Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Shark, The Fan and The Wardrobe

The start of the season is quickly approaching. Time to address that most imperative of concerns: what do you wear to games? I always find it interesting to see what fans where to games. It often tells me something about them, like how seriously they follow the team, if they got their seats as part of some corporate deal, if they're at the game to pick up guys or gals, etc.

Once I acquired jersey I started wearing it to every game. I subscribe to the "lucky jersey" theory. If the jersey is a winner, meaning you wear it to a game and your team wins, you keep wearing it to every other game you go to WITHOUT washing it, until you team loses OR it gets dirty. Superstitions can be reasonable. No one wants to sit next to a smelly fan. During the winter months I can be seen in a Santa hat, even past Santa season. If the hat is a winner, you just have to go with it.

I don't dress up for games at home, unless it's game 7 of round one of the playoffs and it's do or die. Then I make an exception.

So what about you? What do you wear to games and, if it's a "lucky" item, how often do you wash it? Do you also wear your items at home when watching games on TV?


GeneralDisarray said...

Great question. You can always see me at The Tank in my #19 Joe Thornton Authentic jersey - pre-orange logo.

I'd wear a Sharks hat except 98% of hats look stupid on my giant noggin. I therefore don't get to participate in hat trick festivities, but then I don't lose $20 every time the Sharks score a hat trick either.

I'd like to wear some different Shark-related attire, but why when hockey sweaters are so comfy?

LuckyXIII said...
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The Robber Baron said...

I unfortunately can only watch or listen to sharks games since I live in So Cal. I usually wear one of my two Shark shirts on game days. Either my black Cheechoo shirt or my white Sharks camouflage logo. Both have the classic logo and not the updated one.

I'm planning to addend my first hockey game when the Sharks come to play the ducks this season. So I may have to get something special for that. =)

I don't have any special rituals about the clothing and whether it's lucky. I believe that the team ultimately wins or loses on it's own merits and not based on what I'm wearing. It helps keep me sane.

Mr. Plank said...

When I'm watching from my house I usually rock a teal sweater (17-4 last season!) or just a black tee that has the sharks logo on front.

At The Tank I keep it classy with the good ol Number 11 sweater (obviously not applicable when we're playing the Flames).

Loser Domi said...

I used to to and wear all blue and white clothing on game days. Then I realized that for a realistic Leafs fan, there's no such thing as a "lucky" outfit.