Monday, April 28, 2008

Do I need to break out the Hockey Hippo already?

The more I think about last night's game the more confused I am by it. Both games, actually. The Stars aren't playing amazingly well by any means, but they are playing consistently. (I actually found Dallas' style in these past two game boring, anyone else with me on that?)The Sharks, on the other hand, are getting sloppy and doing absolutely ridiculous things on the ice. I know I couldn't do a better job, but I sometimes wonder if giving some of the better skaters in the audience gear and a stick wouldn't be more successful than whatever the Sharks are doing now. They're being out worked by Dallas. SLowly.

There's also a total lack of passion from either team, which is very, very odd. I had this pegged as a great, nail biting, all out war sort of match up. Instead what I got was two teams who couldn't seem to care less and a Get Loud t-shirt. I appreciate the free clothing, but in order for me to be able to wear it, the Sharks kinda need to win a few games in a row, like, now.

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