Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm writing like I promised...

2 weeks ago:
Gray: You really need to post something to the site.
Mina: I totally will soon. I have a few good things planned.
Gray: OK. Great!

1 week ago:
Gray: Seriously. Post something to the site.
Mina: I'm totally on it. Something before the end of the day I promise.
Gray: *looks suspicious*

A few days ago:
Gray: Is there something wrong with you? Why aren't you posting?
Mina: I am. I swear. Pinkie promise.
Gray: I'm sure people are getting tired of me. Stop being a slacker.


I'm a bad blog mommy. I really am. I get into such a slacker mode over summer vacation. But alas, starting tomorrow I actually have something to do that will force me to be awake during normal business hours for the next 2 weeks. *sigh* So it's only fitting that I actually write something now. In the next post. I promise.

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Will said...

If you're a posting slacker, I'm a reading slacker. Seriously, I don't check this site for a lousy weekend and I have 6...thousand posts to read. Really though, major credit to those of you that keep the posts coming. Don't tell Mr. Plank but the guest post I'm supposed to be working on has stalled. It's hard being funny and making a semi-interesting idea into an entertaining post. Now with my girlfriend talking me into watching Big Brother (10!) and the Sharks/Flames series being replayed on NHL Network finding free time is getting more and more impossible...*sigh*