Thursday, April 10, 2008

Game 2 Reflections

That was beautiful. It wasn't perfect, but it was a good solid effort and best of all, that Sharks won and looked good doing it. Some of those saves Nabby made blew my mind. He robbed Nolan of a goal. Absolutely robbed him. It was fantastic.

The Sharks looked great on the PK, for the most part, though they could use some major improvement on the PP, but I'm willing to take it one step at a time if they can keep on winning. I think this game shows they can. Rumor has it they were nervous yesterday, extremely so, and that's what did them in. They shook those nerves off tonight and came back to win a VERY important game at home. They played well, frustrated Calgary and it paid off. The Flames stayed in the box a lot of the night which kept them from gaining any real momentum. Nabby shut them down every time they challenged him and took the wind right out off their sails.

More of that please gentlemen! As you can see, I was right. If you play well, we'll stay loud for you.

On the Flames side I have to commend the outstanding play of Kipursoff. He annoys me with how good he is. He made some saves that boggled my mind and he kept his team in the game. Were it not for such solid play by him I think the Sharks would have had a lot more than two goals.

The Flames obvious frustration did them in. They got overly psychical and took some silly penalties. I expect to see more of that was the series wears on when things aren't going their way. They are a good dangerous team and the Sharks would do well to remember not to tread to lightly around them. Respond to their hits too, though a little less sloppily than you did tonight. It was horrid to watch game 1 and see NO response at all. Keep up the good work boys and try to improve upon it. We'd all like to see you move on to round 2 (and beyond) so keep working.

Way to go Sharks! See you Sunday in Calgary.

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