Saturday, July 18, 2009

Please Forgive The Interruption

To say we had a long week would be putting it mildly. I have no desire to go into details, in part because this is very public and in part because I will have to tell the tale a lot over the next few days. The short version is I spent the morning discussing the issue with the authorities.

But, that being how it is, we'll be getting back to hockey asap. Sorry for the break in coverage but sometimes life takes a turn down the shitter and you have to deal with it before you deal with hockey.


Sarah said...

hockey is a good distraction when life is in the shitter. Sadly, no hockey right now undoubtedly compounds all shitty issues. I can't offer you solutions or any hockey, so accept my semi-long distance hugs. And a picture of Vincent Lecavalier riding a camel (that always perks me up)

And we really need to meet up for an A's game. The season is slipping away!

Gray said...

That's hilarious! Hope he wore sunscreen!

SwisherThresher wants to do a Teal Out at an A's game on 8/1 or 8/2. You should come!

Sarah said...

ooo, i think I'll be around for the 8/2 game. I'll be back from vacation. woo hoo!