Friday, September 25, 2009

Trouble in Huskinsville?

As per WTC. Pollak, as always, is the man.

I think of all the summer moves, the (re)signing of Kent Huskins' is one that registered on everyone mind boggle radar. He got 1.7 mil and we haven't even seen the dude play as a Shark. I long ago gave up trying to understand the moves GMs make because, well, to be quite honest they don't seem to follow the same logic I would in their transactions. Now, much of this is because I only have the vaguest idea of what being a GM takes, (Look good in a suit. Tan early and often), whereas Doug Wilson and other GMs actually do this for a living. I suspect their insight into the job is somewhat better than mine.

The hope is that a less than stellar off season does not a bad regular (or post) season make. He was out for awhile and maybe it's just taking him some time to get back into the wing of things. Maybe he's still tentative and doesn't want to risk re-injuring himself this early. Maybe it's a combo of that and not quite being comfortable with the Sharks system yet. This is what I tell myself, anyway, because good or bad, he's here and all I can do is hope he works out.

Working the Corners provides us with more insight into the Huskinsville saga. It's not so much a saga as a slightly interesting conversation one wouldn't mind over hearing at lunch.

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