Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Watch Or Not To Watch

The NHL Awards are tomorrow. For those of us south of the Canadian border lands, Versus will be covering all the fun come 4:30 pm.

Gray watched last year and was nearly bored to tears. The folksy hockey humor attempted by the host (I am sorry I don't know his name. Last year was the first year I watched the awards), didn't really seems to go over well and the entire show felt awkward and a little too self aware, while trying to remain somewhat kitschy. It was also very much not funny.

And yet...

There is some draw. Not much, but some.

Unlike last year, no Sharks are up for an award save McLellan. (and I swear we already know who won that award...) It's more that there is some morbid interest in seeing how bad a train wreck the show is and if Vegas offers it any spice. Combine that with the amazing lack of work Gray has at the moment, and she probably will, once again, succumb to dark desires to witness a televised disaster and tune in. Besides, I think I read JR might be there and maybe he'll mix it up.

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