Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Blogging German

In an effort to, well I am really not sure what, the Sharks have asked Marcel Goc, a German 3rd line forward, to write a blog about his experiences during the year. This blog is comedy gold. Gold. It is super obvious that he doesn't quite understand all the aspects of American culture, cause his blog is full of moments where you want to pat in on the head and say "OK, sweetie, don't try so hard."

Take this week's entry for example. The Sharks spent some time at a retreat in Banff over the long break between games and had a curling tournament. In a rather unfair move, Marcel ended up in an entirely European team, considering curling is more of a Canada thing. And yet Goc says "And how can I put this: we came pretty close to winning." Which is German for "We got destroyed. Twice." Hee.

So as a service to you dear reader, I will provide you with the highlight of each blog entry every week. This week's gem: "On the bus ride over, we played Socom on the PSP. We always play it on the plane. Joe Thornton says I cheat, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of if I get you." Awesome! Thank you Marcel Goc. Even though you suck as a player right now, at least you are entertaining me with your sweet little blog.

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