Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Past the parts of a wedding ignored, you shall find some info regarding what could have been a deal that would have sent Heatly to San Jose. Apparently SJ is on the "approved" list of teams Heatly would move to, but the trade wasn't good enough.

I am wary of Garrioch, but in this case, it seems very very likely the the Sharks have been going after Heatly, and were willing to toss players at Ottawa to get him. Personally, I (Gray) am not at all comfortable with Heatly moving to the Sharks. Skills aside, past performances have shown us that there's a good chance he'll want out in a few seasons, and we could be stuck having paid a potentially high price for a guy who had no intention of sticking around.

There's no way any sane GM takes Cheech and Ehrhoff for Heatly. That would have been a steal of epic proportions. No, Ottawa is going to want more. A lot more. Picks, another player? (I think they have enough players, but ignoring that) Our Captain, perhaps? (DW DO NOT trade Marleau for this guy. Seriously) For as much as we Sharks fan talk about attitude being important, we seems to be willing to glaze over it somewhat in the case of Heatly.

I'm just not sure this guy has the type of attitude we need to push us over the "wait, how does the post season work?" hump.

As always h/t to TCY over at FTF who refuses to be scooped by anyone.

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