Friday, October 9, 2009

Recapping the Home Opener, part 2

I covered a lot of it last night, but I had a few additional thoughts about it that I said I would share.

The penalty shot was cool only because we don't get to see those too often. I think it took about 2 seconds for it to sink in for most of the crowd that that goal was also Heatley's third of the night. Then the hats started to fly.

There was a spontaneous chant of "DANY HEATLEY" sometime between the goal and when the hats were finally all removed from the ice.

A paper airplane is not a hat.

Despite assurances to the contrary, Mina was quite certain that if Heatley hadn't been pulled down on the play, his shot would have missed. That would have left Joe with the team record tying four assists he had on the night.

While I both understand a respect the decision to not have any fan fare what so ever for the unfurling of the new banners, I wish they said something before doing it because I nearly missed it. And again, while I see where they're coming from, I did still want to see them drop.

I'll say it again, "Where is Joe Ike!?" UPDATE: NOOO! They frakking fired him!

At some point Drew stuck his head out of one of the upper boxes behind and to the left of us. The crowd went wild.

I was wondering if JR was sitting in his seat wondering why we were booing Seto during the introductions. We don't boo him, we say "Gooooooooocchhhhh", but it seemed to confuse JR a lot last year. To be fair, it does have a pretty similar sound to it.

Conversations you kinda want to see the end of, but you also want to get back to your seats before intermission ends: "It's not like I was sitting like this!"

Just add a Mike's Hard lemonade and give that deer a surly drunken look and you'll get the idea. The usher wasn't buying it but I give her points for not cracking up as the drunken party in question nearly toppled over during her demonstration. (for those who don't know, leaning forward is verboten. The seat placement makes it so leaning obstructs the view of the people behind you.They even announce this sometime in the first, and yet, people still lean.)

Afro and I discussed how similar Dany Heatley's arrival here has been the JR's. Everyone knows I love JR, but even I was worried when I heard we'd acquired him. Sure, he's great, but will he be more of a liability than a boon? I've had the same reservations about Heatley, though I said before he came, If he's a Shark, I will happily cheer for him. I'm still formulating my own opinion of him, but scoring goals is a quick way to win over fans in nearly any city.

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