Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sharks and Hairspray

Ok, so maybe tonight is the night for the Sharks to win at home. They played a good looking game despite losing to the Flames on Thursday in OT. If they can play like that again tonight, minus the last seconds of weirdness and minus an opposing goalie with a force field up, they stand a good shot at finally starting to win at home again.

We watched the Ms. America make over show last night and WOW, some of these girls have no idea we left the 1950s behind years ago. I was horrified to hear some of their views of sex before marriage as it became clear that many of them had never taken a sex ed course in their lives. Some of their ideas were not only outdated, but horridly incorrect. I was shocked by their lack of knowledge. Shocked.

I enjoyed watching the girls squirm when someone, maybe a judge, called them out on not being virgins after they all stated they supported waiting until marriage to have sex. Everyone looked so uncomfortable. I suspect a few of the youngest contestants might well be virgins, but the older girls have probably all had sex. Marriage can come in your 30s, 40s or later nowadays and it's unreasonable to think that anyone should wait that long just because some outdated social norm says we should. I think a lot of them actually mean they want girls to wait until they are 18. There's a difference and I am not sure they realize that.

I will probably watch the show again. I enjoy watching them take these girls out of their comfort zones and force them to update themselves. The Miss America pageant really is an outdated bore, and if it wants to continue, it really needs to reinvent itself.

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