Monday, October 5, 2009

OMG FINALLY: Pre-season Predictions

Last season, I managed to convince Gray and my brother to go on record at the beginning of the season about how they thought the conference standings would look at the end of the season. Turns out I am much better at blind guessing than they are and now I need to defend my "crown."* Of course me being me, I waited until the last moment to frantically text some people to get their predictions. Thankfully, Gray, AfroPuff, and my brother are kind enough ti indulge me in my procrastination. Gray would like everyone to know that she used a random number generator to make her picks; the rest of us spent a bit more time with ours, but I suspect she'll do better than the rest of us.

In order to have a gimmick "control group,"** I had two of my classes pick team names from a hat. (My senior Economics class picked the West and one of my junior US History classes picked the East.) Most of them had no idea what they are doing. It's awesome to keep teenagers confused.

When the season is over, I'll use a super scientific method of determining who came closest in their picks and who is the "winner." To the "winner" go the bragging rights.

* - This is competition only in my mind. I need to be better than Gray in some way.
** - Gray thinks I'm silly for wanting a gimmick set of picks. Yes, yes I am.

Gray's Picks

The West The East

1) Vancouver Canucks 1) Ottawa Senators

2) St. Louis Blues 2) Pittsburgh Penguins

3) San Jose Sharks 3) Toronto Maple Leafs

4) Chicago Blackhawks 4) Atlanta Thrashers

5) Columbus Blue Jackets 5) Buffalo Sabres

6) Los Angeles Kings 6) Montreal Canadiens

7) Dallas Stars 7) New York Rangers

8) Calgary Flames 8) New Jersey Devils

9) Minnesota Wild 9) New York Islanders

10) Colorado Avalanche 10) Boston Bruins

11) Edmonton Oilers 11) Washington Capitals

12) Detroit Red Wings 12) Florida Panthers

13) Anaheim Ducks 13) Tampa Bay Lightning

14) Nashville Predators 14) Philadelphia Flyers

15) Phoenix Coyotes 15) Carolina Hurricanes

AfroPuff’s Picks

The West The East

1) San Jose Sharks 1) Washington Capitals

2) Chicago Blackhawks 2) Philadelphia Flyers

3) Calgary Flames 3) Montreal Canadians

4) Detroit Red Wings 4) Boston Bruins

5) Vancouver Canucks 5) Carolina Hurricanes

6) Anaheim Ducks 6) Pittsburgh Penguins

7) Dallas Stars 7) Toronto Maple Leafs

8) Minnesota Wild 8) New Jersey Devils

9) Phoenix Coyotes 9) Atlanta Thrashers

10) Edmonton Oilers 10) Ottawa Senators

11) Columbus Blue Jackets 11) Buffalo Sabres

12) Los Angeles Kings 12) New York Islanders

13) St. Louis Blues 13) Florida Panthers

14) Nashville Predators 14) New York Rangers

15) Colorado Avalanche 15) Tampa Bay Lightning

Mina’s Picks

The West The East

1) Detroit Red Wings 1) Washington Capitals

2) San Jose Sharks 2) Pittsburgh Penguins

3) Calgary Flames 3) Boston Bruins

4) Chicago Blackhawks 4) Montreal Canadians

5) Minnesota Wild 5) Philadelphia Flyers

6) Anaheim Ducks 6) New Jersey Devils

7) Columbus Blue Jackets 7) Buffalo Sabres

8) Los Angeles Kings 8) Carolina Hurricanes

9) Colorado Avalanche 9) New York Rangers

10) Edmonton Oilers 10) Ottawa Senators

11) Vancouver Canucks 11) Tampa Bay Lightning

12) St Louis Blues 12) New York Islanders

13) Dallas Stars 13) Toronto Maple Leafs

14) Phoenix Coyotes 14) Atlanta Thrashers

15) Nashville Predators 15) Florida Panthers

Geoff's Picks

The West The East

1) Detroit Red Wings 1) Washington Capitals

2) San Jose Sharks 2) New Jersey Devils

3) Calgary Flames 3) Boston Bruins

4) Anaheim Ducks 4) New York Rangers

5) Chicago Blackhawks 5) Philadelphia Flyers

6) Vancouver Canucks 6) Pittsburgh Penguins

7) Minnesota Wild 7) Carolina Hurricanes

8) Columbus Blue Jackets 8) Tampa Bay Lightning

9) Dallas Stars 9) Toronto Maple Leafs

10) St Louis Blues 10) Florida Panthers

11) Nashville Predators 11) Ottawa Senators

12) Edmonton Oilers 12) Buffalo Sabres

13) Colorado Avalanche 13) Montreal Canadiens

14) Los Angeles Kings 14) New York Islanders

15) Phoenix Coyotes 15) Atlanta Thrashers

Student’s Picks

The West The East

1) San Jose Sharks 1) New York Rangers

2) Nashville Predators 2) Washington Capitals

3) Calgary Flames 3) Buffalo Sabres

4) St Louis Blues 4) New York Islanders

5) Chicago Blackhawks 5) Carolina Hurricanes

6) Columbus Blue Jackets 6) Pittsburgh Penguins

7) Detroit Red Wings 7) Toronto Maple Leafs

8) Colorado Avalanche 8) Atlanta Thrashers

9) Minnesota Wild 9) Ottawa Senators

10) Vancouver Canucks 10) Boston Bruins

11) Phoenix Coyotes 11) Montreal Canadians

12) Anaheim Ducks 12) New Jersey Devils

13) Dallas Stars 13) Philadelphia Flyers

14)Los Angeles Kings 14) Florida Panthers

15) Edmonton Oilers 15) Tampa Bay Lightning


Ann said...

I have to say, I am quite amused that somehow everyone chose the Sharks to win the Pacific, including random generators and hat-picking. Is it a sign?

Gray said...

It was a random list generator or my dropping a pen on a list of each conference and seeing where it lands. If I do better than the rest of you, it's going to be a very weird post season.

Mina said...

I was totally amused when the Sharks got pulled first. I will say this, I would love to see Toronto in the playoffs if for no other reason than it will piss Mark off.