

The Ducks put pressure on the Sharks all night. There were times when I could just feel a goal happening for the Ducks, but Nabby was brick wall and kept everything out. More time spent in the Sharks zone than I would have liked. This was not an easy win for the Sharks by any means. At times, it was down right ugly.

Goals by Patty and Seto.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Internet Hockey Boyfriend

(Apologies to my actual boyfriend who is on the internet but not into hockey. Also Steve Dangle has no idea who I am. I just admire from a far. He's a little young for me.)

Have you seen Leafs Fan Reaction lately? You really should. No, seriously. Go now. I'll wait...

Isn't he fantastic? OK maybe I find him funnier than most other people, but I find him both smart about hockey and able to make fun of his team while still showing the love. Below are some of my favorite videos to give you a taste.

Greatest Hits
Getting Brodeur'd - Some of my favorite bits are the ones involving the player figurines. Nothing beats Brodeur. "Blocker side? More like NO GOAL SIDE!!"
Sundin's Hamlet - Just watch. Shakespeare + hockey = Win
Nuh nuh....nuh nuh nuh nuh.... - I'm biased. I love having seen the Sharks beat the Leafs twice in the last 2 seasons. But I also love watching the carnivorous Joe Thornton card.

There are more, but it's late and I should sleep. I suppose he's easier to like cause I don't often care about the Leafs and the Sharks only face them once a year. Give the kid a chance and at least you'll have a good chance of being amused.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shark V Oilers

see what we did there?

7:30pm tonight, Radio, CSN+, Tank, or interwebs. (Our friends at Fear the Fin usually have the link)

Post Game:

Sharks lose 3-2 in OT. I'm not doing much of a recap for this one as I was either out or working for most of the game.

Roloson was the deciding factor in this game. He kept his team in it and helped them get the win. Shades of Ellis keeping the Preds to win in OT in it a few weeks back. The Sharks win streak ends at nine, but they have still yet to lose at home in regulation.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sharks V Blue Jackets

7:30pm. Radio, tv, Tank, interwebs.

We'll be there.

Post Game:

Let's get straight to the point, shall we? The team that deserved to win tonight was Columbus. The team that won, however, was the Sharks. 3-2. This despite being out shot, outplayed and outworked in all areas, except maybe in goal where Nabokov stole the show. Don't get me wrong here, Mason was solid in net all night and should have had a star (in my opinion and Mina's, anyway) But seriously, watch the highlight reel. Nabby=Gold. He kept the game from being a blow out in Columbus' favor.

The Sharks looked slow, tired and downright crappy for the first. I could go into detail but basically, they played like crap and it showed. Also, lots of sticks broke.
Columbus took the lead into the dressing room at the end of the first thanks to a goal by Nash. Screen city. Sharks fans began to worry.

The second was better, but not until about half way through. The Sharks started to finally get some life and started connecting. Still lots of weird bounces, breaking sticks and just bad playing from the Sharks. Somehow, the Sharks, despite their best efforts through two periods, managed NOT to shoot themselves in the foot and tied the game on the power play. Sharks fans felt slightly better.

That better feeling rebounded to joyful proportions when, 44 seconds into the third, on the power play, the Sharks took the lead. Not only that, but it was JR goal. O frabjous day! Joyfulness was short lived as Columbus tied it back up about 3 minutes later. Tensions mounted. The guys near by us started to boo. We're not sure, but they seemed to be booing Ehrhoff. Why? We have no idea. They were Sharks fans, but apparently they were a little more disgruntled than the rest of our section. They became more incensed when the Sharks got a 5 on 3 and failed to do much of anything. Columbus did a good gob of being in the way.

Things had started picking up for the Sharks in the third, passes were connecting, things were happening, less craptasticness overall. The boo birds were still busy, but thankfully, somehow, Joe Thornton batted in a goal and gave the Sharks the lead. Callooh! Callay!
It was a lead they'd hold, despite some scary good chances by Columbus. Sharks fans rejoice.

Tonight's win gives the Sharks 45 points in 26 games. We're trying really hard not to get too excited by that record. There's obviously still work to be done.


Adversity, Dan Rusanowsky, they had it.

Ryane Clowe owes me a goal.

I, Gray, coined the term "Ehrhoffian" tonight.

Empty nets seem to have a magic force field that turns on only when Marleau shoots a puck at them.

Sharks promotions folks saw fit to sling shirts with this ridiculous image on them into the crowd. Unflattering doesn't cover it.

Tonight's win gives the Sharks 45 points in 26 games. We're trying really hard not to get too excited by that record. There's obviously still work to be done.

And remember...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And Now, A PSA From Devin Setoguchi*

*Ok, so it's not really from him. But, vote Seto anyway.

Post Toronto Mini Facts

Last night was Joe Thornton's third anniversary as a Shark. He celebrated by getting a goal and three assists. Not a bad way to party.

Douglas Murray, aka that brick wall people keep trying to knock over and end up bouncing off of, is also celebrating three years in teal.

