Sunday, September 27, 2009

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

No, I’m not talking about Kwanzaa! I’m talking about the few days before the start of the NHL season. Every year hockey fans’ heart is filled with hope and visions of their team winning the Stanley Cup run through their heads. Despite obvious setbacks, off-season drama, court room struggles, etc. most fans continue to hope and believe. Penguins’ fans hope to win the Cup again and Islanders fans believe that Tavares will save the day and get them the Cup this year. Calgary fans hope that their super-charged defense will get them over the hump and Phoenix fans hope that a new coach will help the team ignore the legal brouhaha and win the Cup.

And then there are Sharks fans (sigh.) My teal brethren. We hope no matter what. We hope that Marleau will prove the nay-sayers wrong. We hope that Thornton will be the monster in the post-season we know he can be. We hope the Heatley drama was really just the Canadian Press and that his douche-ness was exaggerated. We hope that Nabby will find his way (and close his 5-hole.) We hope that Joslin somehow gets AfroPuffs phone number and calls her and asks her out on a date. We hope that Murray keeps getting hat tricks. We hope that the Sharks will make it past the first AND second round and into the finals. We hope that the injury bug stays the hell away from our team this season. We hope that Todd has an amazing second season as the Sharks coach. We hope that Drew, Randy, Dan and Jamie will be awesome (again.) We hope that our mix of veterans + rookies + the massive disappointment of last year = the Stanley Cup.

So much hope. But unfortunately hope does not win hockey games or the Stanley Cup. Don’t get me wrong, having supportive fans definitely helps, but it’s up to our boys in the teal to bring it home. So please boys – even though the Couch Tarts will support you no matter what – we’ve been good (well, at least good enough) girls this year so please bring us the cup…

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