Thursday, July 2, 2009

*cricket cricket*

*how can you not love and utilize that amazingly terrific Kendra quote?

Anyway, slow day today for any fan looking for hot hot UFA action. I guess everyone sat down after yesterday and realized they didn't have any more money. Ah, the economy...

Sharks fans are still waiting for the finalized deals with Huskins and Clowe. How long does it take to fax papers back and forth, guys?

The general consensus is that it's a long summer and DW won't make a splash too quickly. He has a long time to work out the best deals to finish filling out the roster, while also moving some salary around so we don't go over the cap. It will take some creative trade work, but he'll get it done. What's sure is that the team we knew and loved over the last few seasons is no more. The Sharks will have a new look.

Like Garth, we fear change, but we realize it's also inevitable. I'm going to try and reserve judgement on the signings/moves until we have a better picture of what the end result will be, but I'll likely still be unhappy/annoyed/elated/pleased/etc with the moves that are still to be made. So much so, in some cases, that I will feel the need to post about it.

Any player news will obviously be posted, regardless of opinion.

Speaking of which...Joe Pa may find himself staring down some familiar faces come the 2010 Winter Olympics. Assuming all four Sharks make their respective teams, that is.

The Sharks don't have much else to share, but they did make a handy guide for folks new to the free agency thing. It's got some out of date stuff on yesterday's free agency air time here in the states, but it's a good start for anyone confused with what's going down.

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