There was a tribute to RW and crew last night on the jumbo-tron. RW claims to have missed it. They didn't show it on TV, so we missed it too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sean Avery, Drama Llama

Awesome Drama Llama idea cannot be attributed to me, alas! Too good to pass up though.

Way to show a serious lack of respect and class for yourself, the game and your fellow players. Not to mention your ex. It's a stupid and entirely avoidable reason for getting suspended. Say something on the ice if you have to, but keep it about the game, not life off the ice. Or, keep it clean on camera. Don't be stupid.

I'm not sure what he said was worth a suspension. A fine, for sure. I figure the suspension is Bettman covering himself. You could make an argument for him trying to make the league look good too, by letting guys know not to run their mouths. You could also make the argument that he did it to protect Avery from on ice retaliation, though, I'm pretty sure Avery would have welcomed it. Talking is what he does. So, maybe not. Who he is likely played a roll in the decision to suspend.

I usually find Avery's antics mildly amusing, if only because, as one of Mina's friends said, it's impressive to watch a guy who really doesn't care. Even here, I laughed when I saw the headline. Avery, suspended. Not a surprise. Still, I think it lacks class. I'm not saying guys can't say how they feel, or take digs at other players, but talking about someone else's love life on camera is a bit too whatever for me.

Sharks v Leafs

I tried to capture RW in his natural state: exasperation.

These two aren't facing each other for a reason. I don't think we need to rehash the communication problems RW and Marleau, (arguable RW and the entire Sharks team), appeared to be having last season. The story line of tonight's game will be whether or not Ron Wilson's Leafs can defeat Todd McLellan's Sharks. Or, if you prefer, can Todd McLellan's Sharks defeat Ron Wilson's Leafs.

Who has to more effective style? Can the Sharks play against a version of themselves from past seasons? Nabby vs Toskala. Toronto media vs whatever the outcome is. RW vs Toronto media. It's a night of battles, and the most colorful will likely take place off the ice. Tune in because it should be a good game. You can read about the media frenzy tomorrow.

I wish I had tickets.

7:30 pm, Tank, TV, radio, and potentially here too.

Shameless self promotion again. I still have shark covered holiday cards , and other assorted items of awesome for sale. If you think the economy is tough right now, try running a business in it.
Again, these are my own creations and not in any way related to the San Jose Sharks.

Post Game:
Sharks Win! 5-2

Four of those five goals were scored in the first. Early pizza night in the Tank. Om nom nom

Sharks goals by: Seto, Joe, Boyle, Vlasic (PPG), Joe Pa (SHG)
Leafs goals by: Kulemin & Hagman

Killer first. Not so good second. Decent third. Good game overall.

Vesa, I <3 you, I do, but, I wanted to see the Sharks win. Sorry.

I really wanted Armstrong to get his first NHL goal. So did Armstrong. It almost worked out too. He managed to get on the score sheet, but it was a 2 min. penalty for hooking. Next time, Riley!

The Sharks tied the NHL record for points through the first 25 games with 43. If you didn't watch them game, then you didn't hear how they mentioned that possibility over and over and over.

Mina lets us know that last season, it took until Dec. 26th for the Sharks to hit 43 points.

The Sharls are also the only remaining team to not have a home loss in regulation this season. I'd like that to continue on Thursday, when I am at the game. Just saying.

Ron Wilson travels with his own Leafs background for press stuff. Awesome.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

For Those Of You Experiencing Center Ice Issues

We got an email earlier today alerting us to the fact that Comcast is apparently only offering it's customers 10 channels of Center Ice, instead of the proper 12-20 channels. Neither Mina or I have Center Ice, so we can't personally confirm the issue, however a google search will reveal problems with Comcast's Center Ice package. They appear to be wide spread and not limited to the Bay Area.

There is a thread about it here.

Some good Youtubage about the issue.

Commenters on Working the Corners blog have stated they've been able to negotiate a partial refund due to the discrepancy between promised channels and actual channels. Check the link and scroll to the comments for more info.

Might I suggest idunno723's best discovery ever?
I did have issues with it for the Stars game, but it worked wonderfully for the Phoenix game. I can't guarantee it will work perfectly for all games, this IS teh interweb afterall, but, it's a free alternative to Center Ice.

If you have more info on the Center Ice issue, let us know. We'd like to keep the info as accurate as possible.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sharks V Coyotes

Last time the Sharks faced the desert dogs, they got the lead and proceeded to give it away, along with the win. No emotion, no drive to win the game. Hopefully they've learned from that mistake (and all the times they did the same thing with other teams in the seasons prior) and don't repeat the loss.

Possible factors tonight:
Jokinen, is out for at least two weeks.
Cheechoo left the game in the third last night and didn't return.
Tellqvist is hot hot hot and might start in net. Career wise against the Sharks he's 0-3-0.
The 'yotes have won back to back games coming into tonight.
Preview here.

Game time is 6pm, radio only.

