Friday, September 18, 2009

Canucks Get Medieval on Sharks, Win 6-2

Greiss looked TERRIBLE. Absolutely TERRIBLE. He moved slow across the net, had a slow glove, was out of position a bunch and was hesitant to play the puck. Half the time I don't even think he knew were the puck was. I really wanted him to do well, but based on what I saw tonight, combined with the few other performances I have seen from him, I remain less than confident about his ability to be our regular backup. (happy to have him prove me wrong. Very, very happy for him to do that)

The D looked like doggy poo. Terrible. It just wasn't clicking.

HI NOTE! tried to fight, and was only half successful. But that's ok because Fraizer McLaren was more than willing to give a clinic on how to beat the crap out of some guy, and look mean doing it.

Clowe nearly had this super awesome behind swirly spinning blind shot at the net goal, but it BARELY missed.

McGinn is awesome. All love McGinn!

Patty looked good too. And he got a nice round of applause from the crowd several times. SJ still loves Patrick Marleau.

Jody Shelley went to start a fight and all he got was 2 minutes for instigating, 5 for fighting, a 10 min misconduct and a game misconduct. Also included was a crappy t-shirt.

Stalock looked good, and the team looked much more confident in front of him. It's like they can sense when the goalie's mind is weak. Fin think?

It was nice when the Sharks finally decided to play with about 5 minutes left. They looked pretty good then.

Patty, JoePa and Blake all had an A on their jerseys.

Ehrhoff got a goal and an assist. Where was this Ehrhoff when we had him and how do the Canucks get him to finally realize where he net is? Did they give him a better map? Install GPS? I didn't boo him when he got a star, and I'm disappointed people did. He was traded. He didn't leave us, we told him to go. Don't boo the man. He kinda had a smirk when he heard it. Fans did, however, cheer him when his name was announced for the starting line up. That was nice.

The stat sheet suffered from lack of name fail. We had NEARLY everyone on the Canucks shoved on there (Ehrhoff was a noted exception, though he did play and now has the number 5) and maybe half the Sharks roster. And it wasn't the half that was playing.

But you know what?

It's the preseason. Try again tomorrow, boys!

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