Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hide Your Children From "The 'Stache"

As a proud member of USA Hockey, I receive USA Hockey Magazine. It is mostly useless for me because I don't play youth hockey in a cold weather area. Every once in a while it proves to be useful with some heartwarming story of the little hockey player who could or something equally sickeningly sweet. But today I opened my mail box to find something that I can never unsee.

Somewhere a huge mistake has been made. George Parros has been allowed to be near small children. It's even scarier closeup.

There is a whole story which you can read here. I truly think the pictures speak from themselves.

can't sleep........'stache will try to punch me

(PS. My favorite part of this fight is the part where Parros throws his glove at Parker and Parker throws it into the crowd like "WTF?" Plus I loved being able to have this photo as the wallpaper on my computer and having my students ask about it.)

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