Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Power's been off and on all morning. Updates on players, moves, etc, if they come today, will be sporadic at best and non existent at worst.


Luckily, nothing huge went down today. Makes sense since the first is tomorrow. All the big splashes the Sharks may or may not make are more likely to hit then. Hopefully Gray will have reliable power tomorrow so as to provide you with coverage of all the day's events (or lack there of).

Working the Corners gives a more in depth reason for it being all quiet on the teal front.

Only thing in there that piques my interest is the Flyers potentially interested in getting Boosh back.

One thing of note: Joe Pa was invited to Team USA's Olympic camp. Whooo! Go Joe Pa!

And now, Gray is off to try and get some artwork done for tomorrow. Study all day, draw all night. And all with a cold. Don't say we don't love our readers.

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