Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News and Notes

Sharks face off against the Canucks again tonight in preseason action. will be carrying the game. As always, preseason + Sharks + Canucks = extracurriculars. 7pm.

Puck Daddy lists the Vegas odds for NHL teams to make the playoffs this year. I'm not a betting (wo)man, but if I were, I'm sure this would be kind of exciting.

Fools and Sages has a mathtastical break down of special teams.

I've been working on a fun little side project with a few fellow artist bloggers, and I'd love to get some more folks participating. The idea is simple: Do your own interpretation of this piece by Francis Bacon using an NHL figurehead. All media are accepted. If you're photoshoper, do it in photoshop. If you like watercolor, do it in that. Me? I'm painting mine with acrylics. (pics here)

I chose Bettman, but other folks are doing Balsillie (who isn't a figurehead but is in the news a bunch) and potentially Burke. I want to keep it to Bettman or the GMs, preferably recognizable ones, but really, feel free to do whatever.
This is NOT a competition. There are no prizes. It's just for fun.

If you want to participate, let me know. (email off to the side of the blog. Scroll down a tad). It'd be cool to post a gallery of these.

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