Monday, July 16, 2007

Don't Worry.....

Be Happy!

One of the downsides to a long off-season in any sport is there is a lot of time for fans to bitch and panic about what changes their team has made during that off-season. All sports fan have been guilty of the worry and the whining at some point in their sports loving life. After a few seasons of 49ers suck, I have worked very hard to adopt a wait and see attitude about my teams off-season moves.

Which brings me to hockey. On the surface, the Sharks look like they sat back and really did nothing this off-season other than let players get away. And that's kind of what they did. But I refuse to rule on what has happened until the season actually starts. Some players work well with others, some don't. Some players have long careers, some get hurt early in the season and aren't important. It's hard to tell these things until later in the season. So suck it up people. Heh.

In other hockey changes news, the NHL introduced changes to the uniform. Uniforms next year will be more tailored looking and a little less forgiving which I think is awesome. Because the uniform style is different, teams are taking the oppertunity to change their logos and uniforms. And if the Sharks Odyssey blog is to be believed (you need to scroll down a little), the Sharks new logo will look much more "fierce." A lot of Sharks fans don't like it. They say it looks silly, kind of like a cartoon. I say chill out and consider how bad it could be. It could be the Sabres logo. Nothing says fierce like a Buffaslug.

Look people, sports are supposed to be enjoyable. Bitching about things only makes you miserable. Find some other hobby to occupy your time until October. Or whenever your season starts.

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