Post game:

Well...that was...quite the game, wasn't it?

Anyone know what Rob Blake got 2 for unsportsmanlike conduct, 10 min misconduct and a game misconduct for at the end? Jamie Baker thought it was for chatting with the refs in a less than friendly manner. He guessed that, perhaps, due to the lack of calls for anything, Blake might have been expressing some discontent.

Bryzgalov was chased very early on, after allowing 2 goals on the 2 shots he faced. Tellqvist proved to be more solid for the Coyotes and helped keep the game tied until the third when Joe Pa put home the game winner. Go JoePa! Two goals in one game. Rob Blake also had a goal. Nabokov allowed two goals within the first five and a half minutes, but remained solid for the rest of the night.

Phoenix goals by Morris and Turris. Gotta hand it to Phoenix, they kept the Sharks in check most of the night. It seems like the Sharks are still trying to figure out how to play their game when they can't play the way they want to. Without a lucky shot by Joe Pavelski, these two teams might have gone to OT. OT is anyone's game. Thankfully, The Sharks found yet another way to win and took home 2 points in regulation.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shark V Stars

The Stars on are the verge of total collapse. They'll either go nova on the ice tonight, or continue to experience a resurgence in activity before run away fusion destroys them all in a giant supernova.

image care of Mr. Tyson' facebook page

Don't relegate them to the cosmic trash bin just yet. The Stars won their last game against Minnesota and the Sharks victory over Chicago was sloppy. This game has the potential to be flat out weird.

The game will be on CSN plus for those of you with digital cable, radio and, care of one of Mr. Plank's readers over at Fear the Fin, here as well. Big thanks to Mr. Plank and idunno723 for the live stream link.

Post Game:

Sharks win 6-2

Sharks had 6 goals on 30 shots while Dallas was held to 2 on 27. Cheechoo didn't play in the third, not sure what happen. Lots of Sharks fans at the game from the sound of things. Neither Mina nor I could get the stream to work, so we listened to the game.

Turco was pulled and the Star's backup Tobais Stephan played the 3rd, allowing 1 goal on 11 shots.

Boyle got 2 goals. I know I wasn't the only one hoping he'd get a hat trick.

Pavelski got his first penalty in 39 games. He also got a goal.

SJ had 2 PP goals.

Clowe was assist city.

Milan and Plihal also had goals.

3 Stars: Jumbo (3), Blake(2), Boyle(1) Clowe gets an honorable mention.

I'm really not too sure what to say about the Stars. They're falling apart at the seams and no one seems to know why. That has to be amazing frustrating for the players and coaching staff. You see problems, but you can't solve them.

Meanwhile, the Sharks are on a roll. Here's hoping the roll over the 'Yotes tomorrow.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sharks V Blackhawks

Don't forget to check out Fear the Fin's open thread during the game. Always amusing.

So, apparently, Campbell is worthy of Pronger level boos. Seriously? I'm really over him. He is representing the Blackhawks in the vs image above, but that's partly me trying to be witty and partly not knowing what else to do for the Blackhawks.
Dan Boyle is a better fit and arguably the better player. Still, it is kinda funny to listen to.

Post Game, mid game:

Strong first for the Sharks, strong second for the Hawks. Rob Blake scored at the end of the first to take the 1-0 lead into the second.

Toews capitalized on a hideous breakdown by the Sharks in the second to tie the game at 1-1. Is it me or are there a lot more 5 hole goals this season?

The Sharks may have controlled the punk all first period, but the second was all Hawks. The Sharks spent so much time in their own zone, I wasn't sure the other half of the ice still existed.

Grier got 5 minutes for boarding and a game misconduct. The hit was high and in the numbers. I'm not sure he meant for that or if he was trying to hit on the side, but either way, it was what it was.

Dan Boyle saves the day with an amazing save while flying into the net on his side. We seriously need to find a video of his save. Just wow.

The Sharks got a break from the 5 minute PK when Chicago took a hooking penalty.

Patty nearly scored on a out of position Khabibulin, but was stopped by a Hawks at the last second. Somewhere in the mass of insanity that proceeded Patty's chance, Khabibulin got hurt. The replay didn't make it clear how or what, but I suspect they'll give us updates as the game goes on.

Huet comes in and on the first shot, by Goc, the puck nearly trickles in. A Hawk was watching the puck and caught it before it rolled passed the red line. Marcel, seriously, keep an eye on that thing!

Sharks take a late penalty to go into the 3rd two men down.

I don't know how to describe the 3rd. Crazy, perhaps, is the best word for it. At times it definitely looked like the Sharks were more focused on gravy and stuffing tomorrow, not hockey. Other times, they seemed on the brink of regaining control, but couldn't quite get a handle on the Hawks. Their passes looked overly fancy but they were just sloppy. Nothing was connecting and it was clear the Sharks were struggling.

Toews scores his second of the night early in the 3rd, to put the Hawks up 2-1. It looked like it went of Blake's leg to beat Nabby.

