Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sharks, Deal or No Deal

Our uneducated guesses of who the Sharks will keep and who the Sharks will chose to let go come July 1st. This is based off an unofficial list of UFAs and RFAs. We left off the AHL guys because we don't know as much about them. Deal= keep, No Deal= moving on

Brain Campbell: Deal
Boucher: Deal
Ozolish: No Deal (we realize this might just be us projecting our desires onto the Sharks management. He was a good player and he has had to come back after facing some personal problems, which we respect him for. We believe he's past his prime as a player though, and that's why we say No Deal.)
Patzold: No Deal
Plihal: Deal
Rissmiller: Deal
Semenov: No Deal
Shelley: Deal, if they don't acquire anyone else deal

We think Clowe, Palvelski and Goc will get new contracts. On Ehrhoff we were undecided.

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