Friday, July 4, 2008

Mr. Blake goes to San Jose or the Night that the BoC asploded

(A few asides first: 1) I'm going out of town for a week on a baseball park tour which will put the number of parks I have seen games in at 15. Gray will be around in case something exciting like trading for Dan Boyle happens. And I will get around to finishing my free agency extravaganza when I get back. 2) I know that there are more people reading the site, which is super awesome. We'd love to hear from you in the comments or in an e-mail. I can't speak for Gray, but I'm a super attention whore and want to hear from the people who are reading my crazy writing. Comment nicely and we'll sing your praises. Comment meanly and we might mock you a little, mostly privately and only if you say something stupid. Alert us to your blog and we'll add you to our links. It's one big group hug. Moving on...)

After years of trying to pry Rob Blake from LA and being unsuccessful (Thank God the Nabby for Blake trade never happened. Sorry Kings fans), Rob Blake signed a 1 year $5 mil contract with the Sharks. On the surface it looks like a lot of money for an old guy who screwed his old team over royally. And realistically, that is what it is. I can't say it's a terrible deal because Blake hasn't played any games for the Sharks and I'm the girl who keeps giving Barry Zito a chance with the Giants. 31 points and a -19 +/- isn't super shiny, but I have a hard time imagining him being worse then Seminov and Ozolish. It's not quite to no lose situation like the Sharks had with Roenick last year, but if he sucks, it's a 1 year contract and it'll give fans another reason to call for a different Wilson's head on a stake. So overall, I am cautiously optimistic about the deal and very willing to give Blake a chance.

And at the same time, I can't help feeling annoyed with how he left LA. I am by no means a Southern California fan, but I know that emotional attachment that people can have to certain players (one of the reasons my old roommate isn't speaking to me now is because Barry Zito went from her A's to my Giants). I pretend that Jerry Rice was never on the Raiders and that Joe Montana only played for one team. I am a big Steve Bernier fan and when Campbell came over for Bernier (and a pick that turned into a guy with my last name), I was accepting because it was for the better of the team. My reaction to him signing with Chicago is very similar to the one I had when he signed which was "Goodbye Brian Campbell. Thanks for taking a 1st round pick and my favorite Shark with you. Thanks for a great end of the regular season and one highlight reel goal. Wish I'd seen you during the playoffs. Best of luck and burn in hell. /bitter."

And in that way I can understand Rudy Kelly's response to Blake going to San Jose. If you come up to San Jose and boo Rob Blake, I won't stop you. Hell, I did the same thing to Jerry Rice.

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Mike said...

One on hand, Blake screwed the Kings in the past by not agreeing to the trades you mentioned. On the other hand, the Kings didn't even give Blake an offer. He offered to stay for $4M, but they didn't respond. How can you blame Blake for that?

I know fandom isn't rational and all, but in my mind, the Kings should have a) not included an NTC in the contract of an aging player, and b) offered at least average money for Blake. They are as equally to blame, in my view.