JR had his own take on the spin-o-rama. It didn't go in, but it did look good.

Patty, after working hard in Hawks zone, ties it at 2-2.

Campbell was booed religiously all game.

The Hawks threatened many times before the final 20 minutes of regulation came to a close.

The Sharks won the face off, then things got a tad iffy. It looked like it might get real interesting when the Hawks turned the puck over to Jumbo Joe, who got it to Clowe. Clowe made a sweet pass back to Joe who slammed it behind Huet for the win less than a minute into OT. To say Joe had a look of Joy when he skated to Clowe after the game winner would be putting it mildly. To say I calmly celebrated would be a lie. I think you could hear me a cross town.

We thought the 1st star should have been Joe Thornton, as did Randy and Drew. 1st was Patty, who was still deserving, 2nd was Toews, who totally deserved it, and 3rd was Thornton. Boyle get my honorary 4th star for that amazing save.

Nabby looked pretty good. Toews beat him easily, but lucky no one else could. He did say he needed to find his legs, but he looked pretty sharp. He had some high praise for Khabibulin after the game, adding he was worried about him after he got hurt.

Chicago adjusted very well to the Sharks after the first. Credit where credit is due. It was Chicago's game to win, and for most of the last 40 minutes it looked like they would. Somehow, the Sharks managed to get the win though, and the stuff to be thankful for lines just keep on coming.

What a crazy game!

Sharks v Dallas on Friday on CSN plus.

Leave speculation on Grier's chances for suspension below. Goons seem to get off easy, regular guys, not so much. Grier claims to have not been going for a hit in them numbers, and he didn't intend to hurt anyone. Having watched him for a while now, I buy that. He really isn't a dirty player. That's not just me being a homer. Jamie Baker had a theory on why it was a 5 min major and so does Mina. Remenda disagrees with both their theories. Doesn't matter either way. The League will do what the League wants. There's really no rhyme or reason to it. Never want to see a guy get hurt from a hit. Looked like his arm. Hopefully he'll be back sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We don't get it either.
David Pollak clears up a few things for the confused among us here.

Next Train Out of Montreal, Please.

How upset with yourself are you if you're O'Byrne right now?

We've all seen this happen to a guy on our own team. They forget the goalie isn't there, (Craig Rivet. OK, so his mistake didn't go in the net but it came very close), it goes in off you as you try to block it, bad pass in front of the net (Semenov and lots of other guys), you swat it in trying to make a save for your goalie who is out of position...yeah, it happens. Even when it benefits your team, it kinda sucks to watch. (Ok, ok, so I enjoyed Turco swatting a puck in at the Dallas v Sharks game, but that has more to do with last season's second round loss than anything else. I also thought Patty had put it in and didn't find out until I got home that it was actually Turco that scored the goal and I did feel a tad badly for him. I digress.)

I can hear Habs fans calling for his head right now. This is the guy that lost the game for their team, he's not going to be very popular. How do you even go on the ice next game after something like this? I'd be mortified. How these guys get back up and go play, and manage to come off as focused and ready to go after such a spectacularly booched play is beyond me.

I remember when Patrick Rissmiller made a mistake that caused a playoff game against the Preds to go into overtime. To say we were displeased with his performance would be putting it mildly. He somehow got his focus back, came back on and got the game winning goal in OT. That totally made up for his mistake. O'Byrne didn't get a chance at redemption.

That totally sucks.

Monday, November 24, 2008

"He Just Toe Picked It"

So I had a comic I was planning to post, but it turned out terribly. Until I have confirmation of its suckage or lack thereof It totally sucks; I'm posting this gem instead. It's a few years old but still hilarious.

Thornton's teeth have been found. We repeat, Joe Thornton's teeth have been found. Question 10 has the scoop.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sharks V Caps

They should have designed the Capitol Building with non architectually inclined artists in mind. That sucker is hard to draw.

Sharks win 7-2! A sound defeat of Ovechkin and crew. 2 goals by Clowe. That's what I call a good night.

Mina had the good fortune of being at this game, but she's on vacation so you get my short recap instead. I was fighting zombies and cultists during part of the game, but I wasn't so distracted that I didn't notice the Sharks slow start, or when they took their foot off the gas and let the Caps get some momentum. Luckily, the Sharks were able to regroup and took themselves to a 7-2 victory over the Caps. Morrison accidentally put on in the net for the Sharks in a scramble to keep the puck out of the net. It was a goal that likely would have gone in regardless, but you feel bad for for a guy anytime that happens. Nothing like getting bit by doing the right thing.

Shelley and Brashear fought, as we all thought they would. Brashear won the bout, but his showing off angered Shelley enough to get him a stick tapping and some words in the box. Brashear ended up getting himself a 10 min miscounduct in the second, I think for running his mouth. (I missed the replay due to zombie hoardes)

Sharks goals by: Patty, Clowe, Seto, Thornton (PPG), Vlasic, Clowe(PPG), Grier.

