Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Additional Thoughts On last Night

As I tweeted not too long ago,I'm really surprised that Patty's two goals got no mention from Teh Todd. He was apparently only pleased by the play of Demers and Ferriero. (Read the print article here WTC update on the game is also up but the page is currently down) I can't figure out how the guy who scores your two goals gets tossed in the poop pile with the rest of the team. Part of me is wondering if it's part of some vast anti Patty conspiracy, but that's going a little too close crazy town. No use in reading into things that I'm not even sure are there.

Also a little surprised that some expected the Sharks to come out of the gate like gangbusters. IIRC, the Sharks have a habit of losing their first games, and did so quite often under RW. It happens. Considering how much the team turned over towards the end of the off season, it will take time for all the new lines and defensive pairings to gel and learn how to communicate with each other. Yes, people were slow and missing assignments all night, but it was clear that no one was sure WHERE they needed to be, and my guess is some of that has to do with the fact that a lot of old familiar players are gone, and the older Sharks have to adjust to the newer players styles. The newer Sharks have to adjust to be Sharks. It will take a few games to shake the bugs out.

It just seems a tad early to start contemplating jumping off the bus.

I think I am going to get very tired of hearing about Heatley not scoring this season. At least until he does. haha

The second line looked good. Gonna love Joe Pa, Patty, Clowe this year. Bringing the awesome to your face!

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