Sunday, January 6, 2008

Obsession Girl Crush: The Pierces

Aside from being a way to suck most of my time away quickly, television is one of the few ways I get introduced to new music (as I have sworn off listening to the radio. Stupid commercials).
And my love for the show Gossip Girl has given me more than just wonderfully trashy television. This little gem introduced me to The Pierces. I heart them hardcore. It's rare that you find an album that has such a variety of songs. The songs all have different feels, from bright, upbeat pop to more sexed up songs. I know that the whole MySpace-auto-playing-song thing is super annoying, but give a few of their songs a listen. I reccomend "Secret," Lights On," and "Three Wishes." Also heck out the video for "Sticks and Stones," one of the best killing videos since "Goodbye Earl." Plus any band that can write the bio that they have must be awesome.

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