Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Stress

Ok Sharks, this is it. By now we all know you aren't going to make it, so there's no pressure. All I want you to do is to FINALLY play like you mean it. Like you love the game. Don't play to win, don't play to get back into the series, for the hope of winning 4 straight, (though we would all be happy if you do), just play. You obviously aren't ready for the cup, so forget about it. Just play the game, have fun, because tonight is likely to be your last game this season.
If you can find it within yourselves to get a win, and give us Sharks fans a chance to say goodbye to you at home, that would be great, but I'm not going to make any demands. Just play and remind yourself of why you do this for a living. Keep that feeling in mind for next season. We'll be back in the Tank to watch you in October.

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