Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Picks for Round 1

I did these last night but they didn't make it here, largely due to lots of sadness over the utter lack of play I witnessed at the game last night.

Detroit over Nashville in 6. The sadist in me really wants to pick Nashville in this series. Wouldn't it be hilarious if they won? The Sharks would have to face them in R2 if that were the case, so maybe it wouldn't be so hilarious.

San Jose over Calgary in 6
, unless the Sharks decide to keep playing like crap.

Minnesota v Colorado.
7 game series, last team with a man standing wins. I don't expect this to be an easy series and I don't expect many players on either team to make it out alive.
Edited: Apparently I'm forced to choose a team not just predict the state of both at the end of the series. Wild in 7.

Anaheim over Dallas in 5. I don't think this one requires much explaination.

Now onto the East. I don't pay much attention to the East during the regular season so forgive me if these picks seem odd.

Montreal over Boston in 6.

Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 6. I'm being generous here and giving Ottawa a chance to show up. I doubt they will.

Washington over Philadelphia in 5. Yeah, I know, 5? Somebody needs to be a risk taker here. The Flyers are tough but the I think the Caps want it more and they want to keep any series against Philly as short as possible.

New Jersey over New York in 6. I made this pick only because Jersey has Brodeur. This was also before I saw the score of last night's game. I'm sticking to it though, so watch it be wrong.

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