Friday, July 18, 2008

2008-2009 Schedule Released

The schedule for the upcoming season was released yesterday and there are some changes that I am really looking forward to. This year, the Sharks will play every team in the league at least once and only play the teams in their division 6 times. I have been hoping the league would make that change pretty much since they changed the schedule to have 8 division games. I understand the importance of having important division games decide who makes the playoffs, but there was a good deal of unfairness with teams in the Pacific are beating up on each other and teams like Detroit slide though by feasting on inferior competition (though to be fair, last season both Chicago and Columbus were noticeably better). There are several games in the season that I am looking forward to including:

* October 9th - Sharks vs. Anaheim. Home opener against the Ducks? Hell yes! Ducks games are fantastic fun to go to and it will be all kinds of fun to raise the Pacific Championship banner with the Ducks and their fans in the house. Come hell or high water, Gray and I will be at this game. I just hope the power stays on this time.

* October 18th - Sharks vs. Philly - Last time the Flyers were in town, I was on a date with a Flyers fan and we went to see "The Departed" (I have a history of seeing odd movies on dates. See also: American Gangster) because we couldn't get tickets. The Flyers are a rough, physical team so this will be a nice test for the new Sharks and how they match up against physical teams, something that has been an Achilles Heel during the playoffs.

* October 28th - Sharks vs. the Pens - I was working last time Sydney Crosby and co came to town. I won't be this time. It'll be my chance to send a national anthem picture into pensblog. And maybe a few Air Shark photos.

* November 22nd - Sharks vs. Washington - The only Sharks road game I ever saw was in Washington DC when the Sharks beat the Caps 5-2. This is another must attend game if for no other reason than it's right before Christmas and my brother is a huge Ovechkin (OVECHKIN!!) fan. One Christmas present taken care of right there.

* December 2nd - Sharks vs. Toronto - Last season, there was a group of people at the Leafs game with Crosby Team Canada sweaters and a stuffed penguin. I'm curious to see what other crazies will be at next seasons version of that game. Plus it's the return of Vesa and Ron Wilson. Plus, as my ex the Sens fan always said, Toronto sucks.

* December 23rd - Sharks vs. Vancouver - The first opportunity of the season to mock my friend Rob. Or get paid back for all the mocking I did last year. Either way it'll be a good time. Plus, Steve Bernier comes back. Yay!

* January 3rd - Sharks vs. Islanders - A nice Barry Melrose Rocks/Couch Tarts show down. Plus I have a huge crush on Rick DiPietro. Meaning he won't play this game.

* January 13th - Sharks vs. Tampa Bay - I also have a huge crush on Martin St. Louis. I can't help it.

* January 31st - Sharks vs. Chicago - It's not the first game with Brian Campbell coming back, but it is another oppertunity for me to try to kill him with evil looks. Or I could be over losing Steve Bernier to a rental player who didn't have enough guts to admit he didn't want to play in San Jose for any amount of money. My bet is on still bitter.

* February 10th - Sharks at Boston - Hopefully Joe will get to play a full game in his 2nd game back in Boston since being traded. Look for him to stay away from running guys into the boards until at least the 2nd period. It's nice though that Boston still has one of the 3 guys we traded them for Joe. Just sayin'.

* February 26th - Sharks at Ottawa - I got to see the Sharks beat the Sens from the sixth row last season. This is one of several games that I really do not want the Sharks to lose.

* The Entire Month of March - March is full of solid looking games. Minnesota, Dallas, Nashville, Colorado. I'm less than optimistic for a repeat of last March, but I know it will be good hockey.

* April 9th - Sharks vs. Phoenix - I always love the last game of the season even if I can almost guarantee the Sharks will lose it. I will be there hoping to reverse my bad luck with the sweaters-off-the-back giveaways. This season I will get on the ice to get a sweater. Even if it ends up being an Erhoff one.


One thing I know by looking at the schedule is that I will be spending more money than I should going to Sharks games. I plan to attempt a road trip to see the Sharks play either the Kings or the Ducks. Strangely, there is no road trip this year where they play both teams. Maybe I can convince Gray to come with me and we can meet up with the BoC boys.

I also would love to see a home game when we can have a We Bleed Teal/Couch Tarts meet-up blogging spectacular. I cannot foresee any way that fun and mayhem would not ensue. What say you Mr. Plank?


Mr. Plank said...

I say that is the way to do it ladies. Let's set a date for either one of the Ducks/Kings games (I'm located in Santa Barbara) or in December when I'm home for Christmas Break.

Earliest one that looks good? October 17th in Anaheim against the Ducks.

Let's get the ball rolling.

Gray said...

I know the 17th of Oct would be too hard for Mina to get to by game time.

I'm going to leave planning up to you two. Pick a day and I'll see if I can make it.