Friday, April 11, 2008

Playoff Round 1 far

(Last night I went to Giants game and, despite a very good performance, I spent most of the game paying attention to the Sharks game (including all of the 8th inning watching the game standing with a few other people by the Irish pub (fish and chips! yum!)). Therefore, I have not watched any of game 2 and I'm going to wait until I do to comment on the games in San Jose. Looks forward to that.)

So far all but the Caps and Flyers have played their first games and there are a few impressions that I have had about how the games haven gone so far:

* I was struck by the following quote in the Deadspin NHL Closer: "Complacency breeds despair: Ducks fans are bringing inflatable, prefab Cup replicas to the rink that cost $40 and a few seconds of lung power. Montreal fans are meticulously creating aluminum foil Stanley Cups and then wearing them on their heads. Who do you think wants it more?"

I know in some respects this is a knock on west coast fans, but I will take it as a knock on Anaheim fans. My feelings on the fans in Anaheim go way back (we have issues over the 2002 World Series among other things) and I can only imagine how full of themselves they have grown since winning the Stanley Cup. From what I have seen of the game, the Ducks looked terrible. But then again, so did the Sharks on Wednesday. And I have the same reaction to the Ducks game I did to the Sharks game: if the Ducks can't get it together to play Game 2, it will be a mercilessly short series. And I have no issue with that at all.

* The 8 seeds looked overwhelmed. I have heard all about the Nashville Holding-Palooza 2008 and honestly, I figured that was the only way they had any chance. They have to play Detroit physical and even then I don't think they stand much of a chance. Same for Boston. I don't like the chances of either of these teams, though I think they will probably be able to scratch out a game. I can only hope that Nashville can do what they did well the last 2 years, which is play their opponent (the Sharks) super physical and tire them out for the second round. Lord knows Detroit doesn't need another championship.

* Poor Ottawa. 2008 has just been a proverbial House of Horrors for them.

* I am looking forward to seeing Ovechkin and the Caps play (though I will miss some of the begining getting home from work). I don't put much faith in the ability of the Flyers soley on how physical they can play, but I think this series could be full of scoring and hitting which pleases me greatly.

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