Monday, October 12, 2009


After a summer like the Yotes had, my respect for this team and its fan base has deepened. (not that that stopped me from referencing a potential move when deciding what to draw for them, however.) The 'Yotes always play very well against the Sharks, spurned on by some magical ability to defeat the team in teal handily on many and sadly memorable occasion. ("Coyote Ugly" is still ugly, a few seasons later) And to come back and play after the uncertain summer the team had is not only commendable but a testament to their desire to stay in AZ. Players didn't run from the team. Keep that in mind.

The game kicks off tonight @ 7:30 on your TV and radio. CSNCA and KFOX have you (mostly)covered. Last game in this early three game home stand for the Sharks. Break out your teal and head downtown. Party is just getting started.

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