Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things I'd Like to See Tonight

Good D. I'll even take OK D if it's consistent and doesn't go away after the first period.

Brian Campbell not sucking.

Erhoff. (did anyone think they would be saying that at the end of the year?)

The Sharks responding to the Flames with good psychical play. (Kyle, if you play tonight keep your elbows in check, please.)

Joe Thornton being effective. Stop passing, start shooting. Actually, this goes for pretty much everyone on the Sharks.

A Sharks wins. I don't think they can come back if they lose tonight. Yes, sure, they could suddenly wake up and take game 5 and 6 to force a game 7 but I'm not putting any money on that. After game 1, I knew they could win game 2. After game 3, I'm not so sure of the Sharks ability to bounce back anymore. That game was very reminicisint of past seasons where they got beat on and gave up. They need to stop doing that. I hate to say this but I hope they watched the Redwings v Nashville game last night. As much as I hate to use Nashville as an example, the Sharks need to do what they did last night.

I will point out to you gentlemen that the new season of Deadliest Catch starts tonight and if the game goes south, I will be changing channels at 9. Just Saying.

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Mina said...

I have a crush on Edgar Hansen. Watching him eat live cod heart.....fantastic. Don't make me go back to him too early Sharks.