Monday, April 21, 2008


Ignoring how annoyed I am the the Sharks didn't bother to even try and play last night, forcing a game 7, (don't mean you mean the Flames did? No. All the Sharks had to do to win was the play. They didn't do that, so they basically handed the Flames the win.), I am excited to see Nabby is a finalist for the Vezina! That wasn't something any Sharks fan expected to say just a few short seasons ago, but Nabby stepped up the plate when he became the only #1 goalie on the team, and surprised everyone with his awesomeness. I'm hoping he somehow manages to win, but I have a feeling Brodeur will because he's Brodeur and it's be "wrong" not to give it to him. /me sighs.
Lundqvist might also win, as he's been a finalist three times now, which I think gives him better odds. All three finalists are obviously very good goalies and all are qualified to win but I'd be happiest to see Nabby get it. There were times this season when he was doing amazing things and it really felt like the league was totally ignoring him.

We'll have to wait and see.

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