Grier seemed to be having an off night. I was glad to seem him get a goal.

Caps goals by Poti and Fleischmann(PPG. Nice one too, if I remember it correctly).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Black Armor

Thoughts on this later today as well. Until then, enjoy this video revealing the new third jersey.

I was very thrown off by the fact that the narrator kinda sorta sounds like Randy Hahn, but isn't. Maybe I wanted it to be Randy Hahn. Weird.

Gray's Take:

**yes, I know they're called sweaters not jerseys, but what can I say? Old habits die hard.

Simple and sleek, this is a pretty good looking third jersey. The teal contrasts nicely with the black and the throw back laces are a nice touch. The only thing I don't like are the shoulder SJ patches. Those just don't do it for me, but they aren't a deal breaker. The real selling point is that JR, the Master of the Universe himself, would buy the jersey. If I had the money and they had an authentic jersey in my size, I'd buy one too.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Nabby returns?

Nabby's back! This is great news, but, I'm reserving my excitement for just a little bit longer. Nabokov's been out for long enough that I am not sure he's totally ready to start against the Caps tomorrow night. If you've ever been injured, you know how long it can take to get back to peak form in your chosen sport. Nabokov does have access to the great trainers and rehab, so, it's not for want to quality care that I think he needs a few more days. A goalie needs great focus, and getting back into game form after 2.5 weeks off is not something one can do in a day or two. I trust McLeallan's judgement, but I think I'd be a tad more comfortable seeing Boucher get one more start, just to give Nabokov a few more days to get back into form. Nabokov is more than welcome to prove me wrong though. I'd have no issues with him coming out and making my concerns look silly.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shark v Preds, Take 2

Here we are again. Facing the ever annoying Predators. Last game the Sharks took their foot off the gas and let the Preds take home a win. It was also the Sharks first home loss this season. Going into this game, the Sharks have a power play that's finally coming online, scoring coming from everywhere, and the desire to beat the Preds in front of their home crowd.
Mmmmmmmmmm possible payback.

Could this be Greiss' fist start in goal?

Will Ellis let ANYTHING into his net?

Will Arnott once again remind us that's he's annoyingly good, especially against the Sharks?

Tune in at 5pm to find out!

No one ever wants to see a player get injured. We might not like Arnott on the ice, but we respect him and hope he's alright.

I was a bit miffed at the VERY FEW Nashville fans who booed as most of the Sharks left the ice. You've got a man down, now is not the time to boo the other guys.

In case your wondering, the hit wasn't intentional. Joe and Arnott were flying hard toward the net, and Joe Pa, off balance, nailed Arnott, who was also off balance who sailed over Boucher and into the bottom of the net, head first. Never good no matter how it happens. No need to call for Joe Pa's head though. It wasn't malicious, it was just a terrible series of events. I'd see it the same if it was the other way around.

Fear the Fin lets us know that Arnott is alright. Thanks to FTF and On The Forecheck for that news.

POST GAME RECAP: The Minako version

(Gray has a Everest sized pile of laundry to deal with tonight (me, I just ignore my laundry until I run out of clean clothes))

Well my oh my, that was a game wasn't it. It definitely played much closer than one would think a 4-1 game would. It was nice to see the Sharks continue to play hard for most of the game (certainly more of the game than they did in Chicago) minus those few minutes halfway into the 3rd. Nashville certainly played as hard as was expected, but in playing physical they made a lot of mistakes that landed them in the penalty box. There were 3.5 fights which is something Sharks fans are growing to expect from Nashville games.

The power play was still a little sketch after being amazing against the Flames (4 for 9) and very, very good against the Blackhawks (4 for 6). It will be interesting to see which power play is the real Sharks power play: the one of those 2 games or the 16% or so that they had been going at before playing out of their minds. I'm hoping those two games were a sign of good things to come and that this game was an aboration. But I'm probably wrong.

Sharks are off until Saturday when they will unveil their snazy new black third jersey. I will be there with my brother (Ovechkin is pretty much his favorite player so this is an early Christmas present) and since I have the next week off, I should be able to get pictures up soon(er).

Yay Sharks!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sharks V Blackhawks

That's right. We went there.

Post Game:

This game was so all over the place, we don't even know where to begin. The last two minutes were beyond insanity when it come to suspense and chances for the Blackhawks to tie it.
So, for now, we'll leave it as it ended, with the Sharks winning 6-5.

This game was ones of those you watched and realized that if the Sharks of last year were playing it, they would have lost. The ice was kinda bad, the calls were going against them at times, and then against the Hawks, bad plays on both sides, weird back and forth play and two goalies who really needed a beer after the game. Last season's Sharks would have let the circumstances of the game defeat them, but these Sharks persevered. Barely. It certainly wasn't a pretty win, but they stuck with it and got the job done.

A game like this is good for the Sharks. They need to learn how to respond early to teams that don;t let them play their game. To prolonged pressure in their zone, and to the many odd circumstances and calls that can turn the momentum against a team. They've only had a few of those games so far this season. Let's hope they're learning from the experience.

