Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm a decent student. I take good notes, pay attention, but even I get bored. While I enjoyed many aspects for the workshop I attended over the past two days, I still found myself bored out of my mind, (and nearly out of consciousness), on occasion. 5 hours of lecture that start at 7:30am is a hard thing to sit through without the mind at least considering wandering off. (and that was just the first half of the day!) So, to amuse myself, I doodle. Yep, I'm old school. No rocking the texts or playing games on the phone. Nope. I still actually look as if I might possibly be paying attention when I check out. (and in fact, I am. ...Mostly)

Anyway, my mind invariably wandered to the Sharks, and then to Cycle Like The Sedins James OB's suggestion that I draw Doug Wilson. I considered how to render our dear GM and decided on what I feel must be how he's been feeling inside all summer.

Obviously pretty rough, but hey, I was in class.

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jamestobrien said...

LOL, Doug Wilson's "the scream!"

I like it.