Monday, August 25, 2008

Game Time Cuisine

August is winding down but for hockey fans, it's been a long month. There's just not much to talk about and it shows. So let's try something new, shall we?

What do you eat at games? Are you a beer and popcorn type or do you prefer anything fried? Is pizza your thing or do you prefer a good old fashioned hamburger? Hot dogs the standby or do you survive only on the mix of misery and happiness hockey brings?

I myself am a nachos fan, but not just any nachos, Una Mas nachos. Better than those salty disks and rubbery cheese any day. Real cheese, beans, guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo. Num.
I wash these down with a refreshing bottle of water. Just water. No sodas or beer for me. The sodas are way too huge and the beer is way too expensive.


Cat said...

If I go to the game, I don't eat. I may get a Red Bull or a soda, depending on how sleepy I am. Afterwards, my friends and I go to Taco Bueno for delicious fast-food Tex-Mex.

If I'm at home watching a game, I generally eat junk food, although I've made actual meals before, too.

GeneralDisarray said...

Pregame I'm all about Tied House's $20 all you can eat and drink special. You've got 2 hours to get through as many crappy corn tortilla tacos and pints of beer as you can.

At the game, the Una Mas nachos are fantastic but sometimes an adventure to get there. The Chicago style dogs are excellent too.

Gray said...

How do you make it to the end of the game without dinner?! I have to eat at the game. If I don't I'm likely to start gnawing on Mina's arm during the game.

I think she'd prefer I didn't resort to cannibalism.

And yes, Una Mas can be an adventure to get but the nachos are worth the perilous journey.

Earl Sleek said...

I try to do all my night's eating before hitting the (Anaheim) arena -- there's a pool bar nearby with crappy cheap food.

Then when I'm at the game I try to make sure that every dollar I spend goes strictly to the liquor vendor. What can I say? Live hockey and drunken behavior go hand-in-hand for me (helps me cope with supposedly stressful games).

I should point out that I'm not a terribly frequent attender of games -- I usually hit about 5-10 a season. So cool off, AA, I'm just an occasional drunkard-fan.

Jen-Again said...

I usually get a baked potato with cheese/chives/bacon bits and a beer from outside section 203, with an occasional foray to the sushi stand upstairs outside of section 214. Could I sound any more NorCal?

However! When we go to the 49er games I always get a polish with sauerkraut- is that redeeming me at all? Probably not.

patricknye said...

i like the teriaki rice bowls @ the sushi place upstairs. Good deal, and you can get a kirin (beer) right next door as well. Ususally a smaller line than the places downstairs too.

Mr. Plank said...

I usually go to the place upstairs that serves trip tip sandwiches and potato salad (I think it's near the 220 section).

Alas, I haven't turned 21 yet (about a month) so I'm usually the "strap the flask to your groin" guy. Ah, the skills you learned in high school.

Gray said...

I can say with confidence that it's rarely worth the cost to buy booze at a concert or game. $8 for a thimble of liquor hardly seems worth it.

We have baked potatoes at games?! I had no idea. I may have to try one of those this season.