I think they are, but time will tell. Tonight may be a good test.

Sharks Goals: Michalek, (42 seconds in!), Thornton (PP goal), Boyle (PP goal), Roenick (JR! Off the schneid!), Boyle again, (on the PP again!), and Seto (PP goal and the game winner)

I was very happy when Seto scored but then it was another 4ish minutes of nail biting suspense until the game ended.

Hawks Goals:
Versteegm (short handed), Campbell, Versteeg (dude had Boucher's number all night), Barker (PP gola), Kane (PP goal)

Friday, November 14, 2008

This Just In

Original Image Credit: Chris O'Meara, USA Today

Barry Melrose, head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, has been fired.

16 games.

They gave him 16 games and fired him. Fired him and replaced him with Tocchet.

It's not that I didn't see Mr. Melrose's pink slip as inevitable, (esp. with the current Lightning owenership), I just didn't think they'd fire him after 16 games. Though, considering the Lightning have been trading players like candy, I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.

But how do you not give a guy a real chance to get things going?

Good luck Lightning, I think you're going to need it.

Overheard At The Game: Dallas Stars Edition

Let's not spread this around teh interwebs, folks.

I decided to mix it up a little on this one. Our friend in the chair was done with a brush (ox hair for those taking notes), and the rest was done with a zebra pen. I forget what fonts I used, they were in a huge batch I bought awhile ago.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sharks v Flames

This is not a game I'll be able to keep my normal objectivity for. To put it simply, I don't like the Flames. Last year's seven game round one extravaganza was a nail biter of epic proportions. Not having to face them again for a season or so would have been fine by me.

Every time Calgary comes to town, people start talking about the Kiprusoff trade. As Mina so eloquently puts it, "He couldn't win a starting job. He went to Canada and came back a different man." That's pretty much all there is to it. Considering it's 2008 and that trade happened in 2003, the statue of limitations on freaking out about it has expired. Time to let it go.

Well, that was...awesome!

Sharks win 6-1. It was a pizza night for all at the Tank!

Milan Michalek tried his best to get a hat trick, but was held to two goals.

Joe Pavelski also had two goals. (Joe Pa!)

Patty and Big Joe joined in on the goal scoring party.

Sharks got four of their 6 goals on the power play. Hello effectiveness!

Ehrhoff and Blake both had three assists.

The Sharks D was on fire!

Boosh was fanatastic. I'm so glad we picked him up last season.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sharks v Preds

Yes, that is a Predator. Why do you ask?

What is it about the Preds that makes Sharks fan cringe? Is it those two post season match ups? The fact that they have played a tad dirty against the Sharks in the past? Is it that fact that their goalies always seemed to have some anti Shark force field around their nets? I'm not sure what it is, but what I am certain of is that there is a bit of a rivalry going on with these team and that tends to lead to interesting hockey games.

The Preds are coming in at 6-7-1, which doesn't really mean anything. Compare that to Dallas at 5-7-2 and then think about how the Sharks played Saturday night. The Coyotes are 7-6-0 for reference. As I said, the stats don't mean much other than each team has won and lost games, albeit at different rates.

Always a show when the Preds come to town, be sure to tune in.

If you didn't catch them yesterday, be sure to read the announcements in the post below.

Boyle is out tonight. He and his wife welcomed their daughter to the world this morning. Congrats to the Boyles. And the Shelley's who also recently had a baby.

Everyone has poppies on tonight. I'm assuming that's for Veteran's Day. (Armistice or Remembrance Day to our non US based friends) In the US, poppies are more commonly seen around Memorial Day, so, forgive us if we seem a tad confused by their presence.

Seto gets the first goal after 19 shots for the Sharks. They did have a goal waved off earlier in the period after the ref lost sight of it.

There was a 4 on 3 for a bit (which is when the above mentioned puck went in after the whistle) that was kind of awesome.

Ehrhoff was nailed in the faced by a puck, but appears to be ok.

Patty has been doing all he can to get a puck in the net, but Ellis is doing all he can to stop him. He's very effective at his job. He stops 21 shots to end the first.

Shots are 43-18, but it's a 2-1 game. Math fail.

Blake got the second tally for the Sharks towards the end of the period while on the power play. His goal was answered by shortly after by Arnott, one of my least favorite players, because he's a Shark killer. (nothing personal, sir, you're just annoyingly good against the Sharks) Boucher made a rare bobble while trying to adjust and Arnott was able to get the shot in. Randy Hahn said 5 hole. I'll go with that.

You can tell how much the Sharks are missing Boyle on the power play.

That was a weird second. There was a Sharks power play, 4-4 and Preds power play, all within the same 3.5 minutes.

Someone tried to check Douglas Murray. Hope they had fun with that.

Obviously a lot of good chances for the Sharks, but Ellis has that anti Shark force field going on.

My cat just tried to publish a post. Maybe I should let him handle the third period summary.


