Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sharks Coaching Announcements: Live Blog Style

Your intrepid reporters were on hand (in our living rooms) to watch the live announcement of Todd McLellan as the new Sharks Head Coach. And, in our normal fashion, we discussed the event online. Here are the highlights (read: things that make sense if you're not watching the feed with us.)

[11:03] Mina: oooo noise
[11:03] Gray: check check
[11:03] Gray: lol
[11:03] Mina: sounds like me trying to get my cats attention

[11:07] Mina: Go #2!
[11:07] Gray: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo #2
[11:07] Mina: and we are going to try to copy them (the Wings)
[11:08] Gray: hey, if it gets us the cup, I'm so ok with that
[11:08] Gray: SO OK
[11:08] Mina: As am I
[11:08] Gray: put Joe's big ass in front of that net
[11:08] Mina: I can handle being the Wing rerun if it means we get a Cup

[11:09] Mina: I like that he's interested in having a stable couching foundation
[11:09] Mina: Not a 1 and done
[11:09] Mina: Hehe
[11:09] Gray: yes
[11:09] Gray: that's nice to hear
[11:09] Mina: Doug is funny
[11:10] Mina: We all know this guy has cred
[11:10] Gray: some people think he doesn't because he's never been head coach in the NHL
[11:10] Gray: and you can't find a lot on him
[11:10] Gray: other than he won stuff
[11:11] Mina: Exactly
[11:11] Mina: As a Niners fan I have learned to give people a chance
[11:11] Gray: :)

[11:11] Mina: I like "now and for the future"
[11:11] Gray: he has to be jazzed to get a chance
[11:11] Mina: I hope so
[11:11] Gray: right after getting the Cup

[11:12] Mina: I'd like him to look more jazzed but I know he's trying to be professional
[11:13] Gray: he is
[11:13] Mina: But I'm happy there is a guy who wants to coach here

[11:13] Mina: I'm curious about whether they are keeping Timmy and Rob
[11:13] Gray: me too
[11:14] Gray: short and sweet
[11:14] Mina: Now we sit and answer lame questions
[11:14] Gray: yep
[11:14] Gray: Bueller. Bueller?

[11:19] Mina: I like the shape of his head
[11:19] Gray: lol
[11:19] Mina: hee
[11:19] Gray: I like how DW looks like how could have been a model back in the day
[11:19] Mina: I missed the point didn't I?
[11:19] Mina: I NO
[11:19] Gray: that distracts me every time I see him

[11:19] Mina: He got people to rep for him
[11:20] Mina: never missed playoffs? curious
[11:20] Gray: high expectations
[11:21] Mina: well we have those anyway
[11:21] Gray: true

[11:22] Mina: I want to hear drew talk about how much he likes a Saskatchewan boy
[11:22] Gray: hahahhahaaha

[11:24] Mina: My name is Minako from the website Couch Tarts. I was wonder if you are going to keep the same assistant coaches.
[11:24] Gray: that was short
[11:24] Mina: it was
[11:25] Mina: Well I would have liked other questions answered but I get it
[11:26] Gray: me too

[11:26] Gray: now it's something about the flyers
[11:26] Mina: odd
[11:26] Gray: yes
[11:28] Gray: when in their training did they learn how to get more suspensions than any other team in the league?
[11:28] Mina: Hee
[11:28] Gray: oh yeah, I went there
[11:29] Mina: of course you did
[11:29] Gray: heh

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