Friday, August 28, 2009

To Kill A Salary Cap Bird

First, a general reminder of how trades work:

The Trade:

Luko and Ehrhoff for two Canucks prospects of mid range quality.

Breakdowns on White and Rahimi

The Low Down:

Ok, first things first. THIS WAS NOT A MOVE FOR HEATLY.

Random Reader: How can you be sure?!?!? zomgheatly!!!!!eleventy! We have cap space nao1 WE R GUNA SIGN HIM!!!!!!!

Me: Well, I can't, but that Sharks still have Torrey Mitchell to resign and they still need another D man and some assorted Forwards. You don't free up cap space for multiple guys to blow your wad on one.

Random Reader: ...Why do you have to say it like that?

Me: *BLINKS* Moving on...

This was, as had been stated pretty much everywhere else, a salary dump deal. We all know that Ehrhoff and Lukowich were worth more than two prospects and that the Sharks kind of got the short end of the stick here. However, coming from a position of no real power, I don't find this at all surprising. It was pretty clear that a move like this would have to be made before Sept 30th, (I think that's the cap compliance date), and it was simply a matter of time before it went down.

This trade gets the Sharks under the cap and gives them the wiggling room to sign the rest of the players they need in order to ice a complete team. It also gives the WorSharks a chance to move up to the big club on a more permanent basis.

[UPDATE] DW talks to Dan Rusanowsky about the trade. h/t to sandjoselandshark

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