Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gray's Non-Technical Thoughts on Teal and White

First off, I'm very lucky to know folks who have season tickets who aren't able to attend and willing to let me use their invite.

It felt like there were more folks there last night than last year. Last year we were able to power through two lines and ended up getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the third line before signings ended. This year we got through one line. It was Cheechoo's line, so, take from that what you will.

They seemed to expect a big crowd because they had a ton of shirts and signs, but they didn't seem to think any of the crowd would want to eat. The poor food service folks were overwhelmed and ran out of hot dogs. I think they needed more than two places selling food. 2 per side and it would have been less crazy. (that said, I am infinitely glad that they sold food.)

I was incredibly bummed JR and Clowe didn't participate in the signings. I do realize they are not obligated to participate, and it's amazing that any of the players willingly submit themselves to fan interaction, but I can still be bummed.

We think Mina might have upset Mike Morris, but we aren't sure. She did make Lukas Kaspar laugh. (Unlike Logan Couture, he finds Mina funny)

On the Scrimmage:

I think Sharkie might have scared Randy Hahn.

Watching Clowe crack up after being misidentified as JR was great.

The general consensus was Teal was stronger on paper and had the better chance at winning. Apparently White disagreed.

They spent a lot of time down on our end, which meant our conversations were constantly being interrupted by the sound of large men crashing into glass.

Frazer McLaren was crazy. I not sure who it was on White that he nearly punched, but the guy was a beast.

There was a lot of talk about Graham Mink, despite the fact that he wasn't there.

On the Fan Selected Player Shootout:

The Sharks are still bad at shootouts.

The "just a bit outside" comment by Rusanowsky was great. It was a shame most people didn't seem to get it.

There was some confusion over the goalies roles in the shoot out and I could see the coaches and HP staff making the "wrap it up" signs behind Rusanowsky as he was trying to get it sorted out. I'm assuming this was so the could allow folks to skate and not just because Nabby had poofed when the scrimmage ended.

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