Saturday, June 28, 2008

Items that should be noted...

* Even though July 1st is like an extra Christmas for hockey fans, it has been noted that this Christmas in July is more likely to feature coal in stockings than a brand new Wii. Which is not going to stop me from feverishly refreshing various hockey sites in the hope of the little teal Shark announcing that one signing that is going to put the Sharks over the top and get them that amazingly beautiful trophy (I'm getting carried away, I know). All a hockey fan can ask for is something interesting to happen. I can promise that I'll be here (watching my air conditioning get mercifully repaired) and I'll certainly post my "expert" opinion about any signings.

* As Gray reported, the Sharks re-signed Jeremy Roenick, Brian Boucher, and Joe Pavelski. These signings make me happy. The Couch Tarts love for JR is pretty transparent. Hell, he promised me a beer when the Sharks win the Cup. I'm just glad he gets another chance at fulfilling that promise. Boucher is a solid back-up goalie and Joe Pa had a great season (for him) last season. Nice job, Doug.

* Last night, the Sharks announced that they issued qualifying offers to Ryane Clowe, Marcel Goc, and Christian Erhoff and I'm happy with that development. My issues with Erhoff have been numerous, but when we need him in the playoffs, he did show up and play well (then again it was compared to Seminov so we won't go there with the comparison) and I was generally impressed with Goc during the season, particularly the many different ways that Randy Hahn pronounces his name. But Clowe is the one player that I would miss the most if he were to leave. As the wise Mr. Plank showed, Clowe was a damn monster during the playoffs, very Tomas Holmstrom-esque without being as annoying (to me at least). I'm not sure I could handle the Sharks without him. Besides how many teams have a guy from Newfoundland on their team?

Unless something exciting happens, I'll see you kittens Tuesday.

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