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dis gamez going to overtimez. wil be late night 4 kittehs.


tasty sharks has gud chance but preditorus skor to winz game. I nao go nom on piece of papers i foundz. has gud nite!

Gray chimes back in: preds win 4-3 in OT.
Now, here's an animated blast from your past that is sort of Veteran's Day topicalish.
Hopefully, unlike me, you'll be able to actually watch it instead of being distracted by how off model Linus looks at times and the utter simplicity of the mouths. There is also linkage to part 1 if you feel like reliving the entire half hour special.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Announcements of the Semi Hockey Related Variety

Just in case you can't get enough of us, we're excited to announce that, pending any supreme disasters that render this announcement null, void and full of fail, we'll be HLOGging it, on top of Couch Tarting, in the near future. We'd like the thank the fine ladies at HLOG for the opportunity. (in case of fail, this half of the post will be deleted and we'll deny it ever existed.)

If you've ever though to yourself, "I love those little sharks Gray draws and I wish they came in greeting card form, so I could share them with my friends and relatives this upcoming holiday season," do I have some news for you! I'm selling greeting cards featuring a shark, (not in anyway related to the San Jose Sharks. These are my creations), and goldfish in my store. They come in sets of 6, but if you must have more, contact me through my store and I can make some magic happen.

If you find the listing sold out, don't worry, you can still buy the cards. I relist them once they sell out. If you find them totally sold out, just ping me through etsy and I'll get you more right away.

edited for clarification

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Public Service Announcement: Get out and Vote!!

Thanks to BoC and Jonny W (and Will) for the image

There comes a time in a hockey season when the NHL asks you to vote for who you, the fan, think are the greatest and most deserving players in the league. Yes, kids, beginning Wednesday you can vote for the 2009 NHL All-Star Team. And while I know that I am making it a personal mission for Dan Boyle to make the team (3 goals and 7 assists in 15 games with a +7. How sexy is that!), I am making another plea for you to spend one of your votes writing in Devin Setoguchi. Just as "Vote for the Gooch" says, young Devin is no Rory Fitzpartick (though I did vote for Rory...more than once). He has 7 goals and 7 assists in 15 games through the game in Phoenix (*sob*) and has a +5. While that's difficult pace to keep up, he's a young kid and has been a solid player in the time he's been with the Sharks. I believe in him and so should you. Besides, who wants to see the same old players year in and year out at the All-Star game. Vote for Seto and he might bring you a milkshake instead of ice cream because it's exactly what you wanted.

Sharks v Coyotes

Post Game Recap: By Mina (who did not watch or listen to this game at all)


The End.

Gray's Take, or Point, Counter Point. (yes, I've watched a lot of SNL reuns)
I was only able to listen to the first. It was slightly surprising for it to end 2-2, but I have learned to never count out Phoenix. The Sharks two goals were scored on the power play, by Boyle and Clowe.

I try to save my panic mode for the playoffs. The way I see it, no team can go 82-0. Every game has the potential for a loss, and every game has the potential for a win. Since sports is supposed to be something I watch to relax, I do my best to not needlessly worry. I'm not on the ice, nor am I a member of the coaching staff. I don't know all of what contributes to a loss, but I do know the players like it even less than we fans do. They work hard to correct mistakes, and it's a good thing for them, and their coaches, to experience the downside of things every now and then. (though, not too often, I hope ;) )
It's disappointing when your team loses but, losses happen.

But hey, 2 power plays goals! Silver lining, right?

Mina's Take II: The Revenge


(Hey, this is kinda fun. I should do it more often.)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sharks v Stars

Second round rematch!

Well, not really. The Sharks are no longer under the command of Ron Wilson, so it's hard to call this a rematch. These aren't the same two teams who met in round two last season. The Stars are coming in off a win last night in Anaheim, though they haven't had the best start to their season. It's hard to say how this match up will go, as the Stars had been missing some key players until last night and that obvious affected their game play. I'm certainly not looking at this game with the same level of trepidation I had for the opener, but anytime you face a team that knocked you out of the playoffs for the first time in a new season, the stress level for fans creeps up a little higher.

Post Game:

First things first:
To the douchebag with the beer in the suit coat sitting behind and to the left of me: If I could have found the usher, I would have had you thrown out. You were nothing but an exceptionally annoying distraction for all of 228, parts of 227 and likely parts of 201. Believe me, people would have cheered.

To his high pitched friend: It's fine to cheer for your goalie, in this case Marty Turco, but when the puck is down at the other end of the ice, I really don't think he's had much to do with the play. Also, when cheering for Ott, please make sure he's on the ice.

Onto the game!

This was not the best game the Sharks have played. It was probably one of the worst. They were sloppy all game, never really kept control of the puck, and had a few very scary plays in front of their own net. Thankfully Boucher was up to the task, giving away only one goal. I trust Boucher in goal, far more than I trusted Greiss or Patzold last season. If the Sharks had gotten a loss, it would not have had to do with his play. He was solid all night.

