Sunday, June 28, 2009

Potential Moves and the Danger of Disappointment

Change is coming, according to Pollak's chat with DW. But how much?

Are 6 to 8 roster moved enough to satisfy the angry cries rising up from some in the disgruntled San Jose fan base? It likely depends on what those changes are.

Unlike a lot of fans, I neither expect nor want to see Wilson blow up the team. I realize it's probably time for some players to go, (most Sharks fans I know agreeing that the time left in teal may be short for Cheech and Grier), but is it time to blow the team up?

One of the changes I consider possible, and large, though likely not large enough for many, is a changing of the leadership group. No, I'm not trying to toss Patty under the bus. I'm a big support of our current Captain, and if he keeps the C, I won't be surprised or concerned. However, I can see moving the letters about a bit to rewards those who showed pretty great leadership on the ice in that disastrous first round series against the Ducks. Ignoring Patty playing with a torn MCL for the moment (hello, leadership), Boyle and Palveski are pretty good picks if one if looking to toss some As around. JR has been a great motivator for the team, maybe give him a LM and make him the official team loud mouth. (I mean that in the best of ways, honestly. Love JR) I know, that's not an official thing, but still. If they don't have a life size cut out of him they are stripping naked with every win in the locker room, they should.*

Team motivation is what really needs to change. Beyond the players and their issues on the ice, there is clearly a lack of something within the organization. Some driving force. (No, no heart. They have that in spades as far as I am concerned.) Changes to the bench obviously influenced the team positively, but there's still something lacking within the team's core. I'm not sure how explosive moves in the locker room would aid/hinder that particular fix. Only time will tell.

I have a feeling that no matter what Wilson chooses to do in the remainder of the off season, it won't be enough for some. Some people won't be happy unless he ships out everyone minus Boyle. Personally, I'd be ok with a minimalist approach. A surgical strike on the roster, if you will. Oly fix what you know is broken. Leave the rest and see how it knits itself back together.

*Major League reference for those who don't waste as much of their time on pop culture as I do/did.

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