Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Game 1 Reflections

Well now, that was incredibly craptastic. Nothing like showing up to find your team no longer remembers how to play hockey. Good effort the last three minutes but it was too little too late. I hope that was the kick in the butt you needed to get rid of that cocky swagger of yours. The Cup isn't just going to fall in your laps; you need to EARN it. Keep that in mind. Calgary isn't just some push over you can dance around. They have nothing to lose, and you have everything. So tomorrow, gentlemen, play like you mean it and maybe, just maybe, the fans will keep the tank nice and loud for you as requested. I don't event think I could be proud of that win were I Calgary. It wasn't a challenge, it wasn't even close.

At least Ryane Clowe decided to come and play. Too bad nobody else did.

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