Thursday, April 24, 2008

Round 2 picks and a Suggestion for the Sharks

Since we all know who the better sportswriter is here, I'll leave my comments to some brief picks and a cartoony suggestion.

Habs v Flyers: Everyone has the Habs pegged to advance, which is hard to disagree with, but the Flyers are dangerous. I kinda of want to pick them in 6 or 7 but I guess I'll go with the party line and say Habs in 7.

Pens v NYR: This is hard. As much as I like the Pens, I think I'll take Rangers in 7. I'd be happy to have the Pens prove me wrong though. (A Pens v Sharks Cup Final would amuse me greatly)

Wings v Avs: I think the Wings looks somewhat deflated. Avs in 7. Put that in your octopus and smoke it.

Sharks v Stars: Obviously I want the Sharks to win, and I'm going to pick them. I don't think the regular season figures in as much to the post season as people claim. The regular season goes out the window once you hit the playoffs. I think these two teams are far more evenly matched than anyone claims and I see this being a long hard fought series. Sharks in 7.

And now for my suggestion to the Sharks for tomorrow night, and all nights in round 2 that follow:

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