Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post Game Recappage

Again we had a slow start. Period one wasn't as sloppy as it was on Thursday, which is an improvement, but it was still sssssssssllllllooooooowwwwwwwww.

Owen Nolan is always like "oh hey guys, nice to be backBOOYAPUCKINYOURNET!"

Nabby was awesome last night. Just fantastic.

Not in relation to the Sharks game last night, but in relation to several others truculent was last night's twitter word of the evening. For example, Leafs fans became very truculent after Toskala let in yet another goal."

Jamie McGinn had a HUGE hit. Fantastic

Sykora and Clutterbuck (best last name ever? He's certainly in the running) were taken out by hits from Murray and Marleau and did not return.

Whatever keeps being said between the 1st and the second seems to be doing the trick. The Sharks came out much more energized and together. Someone should start saying whatever that is that's getting them going BEFORE the game too. 40 minutes is a good start, but it ain't 60. And we need 60 full minutes from the Sharks. (hmm, this sounds familiar)

I stand by my nonsensical Brody Brazil comment. If you've seen Brazil, it probably made more sense to you. Or at the very least, as much sense as that movie made. (which imo was none)

It was power play city on the ice from the Wild last night. As soon as the Sharks would get out of the box, they'd be back in it! I'm glad to see the PK was largely successful, but maybe a little less time on the PK next game, eh boys?

Wild went into the second up by 1 and proceeded to score again in the second. Down 2-0 again Shark fans were starting to wonder how this game was going to go. Thankfully Ortmeyer decide to score his first goal as a Shark (and I think I heard first goal in a year?) and brought the Sharks within one.

A few minutes later Patty Marleau tied the game and reminded everyone, once again, why his doubters are perennially wrong.

Dany Heatley brought the Sharks into the lead late in the 2nd on the PP.

9 seconds into the 3rd Patty Marleau struck again and took off and scored, leaving everyone in his dust. yes folks, he IS fast. You've just been too busy pooping all over him the past few seasons to notice. Bret Hedican,( one of several new CSN sports guys), said he thought Patty was in mid season form. I agree. Heart, anyone? Anyone? or are will still going with that tired line about him not having any?

Still getting used to the new commentators on the CSN side. It's great to have more coverage of the Sharks, but much like the team on the ice, the new TV team is still trying to gel. Of course, Bakes, Randy and Drew are doing just fine, but there's a little more time needed to breed familiarity with the rest of the folks. The guy working with Bret, for example, gets really excited and likes to point out when things are a hockey term. Sir, I appreciate your efforts in all honesty, but those of us watching the post game coverage probably either a) already know that or b) will be able to discover meaning via context. That's how I learned, anyway, and it's how a lot of sports fans learn. He is super into it though. Gotta love his enthusiasm!

Teh Todd is no nonsense this year. Wouldn't say he seems meaner, just harder and more determined to succeed.

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