Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Signings and Rumors of Impending Glee

As originally reported a day or so ago by Mr. Plank at We Bleed Teal, Spector's Hockey now confirms that Ehrhoff has been resigned to a 3 year deal worth 9.3 mil. I have thoughts on this, and most of them involve a 10 foot tall net surrounded by neon lights with a big arrow that flashes "puck goes here."

Also mentioned is a deal with Clowe that may be finished soon. Thank you, DW. If you didn't resign him I was going to be one saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddd panda.

Semenov is also mentioned. I'm not sure how I feel about Semenov, but Clowe, sign now!

I'll leave it at that.


Mr. Plank said...

If we re-sign Semenov, he needs to be paired with Blake. Coupled with Blake's overpaid contract and Sharks fans general dislike for Semenov, I think we would have found a line that we would all be comfortable heaping heavy blame on at the end of games (even if they had done nothing to deserve it). Sounds like a plan to me.

Gray said...

We do need a new set of scapegoats now that RW is gone, hating Marleau has gone out of style, and Cambpell has fled the state.
I think you just provided us with the best and most terrifying solution to this problem.

Hockey Gods help us.