Saturday, May 3, 2008

That was incredible

I have never heard the Tank as loud as it was last night. They interviewed Little Joe, but I have no idea what he said. It was so loud you couldn't hear him, not even a hint. It was like the speakers didn't exist. I can't even describe how loud it was other than to say it was amazing. Wow.
After 2 we were already to pack it in, down 2-0, but something happened. The Sharks woke up. They scored, they tied, they went to OT, and won. I cheered myself hoarse, as did close to 18,000 other people at the game. The energy in the building was great all night. Even when it looked like the Sharks had given up, the fans stayed in it, cheering, even after Dallas scored, trying to keep their team alive.
The scene leaving the Tank was nuts. People cheered and chanted in the halls, the staff looked on in amazement as thousands of happy fans streamed outside, continuing to chant and cheer all the way to their cars. It was a sign to anyone that ever thought that San Jose fans don't really believe in their team. The WWJRD people had a huge sign that said "BELIEVE" and people did. It was an incredible sight and one I hope the Sharks can bring back to the fans in a game 7. There were nearly 18,000 people in that building who want to see this one go all the way, and countless others watching at home hoping for the same. With luck, and skill, and a determination to play the game well, hopefully the Sharks can bring it back home for us. We'll be watching Sunday and hoping for the best.

Go Sharks!

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