I heard from the friend I was with who had teh portable interwebs with her that Drew was commenting on how quiet it was. It was very quiet, this is true. I have to believe it was because the Sharks were playing slower than usual most of the night. If they'd been playing like they had against the Pens or Detroit, they'd have mopped the floor with the Stars. Tonight was, for the most part, a rather lackluster affair. It had moments of excitment though, and the crowd would get back into it and start cheering.

That boarding penalty against Thornton was total BS. They showed the replay at the game, he wasn't doing anything illegal. Turco tripping him? Totally real, totally in front of a ref, totally not called. Ehrhoff's high stick was also not so much. Lost of questionable non calls going on. I'm not sure what game the refs were watching, but it was obviously different than the one I was at.

Marleau's goal, however, was a thing of happiness, and not just because it shut up the annoying high pitched Stars fan behind us. (he was annoying ALL GAME) Having only slept two hours the night before, I was not in the mood for overtime. Especially not overtime when the Sharks are having an off night. Mina put it best when she said that the Sharks are finding way to win games, sloppy or not.

Turco apparently though his crease was a porch because he wasted a good minute of game time sweeping ice out of it. He held up a face off to do this. This elicited a "YEA MARTY!" from squeaky boy behind us. I feel sorry for the Dallas fans he sits next to at home games.

Oh, I guess I should mention Avery. He was trying to be an annoyance, but when he kept ending up in the box because the sharks weren't biting he seemed to disappear. I'm pretty sure he was still playing, he just wasn't in anyone's face.

Clowe+fight = good stuff.

Goals by Boyle (who was fantastic all night) and Marleau

Dallas goal by Eriksson

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Case of the Missing Post

There was no game day post yesterday. We missed the game due to a scheduling conflict. We were invited to a party. One of those parties where someone says they started partying the night before and haven't stopped. A "I got two non-consecutive hours of sleep," party. We did have the good sense to check the score throughout the night, and were happy to see the Sharks win. What the scores didn't tell us was that Nabby apparently got hurt. Not good. Like the rest of you, we'll be waiting with some anxiety to see how bad his injury is.

Clowe apparently went nuts last night. I'm sort of sorry I missed that.

According to this Nabby is currently listed as day-to-day and Greiss has been called back up. Infer what you will.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sharks v Wild, Part 2

We eventually got around to the game last night, in time for most of the third. I only saw about 15-20 solid minutes of the game total, but in those 15 minutes I saw Clowe complete a Gordie Howe Hat Trick. Nice.

That Ehrhoff save was sick.

Having seen it go 1-0 Wild and then 1-1, I wasn't sure where the game would be in the third. Nice to see the Sharks at 3-1 to win it. Congrats to McGinn, getting his second NHL goal in four games. Maybe McLellan will keep giving you more ice time now, eh? Mike Grier (Mike Grier!) also scored, helping vault the Sharks to an 11-2-0 record and giving them the best record in the NHL. The Sharks are also unbeaten at home this season, a complete 180 from last year when they couldn't seem to win at home to save their lives at times.

So far, I'm liking the start McLellan era. As Jamie Baker says, not planning the parade yet, though. It's just two games into November, but I'm pleased with the trends I am seeing. The Sharks are finally looking like the team we all knew they could be. The team they should be. There are still kinks to work out, and there will be rough patches, (welcome to sports), but so far so good.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Game Day: Sharks v Wild Election Day Special

Go do it.

The Wild are off to a great start this season. They're currently sitting on top of the Northwest, with a record of 7-2-1. Should be a pretty solid Wild team that comes into SJ tonight. Look for them to provide the Sharks with quite a challenge. Go vote then come home and watch the game.

Like a lot of other people, we'll be glued to election returns, but we'll do our best to keep that to between periods during the game.

Edit: Some things trump games. Tonight does. No matter what side you're on, the returns and speeches tonight are way more important than hockey. We're watching those instead of the game.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Post Game Recap, Sharks v Avs

Mina's game day post was solid. Loved the pictures she chose too. Expect to see her cover a few more times until I get used to juggling my online store* and updates here. Because she did that, I'm handling the recap. I'm going to keep it pretty simple.

This was a decent game, despite it's problems. (Boy did it ever have problems.) It wasn't the most well played game by the Sharks, but it was one of the most entertaining in this young season. Colorado seemed dangerous to us going in. As Mina said, they can be streaky and you never know where it their next win or loss streak you're going to hit them. I have to admit I was thinking the Sharks were at risk of losing this one. At times in the thrid, the Sharks seemed keen on giving the game away, Luckily for them, and for us Sharks fans, they won.

Because you've all been patient with the lack of cartoons, here's your second one. Two in one day! WAT!

Yes. That is an evil snowman in a hockey helmet.

Special Election Day cartoon in tomorrow's game day post. I suggest checking in here AFTER you vote.

*If you're interested in seeing what's in my etsy store, shoot us an email, I'll send you the url